Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear Mr. President........

Dear Mr. President,

I know that you are busy doing whatever it is that a President does or doesn't I won't take up much of your time. Let me start by introducing you to someone very special to me, ...what's that, you don't' recognize him??????

Let me try again.... NO????!!! Well, you are busy after all, I guess it would be silly of me to think that you would know everyone that works for you....

His name is Billy, he's a Corporal in the United States Marines, greatest fighting force in America...still don't recognize him???? He's my son & he's been in Okinawa for exactly one year and he still has one more year to go, don't you think that's a long time for a momma to go without seeing her son????

So I was wondering, could you find it in your heart to send him home for a bit, you've got plenty of others Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines ~ don't you? I'm not asking for too much, just a few weeks.

Think about it, you can get back to me at your convenience ~ but make it SNAPPY!!


Commander & Chief of My World


  1. that was great!! Maybe he can send me Justin while he is at it!! I sure would love to just hear Justin's voice or see his name pop up on the computer!! So Mr. President, I would like to see or hear from my Marine...Lcpl.Simmons, Justin W.!!! SO when you get Billy home for Lynda maybe you could send me Justin!! Thanks!! And Lynda...LYLAS!!!

  2. My Dear Lynda! Can you go see him? Why is he there for sooooo long? That just isn't fair :( Love you and get with it Mr. President and bring this handsome son home to his Mama!

  3. Two years??? Are you kidding me? My son was in Korea working for two months and I thought I would die! You poor thing! The president really isn't that busy... he could do this! But I am praying he gets to come home... just in case Obama isn't listening! xoxo

  4. I LOVE it! Good job! Even though he will not see it, I am glad you wrote it anyway! Doesn't seem fair, though. I bet you can not wait to get your hands on him!!! Have a great day!