Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Sleepy......

This was me at about lunch time....

And this was me at oh....3:00pm!

I am drained today :/

I need a visit from this gal so that she can diagnosis my sleeping troubles ;D

I had a very nice dinner with Billy tonight...we just sat and talked ~ so sweet, he said "Ma, this is like old times. Just you and me, I would think about you a lot when I was having chow and it would make me sad thinking about you being home all alone and eating your dinner by yourself." He is just precious to me! After that he showed my the videos that he and his Marine Brothers made...Ladies they were a hoot, some were a bit "X-Rated" but a hoot anyway!!! Marines being CRAZY Marines!!!

Well that's about it from this tired old broad!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless & PLEASE KEEP PRAYING PLEASE!!!! It really works!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baseball Tonight.....

I have the night off my guys are at the Red Sox game, I was able to get the tickets a few weeks ago & as a surprise for Mr. P & Billy!

It's a nice night, hot but a good night for a ball game!

When I pulled into the driveway I noticed that my plant that hangs outside of my back door looked half dead :( ...I'm not very good with plants! Well, I gave it a big drink so we'll see!

It's quiet here this evening. I got a few things done around here and now I am just waiting on them to get home!

Next weekend is Nikky's shower so I have to get my TODO list out so I don't forget anything!! BUSY BUSY BUSY!

Billy leaves again in 17 days :( :( :( .....I keep trying to stop the clock BUT NO LUCK!!!! Hardly seems fair, but whatcagonnado ~ the hardest part is watching them walk away!!! I feel better knowing that Mr. P will be driving him down there and staying for a few days, I KNOW I KNOW he's a Marine BUT HE'S STILL MY BABY BOY!!

Well, I'm going to scoot....things to do!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!!!! Please keep praying it really works!!!!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Well, the party was a success, the food was delish, we partied until the sun came up!!! And BOY OH BOY AM I TIRED TODAY!!!!!

I did all of the cooking, meatballs, lasagna, pasta salad, chicken wings, "crabby patties" cheese & cracker platters, & a chocolate cake. It's Mr. P Birthday today so we celebrated his b-day along with Billy's homecoming :)

Mr. P manned the grill and made some yummy burgers & dogs!!!

My mom made some ranch style beans & my mother-in-lawn made a delicious Portuguese pork dish & a cobbler...Auntie Fran brought over some brownies & we all ate & drank until we popped!!!

Billy, Alex, Roman & Cameron peeping over the shoulders :) these guys were at my house every Sunday for Patriots Football from 7th grade right through to high school graduation!!! Great guys! We had so much fun with them yesterday & last night!!

Cracking himself up :)

A little vino would be keeno!

Paul, Mike, Nik, Tom & Mom!


Snacks a-plenty!

My Guys!!!!

My Marine, oh how I love him!!!!!!!!!

I think you know these two....Ms. Nikky & Billy ~ being fresh :)

Mike, Nik & Billy ~ don't ya just love them :) I SURE DO!!!!

My SISTERS!!! We haven't been together for a long time & well yesterday was a very special day & I was happy to have them with me!!!
Leanne, Me, Laurie!!!

Than was my day & night in a nutshell!!!

Hope you enjoyed, wished you all could have been here with us!!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!!!! Please keep praying IT REALLY WORKS!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Billy's New Truck.......

Well, I'm not a very good picture taker ~ :O!!! But, you get the picture HEHEHEHE SO FUNNY!! It's a pretty truck & I wish him well with it, so proud of you son!!!

Cooked all day long, YAWN!!! One of Billy's friends stopped by this afternoon, Jason. He is a about two years older than Billy & has a little boy ~ "Baby Jay" so cute!! When he was little and all of the guys used to come for football on Sunday I used to keep him with me & we would watch together and take care of the "Big Guys"!! He came to day to see Mr. Billy & momma & papa P ~

He tested the meatballs, the pasta salad, the cheese & cracker name it he nibbled it!!! I was a mess from cooking and so hot but I had to stop to play with him!! Out to the back yard we went and we played Lion King. I was the lion & had to crawl all around on my hands and knees while he rode me around the yard! Oh, I could just eat him up!! He's three but he REALLY WANTS TO BE SIX :)

They'll be by tomorrow to wish Billy well!!!

