Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Change of Command.....

Today Billy's Unit officially relieved the Marines that will be leaving...he will be busy, driving out to the front and back several times a week. He'll be a driver on and off base, on base o.k. off base not so much :/ we spoke to him this past Sunday he was excited to get going. His GySgt has put his name in for a few "special" assignments. Can't talk much about them, please just say a little prayer for him...

Now as for all of the pictures, Mr. P found them today it was just like being back in Boot Camp!!! We used to get to see pictures of the boys going through training YAY!

Well about these pictures, the Marine closest to the camera carrying the rifle right next to the Marine carrying the Marine Corps flag is my Billy!!!!! OH HAPPY MOMMA DANCE!!!

I just thought I'd share with all of you!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Spring Duds....

The temperature might not reflect it but it's spring here in New England & I am getting sick and tired of my winter clothes. So what's a girl to do you ask...hmmmmm??? Why shop of course & QVC made it way too easy yesterday :/ it was "Treat Yourself Day" and girls I did just that! Everything was on three easy pays or more and well that was the green light to GO GO GO!!!!

New tops, new Capri pants, new summer dresses, new sandals...Hey, a girl needs to refresh her wardrobe at the change of seasons right (please just agree with me!!!)

I am on a first name basis with the UPS man, LOL! The last time he dropped of a package Mr. P was up YIKES! The UPS man asked Mr. P if I was his wife's ling lost sister or something, the guys at the "shop" kid him that they go to his house all of the time to "see" his wife ~ imagine HOW FUNNY!!! Apparently she's a QVC nut too, he says he hates seeing the little aqua QVC symbol but was happy to know that his wife wasn't the only one battling this addiction ~ LOL!

Well, now I have to run. I need to make room in my closet for all of the new purchases!

See ya soon!

Love to all of you, thank you for the prayers and good wishes!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Packing Care Packages.....

Billy was able to get another call out yesterday, I was so happy to hear his voice! They have been shadowing the Marines that they will be taking over for so they really aren't in a routine yet. He told me few things that he might be doing and it made my hair curl...time to get on my lazy praying knees. He also told me of something that happened while they were out on the rifle range the day before yesterday, I was shocked I was shaking I just couldn't believe it...they are supposed to be safe while on base...he said "ma, we're never safe out here..."

He asked for a few things and we did the only thing we could do, start packing boxes, he said that they were low on some things and the PX on base didn't have a lot. I asked what he needed and wanted and if any of his buddies needed anything. Razors, envelopes, calling cards for when they were able to call, they will share the minutes...snacks! So that's what we did, I packed it all up tonight, the first shipment will be a big one the next ones will be in the smaller boxes so that we can send out more often so he never runs out!

It's only the beginning of week two and I feel like it's been an eternity, my baby boy (he really is the baby)...last night I couldn't sleep again, surprise! I went into his messy room ans sat on the bed and picked up a bundle of his clothes from his suitcase they smelled like him I just hugged them and cried. Cried until I cried myself to sleep slumped over on his pile of "stuff"...

Ughh, I am tired.

Be back tomorrow, love to all of you! Thank you for the thoughts and prayers...please keep all of our military in your prayers!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Yup It's Been a Long Day.....

I think I need to have a sit-down with my rheumatologist, I haven't been feeling well all week long. I know that all of this deployment $@#% hasn't helped any, I cannot sleep at all, my hips ache so much & my right hand is so swollen and red.

Poor Mr. P came in from work this morning and took one look at me and said that he felt so bad & that he wished that he could wave a wand and make things o.k. ~ well if I wasn't crying before that had me bawling like a baby ~ poor guy he didn't know what to do!

I had my first WW weigh in after joining last Friday. I was a hot mess, wore my lightest clothes & walked up to that nasty old scale...stepped on got off & waited tick tick tick WOW I must have broken a record must be the biggest weight loss in one week that they have EVER seen...the person behind the desk smiles & hands my 2 point bars and my weight loss tracker back to me and says with the biggest smile I have ever seen "GREAT JOB" oh wow I think it's got to be good... "you're down a pound!" WHAT ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME ONE POUND ONE STINKING ROTTEN POUND!!!! I just smiled and said "oh". Stayed for the meeting & then I headed off to do errands, I was so disappointed. Maybe next week I'll break a record, the leader said if you keep on losing one pound a week pretty soon you'll disappear ~ GEE THANKS!

After that home to do my housework, it was so nice here today I turned off the heat and opened up the windows for a while, buds on my lilac tree & the crocus' are coming up!!! YAY YAY YAY!!

That's about it for me...Until tomorrow Be Safe & God Bless....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Momma Got A New Dyson.....

