Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Momma Got A New Vacuum Cleaner....

Yes, yes, you heard correct....Momma got a new vacuum cleaner ~ LOOK OUT pet hair here I come!!!!!

We have lived in our house for just about 10 years and I have had 8 vacuum cleaners, NOT A JOKE, I do some serious vacuuming :) well, this morning I had to retire another in my vacuum cleaner collection, I hated that stupid thing!

This was supposed to be the BE ALL END ALL according to the man at Sears, well he was a big fat liar! It blew the pet hair around, the handle never stayed put, the hose would come loose and flop all over when I was trying to vacuum, it had a beater bar but it really didn't work very well on my little throw tugs...yes I wanted to fling it out into the driveway and run it over!!!

I vacuum every morning before I leave for work because Max & Ms. B shed terribly and if I don't it looks like it snowed on my hardwoods when I get home & I really really hate that!!!! This morning, I was pushing that stupid little thing around the dining room and well it just didn't feel right.....I stopped and put it upright and stepped back, my faithful companion was by my side & what do you think we were witness to?????? MY stupid little vacuum cleaner keeled over right there on the spot...it actually separated from the base and flopped right over onto the floor and what do you think I did????? FLUNG IT OUT INTO THE DRIVEWAY :) When Mr. P came in and saw that he called me up and wanted to know if I knew why the vacuum cleaner was out in the driveway...ummmm well, it died!

So on my way home tonight I stopped at the store and picked this little sweetie pie up....

I LOVE TO VACUUM, seriously no joke...I could vacuum for hours & hours!!!!! Oh how I love my new toy! It took me about 40 minutes to put it together, I'm not mechanically inclined and screwed the handle on backwards, but once I figured that out there was no stopping me!!!


Oh happy day, I even tried it out SWEET!!!!!!!! I'm going to dream tonight about doing battle against the pet hair and wake up a happy girl because I will be plugging that little darlin' in and AWAY I GO!!!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!!


  1. OMG...I am laughing so hard right now!!! I have the SAME exact vacuum!!! For us to live so very far apart we are sooo much alike!!! I love that vacuum and I would not trade it for a new one...for now...I like a new vacuum!!! You have a great evening and enjoy you morning with your new Vacuum!! hehe!! LYLAS!!!

  2. I hate my vacuum cleaner. It weighs as much as a bathtub and keeps more stuff in the hose than in the cup. arghhh Hope you and your new vacuum will live happily ever after:) Happy Wednesday! Hugs from Georgia

  3. One of my best purchases was a Kirby vacuum. It's heavy, but it's lasted us going on 13 years now. We're very hard on vacuums, so we decided to make the investment way back when... I love the look of a newly vacuumed floor. :) Congrats on the new vacuum!