Needless to say I am pooped, gonna' scoot so I can get some rest before our big day tomorrow!!

Hope that all of you had a great Saturday!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless ~ PLEASE KEEP PRAYING IT REALLY WORKS!!!

Oh, p.s. ~ Theresa @ Grammygirlfriend asked where do I get my clip art??? Well darlin' I usually just Google my mood ex. cranky cartoons and well you never know what will pop up LOL!!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

I Really Need To Go To Bed......

Remicade, housework, party planning makes for one CRANKY MOMMA!!!!

I had to have my melt down in private I didn't want Billy to think I was off my rocker, hmmmm, he caught me screaming into the towels as I was folding them....what did he do/say you ask???!!! He laughed and told me I was too cute for words...I had steam coming out of my ears, I had been crying so my mascara was all over my face ~ I was one Hot Mess! He hasn't been around for a Remicade day in a very long time, I got the biggest hug from him!

I got all of the things done that I needed to do & got myself out to the market ~ so glad to have that out of the way! Cooking tomorrow for the PARTY WOOT WOOT!!

Billy & Mr. P were out most of the day, Billy bought himself a Ford Explorer it is a beauty!!! He had been saving up his money and had a nice down payment and the car dealer that they went to helped him out quite a bit...gave him a "Military Discount" ~ the sales person was in awe of Billy & was so impressed that he was serving his country!!! Thank you sir, you made my son feel very proud today!! I took a few pictures of it but they aren't very good, I get a few more tomorrow when it's in the driveway!! I wished him good luck with it! They will be driving it down to CLJ in a few weeks, Mr. P will be staying down there for a few days to be sure that Billy is settled in and to check things out so that we can plan a road trip down there!! He'll fly home (EEEKKKK HE HATES TO FLY)!!!

Well gals, I'm going to coot!!! Way to tired & WAY TOOOO CRANKY ;D

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless ~ please keep praying it really works!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

That Is One Sleepy Marine........

Oh my oh my, Cpl Platt is one tired Marine!!! And will you just look at that room, honestly....he throws it on the floor flops down on the bed, I make the bed pick everything back up and it ends up back on the floor.....well, except for this evening! He just slept on top of all of it!!!

I have never been so happy to see a messy room, it makes my heart full knowing that he is home! We spent some time together this morning before I had to run off to work GRRRRR!!! Off tomorrow, REMICADE YUCK!!!! Lots to do, we're having a party here on Sunday so I gotta' get a move on!

Hope that everyone has a great night, please keep praying for our Troops!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jet Lag & Other Random Things......

What a crazy few days we have had here!!! We had a house full Monday night, Billy showered and changed and then went over to his friends house. There was another gang waiting on him there. He was back at about 2:30am and was amazed that we were asleep...poor fella is still on "Okinawa" time...I sat up with him and we talked and laughed. We watched the replay of the soccer matches and at about 4:15am he got up changed into his PT gear, went out and ran 5 miles ~ Oy Vey!!! Back home, showered woke up Mr. P at 6:30am and out they went to the range. They shot the bows, walked and talked about things, just had an all around good day!!!

At 11:45am I was informed that it was already 15 minutes past chow-time & what were we doing for lunch...what a kid, what a Marine!! Grilled chicken and salad, how does that sound, well, he gobbled it up SOOOO I guess it was good!!

By 1:30pm or should I say 1350 he had had enough and his plan to stay awake until 2100 was shelved for another day!!! He said he was going up to take a power nap and didn't come back down until 2200 hours ~ Now that's what I call a POWER NAP!!!

I peeped in on him oh about three or four thousand times, just to be sure he was still/REALLY there LOL!!!

We spent the day together today, watched every soccer match together, ran errands, shopped at the mall, movies next week!! There are a few good ones coming out & that has always been our thing, when he was younger we would go on every vacation to see at least 2 or 3 shows!!! We grabbed some salads and home to watch the afternoon soccer matches!

I have more days off planned & I am leaving it up to Billy to plan our time together, he has changed so much, grown & matured! What an amazing young man, he is still witty & funny & has a smile that lights up his whole face & I love him more than he will ever know!!!

