Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Evening Post......

Well all my big plans of going to the mall went right out the was tooooo COLD at the range even for Mr. P so he was home earlier than expected....I will not go to the mall with my poor sweet hubby, NO WAY NO HOW ~ our last trip to the mall ended in near disaster & from that day on I vowed NEVER NEVER NEVER TO GO TO MY MOST FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD THE MALL with Mr. P!!

Instead we went here...

I poked around uninterrupted for quite a while...Mr. P was on the hunt for a book so he was completely happy to let me wander. In case you didn't know I LOVE BOOKS! I love to look at them, hold them, touch and more than anything read them from cover to cover. I love books that tell a good story and also have historical background! This is what I got.

I started I, Elizabeth when I got in & I can't put it's about Queen Elizabeth, her story of sorts!!!!! I wish I was a Queen or a Princess :) Her Royal Highness the Princess Lynda.....

Then it was on to this place....and believe it or not, it was Mr. P's idea to go there not mine. I was jsut along for the ride and again he was looking for something so I got to wander and wander without anyone pestering me ;)

Not to worry though, I did get in a little girlie shopping, QVC style!!!!!

I know the picture is small...I got it in taupe, I can not wait until it comes in...then on to skincare

This hand cream is WONDERFUL!!!!!! It's a little expensive but so worth it, my hands are so dry and cracked and they hurt. It comes in natural and honey almond scent. I get the honey almond!!! It is so nice!!!

And my all time favorite by Philosophy....3in1 body wash...LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY!

So that was it, I made some chicken noodle soup for dinner to warm us up...and now I'm in my P.J.S!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe, God Bless and above alllllllll STAY WARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well, you got some shopping done! I love books too! I plan to do more reading this year! I haven't done the QVC thing! That jacket is too cute! I use Quench by Olay for my dry skin and LOVE it. Enjoy your warm night in out of the cold! Warm hugs from me!

  2. Princess Lynda fits you perfect!! I love it!! Good job on getting in some shopping!! hehe!!!Oh and books are something I love but never have alot of time to read!! You have a great evening and stay warm! LYLAS!!