I did, I did & yes it's pink & I LOVE IT!!!!! Ladies it works so well, I was using it to vacuum the walls in my bedroom & I could actually let go of the extension wand and it continued to suck itself to the wall WOW!!!

Ms. B wasn't very impressed, she's not fond of any vacuum. Steps in my way so I can't get by & tries to bite it ~ NOW THAT'S A DEVIL DOG!

It doesn't take much to make me happy & to tell the truth I seriously love to vacuum, I vacuum the furniture, the walls, the stairs the hardwoods, the little area rugs...I vacuum every day, ask Mr. P he'll tell you!

We've lived in our house going on 11 years and I have gone through 13 vacuum cleaners :?

Oh well...what can I say????

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

So Much Going On.....

Well, they finally left yesterday morning. His buddies wife took this picture for me right before he got on that bus!

We were able to talk to him while they were waiting at Cherry Point for their flight, he was tired but ready to GO! Like I told Cindy when we talked on the phone, he got on the bus and took my heart with many emotions. I called my Nikky to let her know how much we love her and how very special she is to me, I just felt like I needed to tell her!

I spent the day in my house, because I just wanted to. I ran out to the market very early to shop for supplies, yes supplies!! I went back to Weight Watchers, I am an emotional eater and I figured that if I kept eating the way I had been this past week that I would need a tractor trailer to haul my big ole booty down to CLJ!

Signed up on Friday, bought a new cookbook to go with the new Points Plus Plan & then stocked my pantry with everything healthy & I'm making Mr. P do it with me :-)

I'll keep you posted....

Hopefully I'll get back to a routine and get back to my dear old bloggy friends very soon!

Love to all of you, thank you for your prayers and your good thoughts!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Semper Gumby.......

After all of the commotion the rushing to the airport the night flight back to Camp Lejeune my Marine is still waiting for the word's been a long hard week here!

They were supposed to head out on Wednesday and were told to standby until further notice....suffice it to say they will be leaving soon VERY heart is breaking all over again.

I have been busy at work and it's nice to be occupied for a good portion of my day. I tried to work a bit in Billy's room, it's a disaster but it made me too sad...quite honestly I think I just want to look at the mess for a little while longer :/

He has had to hurry up only to be kept waiting, I know that that's the military way but it hasn't been easy.

We've spoken every night and with each conversation he becomes more resigned to the fact that he is leaving. I feel bad because he was so ready just a few days ago their moral was up up up, I know they will get back there again the hanging around has been tough for them!

I haven't slept well at all, my face is all broken out, I have been eating everything that isn't nailed down and crying all night long....I look a wreck if I keep eating the way I have been I'll be rolling down to Camp Lejeune when they finally come home!

Ughhhhhhh....I think liked Boot Camp much better!

Thank you so much for all of your prayer...keep em' coming prayer warriors!!!

Much love to all of you!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

And He's Off.....

Billy out at Mojave viper....

Billy & two of his buddies, I've connected with their moms and one is married so his wife! We've got quite a little support group going on!

We spent the day together today, Billy's friend Al came for breakfast & then Nikky & mike came by to spend some time with Billy. It was nice hearing them laugh together!

The rest of the afternoon was spent packing the sea bags :/

Off to the airport...some of you know and some of you may not know but I had surgery on my cervical spine in March of 2009 & I now have a metal rod and two titanium cages in my neck and down my sternum...well I made the alarm go off when we went through the gate...I was scanned, x-rayed and patted hands were swiped for gunpowder residue...finally the TSA person said ma'am what do you have down your shirt...duh it's not down my shirt it's a rod and it's in my spine & those are titanium cages and they hold me together .....x-rayed again ~ oh now we see. OMG I know that they are just doing their job but my word. Did you think I was packing a weapon & had it hidden in my spinal cord????

We were able to go the gate with him, as the minutes ticked on it became harder and harder to stop the tears. People were curious as to why all of the tears, when they stared to call the passengers to board the attendant was notified that there was a member of the US Marines waiting to board and he was with family, she asked that we be given some privacy to say our "see you laters", never goodbye, well he got a standing ovation!!!! People then started to say thank you to all of us as they passed by, oh what proud parents were were...when he finally walked away to board after many many hugs & kisses he turned around and yelled "OOHRAH Semper Fi mom & dad, it's time to become a part of history..."

Godspeed Son, OOHRAH & Semper Fi...we'll see you in October!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh My Aching Heart.....

Tonight is our last night with Billy, the tears have been there all day and now I cannot stop them from flowing. Ha has asked that we not go down to Camp Lejeune, quite honestly he said that it would be hard enough saying goodbye to us at the airport he couldn't handle it if we were there, he knows he needs to keep his head in the "game" and he doesn't want to see us as he looks out the windows...just wants to keep thoughts of us at home in his heart and in his memories until he's back home again...

Please keep him in your prayers...