We have a party planned for Sunday, so......I need to get busy!!!

More later on!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....Please keep praying for our troops, Justin, Justin, Mark, Ryan & Blake you are all in my thoughts and prayers!!! Praying for your safe return!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Welcome Home Marine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the longest weekend of my life, the longest Monday on record & you all KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THAT DASTARDLY DAY OF DAYS ~ our Marine is finally home!!!!

We waited & waited.....

What a feeling, that first hug was, well, words cannot describe it...see for yourself!!!!

I couldn't breathe, I couldn't talk....I couldn't let go of him!!!!!

Mr. P & Billy.....they were hugging on each other and laughing & crying!!!!

Mema (my mom) & her grandson!!!!

Grandma & Grandpa...we had a houseful & toasted our Marine with champagne :)

Ms. Nikky celebrating her brother's homecoming...I tried to get a picture of the two of them out in the driveway. Nikky is the older of the two but she is so much smaller than Billy & he swallowed her up in a giant bear hug!!! She was on her tiptoes hugging him & crying (I was locked in the car, Billy & Mr. P locked me in)

He was starving & I had cooked him a big batch of chicken parmigiana, Italian roast beef & ziti ~ what a face!!!

We're having a big welcome home party this Sunday for him!!! His friends were here last night for a bit, they were so happy to see him!!!!

I'm exhausted but oh, so happy and relieved!!! Time to enjoy :) & get to know my son again!

Thank you all for your support & your well wishes!!!

Cindy, thank you for your calls & your prayers!!! Billy got the biggest kick out of us chatting it up last night crying & laughing!!! It's almost your turn & let me tell you THERE IS NO BETTER FEELING!!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...please continue to pray for our Troops & especially Justin, Justin, Mark, Ryan, & Blake & those sweet Marines over in Okinawa, they are the best & I LOVE THEM!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Still Waiting On Our Marine......

Sorry for no blog yesterday, my mind was an entire world away. As the excitement grew on Friday afternoon so did all of the fears & the know we have always been the people that "if something is going to happen, it will happen to us" & HAPPEN it did!

I left for the market at about 7:00pm Friday night to finish up my grocery shopping, I was just pulling into the lot & my phone rang. It was Mr. P,

Mr. P "Lynda, Catrina just called here looking for you" she is Billy's friend/girlfriend who was in Okinawa with Billy & is also a Marine.

Lynda "What's wrong, what does she need?"

Mr. P "You need to come home,'s Billy"

My heart sank, I panicked, he was afraid to tell me that our son had had a problem with his travel arrangements. Billy couldn't get a call to go through to us, he call Trina & she called us.

Lynda "I'm on my way, call me right back with Catirna's number!"

Lynda "Catrina (she was bawling) what is it sweetie, is Billy o.k., are you o.k.?"

Catrina "Ma'am, Mrs. Platt....sniff, sob, sniff, Billy couldn't board the plane, he is stuck in Okinawa, Mrs. Platt, Ma'am please help him, please!!! He is crying and so upset."

Lynda "Catrina, hang up the phone and tell Billy to go to Solo's room, I have Solo's & Chix's numbers I am calling them as soon as I get in."

Catrina "Aye, Ma'am, Ma'am, please get him home. He misses you so much."

Lynda "Catrina, I am on it! I'll get him home, don't worry!!"

Catrina "Please keep me posted?"

Got in, Mr. P had a melt down, how I STAYED CALM was beyond me, BUT STAY CALM I DID!!!

I called his friend Abdiel, and spoke to him for a few minutes while Luke ran down to get Billy.

Billy needless to say was a complete mess, my heart was breaking for him for us, I mustered up my biggest strongest voice "BILLY CALM DOWN NOW, PLEASE...I can't talk to you if you are screaming, please pal, please...I'm going to get you off of that island if I have to swim there and throw you on my back BUT STOP SHOUTING!!!!"

Mr. P took over talking Billy, I felt so bad he isn't good in tense situations BECOMES A COMPLETE WET MOP!!!

