Monday, January 25, 2010

Wind Rain & More Wind................ was rainy and windy here ALL DAY LONG!!!! I have to drive over the Braga Bridge every day to get back & forth to work and let's just say that when it's really windy out I'd rather not!!! The bridge is just over a mile long and at it's highest point is 135 feet from the water, not a huge bridge but BIG ENOUGH when the wind is gusting a 60+ miles an hour :(

On the way home it was SOOOOO windy, I kept waiting for Miss Gulch to go peddling by on her bicycle ~ LOL

Got home and had to go look for my Marine yard sign that blew away, hmmmm I think I rememebr asking a certain someone to take them in!!!!! MEN!

I do not like the wind when it's late at night and the brancehs bang on the side of the house of scratch at the window ~ ekkkkkk!!!!! I'll be hiding my head un der the covers tonight!!!

Well, I'm off PM Style is on the Q & I'm going to go watch and well yup probably SHOP ~ HEHEHEHE.

Until tomorow Be SAfe & God Bless!


  1. Well if I had to go over that bridge everyday...I probably would not go to work!! hehe!! I am so scared of heights I just don't think I could do it!! You have a good evening and just shop til you drop girl!! LYLAS!!

  2. Hi Lynda. It has been so windy here, too. I would not like driving over that bridge every day, either. Do you have one of those glass break devices for your key chain? It makes me feel so much safer going over water. I am terrified of driving into water. Nightmares and all! Hope you found your signs! You know you gotta do stuff yourself if you want it done! Have a wonderful evening!

  3. Hi Lynda, the wind is howling here too. What's up with all this weird weather? That bridge looks scary to me. Where do you get all these cute pictures? Can't wait to hear what you bought. Hugs!

  4. Loved the picture of Ms. Gulch. (I never knew her name.) We've had wind too. I'm posting today about what the wind to me!