Thursday, January 14, 2010

Having A Heatwave......

We're having a heat wave a tropical, tropical heatwave, yup that's got up to a whopping 29 degrees today!!

Time to break out the and the although, I'm more of a

Don't we wish...before you know it summer will be here and we'll be saying it's

Ladies, as you can tell....I GOT NOTHING.......we're supposed to have a little visitor tomorrow, if we do I'll have lots of great pics :)

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. Well we got you beat today...59!!! You should come down here and see...we got sunshine and all!! I hope you enjoy your visitor!! Have a great evening!! LYLAS!!!

  2. We are having a heatwave too:) Like Cindy Lou said, ours was a little better than yours. BUT we sure enjoyed some sunshine! Have a great day dear Lynda... can you hear me over that vacuuming? Hugs!

  3. Well, somedays the nothing posts are the best. I loved the pictures in this one! Enjoy your heatwave and your visitor.