Billy was not listening and wasn't being rational at that point and I was becoming very nervous for him...I called Luke's phone, he was with the both of them. We spoke for a few minutes, I tasked them with keeping MY SON SAFE & CALM...

Luke told me not to worry he was "on it", Abdiel wrangled the phone from Billy and I spoke to him...

"Ma'am, he's our brother and we will take care of him, ma'am you job is to get him off of this stinking rotten island"

I AM ON IT...stay by your phones, keep him calm and safe...I'll call you back!

Success or so I thought...I booked a flight, but....the attendant didn't realize that it was too late in the day in Okinawa and the flight couldn't be confirmed ~ Billy had left again at top speed for the airport...I wasn't able to tell him that he couldn't get on the plane....PANIC TIME!!!

I sat and waited for the call...and he was heartbroken and sobbing, I am begging them to please let me on the plane and they won't.

Luke called me, they couldn't stop him He ran off and jumped into a cab ~ HE WAS GOING HOME IF HE HAD TO SWIM!!!"

They were all in route, 3 GIANT SIZED Marines to wrangle my son back to the base....

"Ma'am, we have him, he's upset but we have him....we'll call you back"

Stay calm Lynda, just stay calm....

I spent another 3 hours on the phone with the airlines and this time I was successful.

"Solo (that's Abdiel's nickname" it's me, Mrs. P, I got him another flight & this time it was confirmed by the airlines ALL OF THEM. Can you guys get him back to the airport for 1500 Sunday afternoon?"

"Ma'am, I got it covered. I'll tell him the flight details and then have him call you back. We'll get him there and we'll take care of him, please don't worry ~ you have taken care of all of us with kind words and care packages for the last 18 months. We love your son very much, Ma'am we're Marines and when one of us is in need we will do all that we can to help him, no worries Ma'am!"

I cried a river at that point I couldn't stop, my sidekick, my wing man, my rock had fallen asleep on the couch in the computer room. "Hey, Big Guy....I think I got him a flight, go to bed I'll keep you posted....:/"

I felt so alone and so upset, my little coffee pot was working overtime. My son was stuck on the other side of the world...what did I do ~ cried, PRAYED PRAYED & PRAYED again...and DRANK 13 cups of coffee ~ UGHHHH!!

I have been awake since 4:30am Friday morning, my nerves are shot, I am shaking, I cannot stop crying...BUT I DID IT!

They got Billy to the airport and waited with him, hey they are Marines did you ever have any doubt!

RING RING RING....I dozed off at about 7:30pm last night and slept for about an hour when Billy called to say he was en route to the me and let me know how you make out, Billy be strong & stay calm, I have been praying all day. Son, we love you and you will get here please don't worry!

He called me back to say that he checked in and checked his bags ~ SWEET VICTORY!!! Thank you Lord for your strength & your help!!!

He flies from Okinawa to Osaka, to Germany then finally to Boston ~ PLEASE keep him in your prayers that he has smooth "sailing" no troubles at the airport, success at every check-in & on Monday night we should be seeing that beautiful face!!!

I've spoken to Catrina several times, she is such a sweet person! Solo & Chix ~ you rock!!! I love you guys and I owe you both so much! When I told them that, they laughed and said no thanks necessary, they both called us several more times to see how we were. They called me to let me know Billy was safe at the airport, they called to say he boarded the is an e-mail from Solo...

Abdiel Solis June 19 at 9:39am
Your welcome Ma'am, I appreciate the gratitude but there really is no need for thanks. Looking out for each other is what we do, we love him. I'll pray for a safe journey home for him, God knows he deserves it. I'm sorry things got so out of hand. Be strong Marine Mom!

I'll keep you posted!

Friday, June 18, 2010

HOT HOT HOT.......

OOOOOOHHHHHH BOY, it was a hot one here today!!!! 92 degrees, we go from chilly rainy days to STEAM HEAT!!!!!

Well, that's New England for you....

We're sitting tight waiting on that Marine of ours ~ I'll let you know the minute he gets in :D

Have a great night!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless.....Please keep praying, it really works!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Already Friday In Okinawa......

Yes, it's already Friday morning on that side of the world....Billy will be checking out, saying his "see ya later" to his Marine Family & heading on home to US.

I can only imagine what he must be feeling, a few of his close friends/family have already left Oki to move on to their new Duty Stations. He fell in with a good group of men & women, they cared for one another, encouraged one another and loved one another. As his friend Brian said in a group photo of all of them...."To Days That Become Nights and Friends That Become Family" ~ they will always have a bond with one another and I know that they will all be missing one another terribly....some will meet up again, Billy will be back with guys he went through Boot with, Catrina will be stationed down in DC (just up the road a spell from Lejenue ~ hehe)....Brian is heading off to Cali, a few of the others will be back in Oki finishing off their tour & heading who knows where!

All I know is that.....

Some heroes wear capes......mine wears combat boots!

Hurry home Cpl Platt, we have been missing you for so long now!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

M&Ms For Dinner.......

I had a bunch of errands to run this afternoon & well as my afternoon got longer & longer I became more & more hungry :/ ~ I did the unthinkable, GASP!!!! My last stop was the drugstore & what do you think they had sitting right there at the checkout counter, hmmmm, well....M&Ms my weakness!!!! How could they do that to me!!!??

I was in a weakened state, my wits and nerves were frazzled, I was feeling vulnerable, I had NO SELF CONTROL!!!

Those little candy coated beauties were calling my name, Lynda, Lynda. At first it was just a whisper but then they started to really whoop it up & I couldn't resist. I grabbed them, tossed them in my pile of stuff, paid, bagged it all up and RAN AT TOP SPEED ALL THE WAY TO MY CAR!!!

Hello M&Ms, you're coming home with me & you are "what's for dinner"

Not a big bag, just a small one & they were so good

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....Please keep praying IT REALLY WORKS!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Feeling A Bit Nervous.....

I have to let you in on a little secret, as silly as it sounds I am feeling a little nervous about seeing Billy again!!! I don't know why, I just am...last night I was awake for a long time thinking about him! He always gave me a run for my money, tested the limits, pushed my buttons, tugged at my heart strings, made me hold my breath, made my sigh with relief, made me laugh, made me cry, made me sit back and say WOW.

Will he still love me, will he still like me, will he still share secrets with me, will he let me make him breakfast, hug him, kiss him on the top of the head when he is sitting at the table, will I be able to find things to talk to him about, will he want to spend time with his many questions, so many feelings!

He joined the Marines, went to Boot Camp, went to the to the other side of the world, HE GREW UP WITHOUT ME!!!

YIKES ~ I am a nervous wreck!!! Hello anyone, anyone at this normal, am I CRAZY???? ~ I want to hide in my shell like that turtle up there :/

Well, now that I am a ONE BIG OLE' HOT MESS I'm going to go and think some more & work myself up into a real frenzy!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless ~ PLEASE KEEP PRAYING IT REALLY WORKS!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Never Ask Your Lab To Assist You In The Garden...

Ms. B isn't very good at planting, she'd rather eat the dirt and bite all of the blooms off of my pretty little plants....NO I DIDN'T GET pictures, I was too busy chasing her all over the place!!

She ate the flowers off of most of my begonias, took my gardening gloves right off of my hands, ran off with my little shovel, stuck her entire head in the bag of potting soil and proceeded to eat it, ran into the house with muddy paws, ran back out with my new dishtowel, dropped Piggy in the dirt and then shook her off in my face, snuck out of the yard when I opened the gate to get the hose, pooped in the driveway (I had to clean it up), tipped over my pretty little red & white pansies, stole my flip flop while I was kneeling down......

Then she tried to make it up to me by giving me a sloppy, WET, MUDDY KISS!!!!

Needless to say, I just finished cleaning up the deck, hosing off MS. B, cleaning my floors & showering...

WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered Red Sox Tickets for Mr. P & Billy, it will be Mr. P's birthday next Monday & I thought that would be a nice surprise for the both of them!! They should have fun!

Well, I'm exhausted....

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God bless, please KEEP PRAYING IT REALLY WORKS!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lazy Day.......

It rained off and on here all day today, I couldn't get my new plants in ~ GRRRR!!! Mr. P is going to clean out my flower boxes & the whiskey barrels and I'll just have to plant when I get in. My assistant Ms. B will be more than willing to laze around outside while I work away!

I picked up some pretty purple petunias & some pink & red begonias & 3 beautiful hanging baskets for the back door and the garage! I love to look out the back window and see all of that color & I want the yard to look nice for Billy when he gets in. He always loved to help me plant flowers and to check on their progress trough-out the season :)

Other than the usual laundry, ironing & getting ready for the week ahead we did pretty much NOTHING...I was a soccer junkie all day, I watched all three game & was so happy for Ghana when they won & of course I was cheering loud for Germany!!! I was born there and well, I just had to cheer them on & they won a smashing victory over Australia! Billy is really into the World Cup too, they watch the opening games & got ROWDY ROWDY ROWDY!! They will be tuning into the Japanese match tomorrow morning & of course the Boston Celtics! That's on here at 8:00pm so I'll be tuning in, after a nap of course!! I can't stay up late anymore!!

I made out my grocery list ~ it's going to be a BIG ONE LOL!!!! I have a todo list of things I need to get done before Saturday so I'll be busy all week long.

I hope that all of you had a great weekend! I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow!

Until then, Be Safe & God Bless & PRAY FOR OUR TROOPS PLEASE!!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lobster Scallops & Shrimp Oh My.....

Lobster, scallops & shrimp OH MY!!!! We had a TRUE New England dinner this evening, we nibbled on scallops YUMMY!!!!! Shrimp, OH BOY!!!! ANDDDD LOBSTER, WOW!!!! Mr. P is a seafood junkie & every now and then I let him GO CRAZY!!!

All in all it wasn't that bad, the shrimp & scallops were cooked on the grill & the lobster was steamed, we don't do butter just rinse it off in the broth ~ MMMMMMM! We add Old Bay to the water when we steam them and that just brings out the flavor!

Cpl Platt checked in last night!!!! I have all of his flight info ~ OMG!!! I can't stop shaking, SERIOUSLY I CANNOT!!! His friends will be lining the street next Saturday night waiting on him!!! He doesn't know :) I love these guys, they have been there all the while Billy has been gone. They stop by, they call, they e-mail, they just love him & told him they would keep an eye on Mr. P & me, so precious!!!

This week is going to crawl by, but, we'll make it....I KNOW WE WILL!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless, PLEASE KEEP PRAYING IT REALLY WORKS!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

From The Pitch To The Dugout It's FIFA 2010.....

Bet you didn't know that I was a soccer junkie????? Yup, I am I love to watch it, the game moves so fast & it's SO HARD TO WIN!!!

Watched South Africa & Mexico earlier today, it was a tie 1-1. South Africa had the first goal, I really wanted them to win it!! These two teams are in control of Group A.

Tomorrow I'll be glued to ESPN, coverage starts at 1:30pm USA vs. England. We have a pretty good chance at winning, I'll be hoisting a pint to USA!!!!! Billy loves soccer too, we live in Fall River which has a very big Portuguese population. Mr. P is Portuguese :) and everyone here loves their "football" the Portuguese flags are flying, earlier you could hear chants of Benfica Benfica coming from the house across the street ~ LOL!!!

So that's about it for me & my more day closer to Billy being here!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless ~ please continue to pray for our Marines & all of our Troops!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Trash T.V. Night Gals.......

Not a lot going on here tonight, just waiting to hear from a certain Marine ~ GRRRR!!

So with that being said, I'm off to watch me some trash t.v., it's housewives night tonight ~ LOL!!!

Hey, it could be worse, I could be shopping!

Until tomorrow Be Safe & God Bless, please keep praying IT REALLY WORKS!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

10 Days + A Few Hours And Counting.......

10, since it's already the 10th in Okinawa I am checking this day (the 9th for you & me) off as DONE DONE DONE!!!!!

This was my first hug on Family Day, OH I COULDN'T WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON HIM!!!!

This time Mr. P will probably be scraping me up off of the floor in the airport...UMMMMM 911 please be on stand-by LOL!!!!

My sign came in, I cannot wait to hang it!! We're still not sure what time Billy will be arriving or what airport we will be picking him up from, gee you think he'd call with those MINOR details!!!

As soon as I know anything, I'll let all of you know...until then I just wait, organize, re-organize, dust, re-dust, fluff & re-fluff.......THIS WAITING IS KILLING ME!!! 18 months is TOOOO LOOOONGGGGG ~ GRRRRRR!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless and most importantly PLEASE keep praying for all of our Military, Justin, Justin, Ryan, Blake & Mark ~ we're thinking about all of you & praying for your safe return!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Feel Like I Hit The Lottery......

Today I feel so fortunate, while so many are struggling to make ends meet, I feel so fortunate for all that I's not a lot but it's ours and today marked a milestone for us, we made the LAST PAYMENT on Mr. P's pickup truck!!! YAHOOO, it felt SOOOOO GOOOOD!!!! I was happy & relieved to be done with the payments!

Worked a little later than usual tonight and ran a few errands on the way home, so I'm kind of pooped!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...please keep praying, it really works!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Time Is Standing Still.......


I've gotten everything on my TODO list done & now all I can do is wait...I'm not very good at that :/

Billy told Mr. P the other day that we probably won't recognize him when he gets home. I thought that was cute, I think he means that he has changed & matured quite a bit being away for so long, but, Buster I'd recognize you anywhere & I bet you are still my little sweetie-pie!

I thought I had every detail of Nikky's shower planned out & when I was locking up my office this evening it dawned on me, I forgot the favors....well that was an easy fix....tossed a few ideas around and came up with a really good one. I'll share with you later on! I want everything to be special for her :)

Well, that's it ~ that's all I got!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...PLEASE keep praying it really works!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Thrifting Finds...........

Yesterday I was lucky to be able to find a spot to park outside of St. Vincent's Thrift Shop....I love going in there and I don't always have the time or I can't find a spot to park, but not yesterday...Drove by saw a primo spot and pulled in!!

I love wandering around in there...I have found so many cute things in there over the years, they have a whole section full of furniture, most of it is just random "stuff" that people donate but sometimes if you hit it right you can find some nice pieces. Yesterday I found a beautiful antique cabinet with a nice big drawer in it, I asked the man to hold it for me until next week so Mr. P could take a look at it and measure it up...if it fits where I want to put it, it will be MINE!!! I already have plans for it, so I'm hoping it's not too big!!!!

Take a look at what I did find for just a buck-a-piece :) MY KIND OF FIND!!!!

I moved this cutie (yup, found it there too a few years back for just .75) to the top of this cabinet.....

and....VIOLA ~ they have a new home in my cute little kitchen....Good thing I cleaned everything on Friday ~ wouldn't want all of you to see my sweet little Dust Bunnies ~ LOL!!

That's about it, my last load of laundry is in the dryer & after that's folded and put away I'm going to relax a bit!!

Hope that you had a great weekend!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...PLEASE keep praying it really works!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Well as most of you know we have been working hard at losing weight & it's been going pretty good :D ... Mr. P looks great & I can fit into pants that I haven't worn for QUITE SOMETIME!!! Don't get me wrong, we both have a LOOOOOOONNNNNGGGG way to go, but we're making headway!!!

With that said, we have been taking Saturday nights off for the most part, No we don't go over board & eat REALLY REALLY bad, but, I do make one meal a week that Me. P truly enjoys & this morning he requested a shrimp dish any kind of shrimp dish...

HMMMMMMMMM, I know!!!!! Shrimp Scampi & Caesar Salad ~ CAN WE SAY MMMMMM MMMMMM GOOD!!!!!!!

It was sinful, we also had a very nice bottle of wine to go with dinner. Friends of ours are stopping by for a fire & cocktails (I'm not having any, my cheeks are already bright red ~ LOL)!

I did some thrifting this morning & grabbed two really cute pictures, I'll show them to you tomorrow, oh yeah, Mr. P needs some shorts so I got the Green Light to shop & shop I did...two new pair of sandals, one red I have always wanted red sandals & a few new tops & some Capri's!! A girl can NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH!!!! Now I just need a dress for Nikky's shower :D

I have to get my kitchen back in order, so, I'll catch up with all of you later on!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless & PLEASE PLEASE keep praying!!!! It really works!!