Monday, August 30, 2010

Not Much To Say......

I got "nutin' hunni"...

Got up, that's always a plus ;D , up & out the door!

Home again home again jiggity-jig!!! There was a full blown five alarm pink-piggy emergency when I got in! Piggy had been stranded out on the deck all day and her head was just about torn off! Mr. P forgot the both of them outside when he was making arrangements for her stay at the kennel. She got mad and pulled at the stitches I had put in that stinky pigs neck, stuffing all over the deck and one crazy dog MISSING HER PIGGY! Our we went, I scooped up the pig and her stuffing and back in we went....put on my surgical scrubs, mask & scrubbed in ~ piggy plastic surgery SUCCESS (until the next time Ms. B gets mad & rips her stuffing out, poor piggy)!

Waiting on the mister to get up and GO GO GO so I can go to bed!!

See, I told you I GOT NUTIN' HUNNI!

Thanks for stopping by, see ya tomorrow night. Hopefully I'll have a bit more to chat about!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....please keep praying for our military!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cranky Pants That's Me......

I woke up with a head/neck ache & feeling really Really REALLY cranky & tired...have you ever had one of those days, well, have you??? See, cranky! Sorry...

I got mad at the laundry, mad at the heat & humidity that came back late morning in full force, mad at the ironing I had to do, mad at the dinner I had to fix, mad because the TV was turned up way too loud, mad because I tripped over Mr. P's ginormous sneakers, just mad & you guessed it cranky.

Mr. P has a knack for cranking me up when I'm really cranky, why, do you get a kick out of seeing me get flustered??? Hmmmmm, he does it all of the time. He likes to crank me up & tickle me, pinch & poke me ~ today was no different! Please don't tease me I am trying to so hard not to be a crankster and you just keep going, please do not tickle me, please stop poking me...PLEASE STOP!!! I fixed his wagon, he tried to bip me on the nose with his big ole' pointer finger and I bit him!!! Yup, just like a mad dog, I asked you to stop wagging your finger in my face didn't' I big fella, DIDN'T I?

Then I cried, I sat in the recliner, mind you my feet don't touch the floor, they actually stick straight out, well Mr. P though that I was just too cute & he started laughing & laughing, which, well ladies made me as mad as a hatter.

Full blown, crying jag...UGHHHH!

Hormones Gone Wild, too tired, too stressed, too worried, Do they make a pill or a bubble bath for that???

Ms. B was a crank-pot today too, MR. P says that the apple didn't fall too far from the tree, imagine! Well, we girls stick together. It's too cute to see her snort at him and swat him with her giant paw! He like to poke at her too ;D don't you knwo just let sleeping dogs lie?????

Hoping to get a good nights rest, I think I need it ~ LOL!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...please keep praying!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spending Time With My Sweetie.....

We were up early today, Mr. P headed out to the range for a bit to shoot & I was off to the tailor...had my fitting today & gals can I tell you I looked pretty darn good ;D ! Had my lipo-in-a-box on, I was good to go ~ LOL!! No, really, I didn't look to shabby if I do say so myself!! YAY, dieting is hard but it has paid off!!!

After that it was home for a quick lunch and then we were off!!! YAHOO, we went fishing all afternoon, I love to fish. We didn't catch anything but we had fun just being together walking in the woods and chatting!

Mr. P is out back getting the fire ready, if only I had picked up those marshmallows ;D

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....

Friday, August 27, 2010


The Fall Happenings are kicking off next weekend & we're going to be right there!!! The Newport Waterfront Irish Festival starts next Saturday, clog dancers, bagpipers, classic Irish Imports (maybe I can snag me a new Irish Fisherman's sweater), Pipe & Drum Corps, Irish Tenors, Irish pub fare...Bangers & Mash, Fish & Chips, Corned Beef Dinners, Shepherd’s Pie, Spiral Potatoes, Fried Oysters, Kettle Corn and of course a pint of Guinness. I know it's the last weekend of summer but it's already getting chilly up here at night and if you look really close you can see that the leaves way up at the tops of the trees have already started to change! Fall is on it's way!

Then next Sunday we are going to our friends the Piccerelli's to help welcome their son Mark home!!! He's been in Iraq since last September, he touched down on US Soil the week before last, Mary (that's him momma & my pal) got to see him for the first time last Wednesday....Happy Momma Dance!!!

I've know Mark for a long time now, I've supported his mom through good times & bad. She cried a river when he came home and told them he joined the Army, he's Airborne now!! She was the first one I called when Billy came home and told us he was joining the Marines...she held onto me while I cried my river! Mark has been to Iraq, 4 times...he's getting a well deserved vacation :) after his leave is up he'll be heading back to FB & then onto Special Forces Training....but for a few days he'll be home making his momma crazy & next Sunday I get to get my long awaited Army Hug!!!! We always have a great time when we get together & they'll be making the trip down to North Carolina with us when Ms. Nikky ties the knot!

So that's it for tonight.

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...please keep praying for our Military!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Married To........

No, I am not saying that Mr. P is porky I am saying that MR. P is a PIGGY!!!! I cleaned my beautiful little house from top to bottom, stem to stern, front to back, up & down & all around last Friday (if "ya'll" remember he flew off to CLJ last Friday) it looked like I was getting ready for a "Good Housekeeping" photo shoot ~LOL!

Those of you that know me know I hate mess, clutter, dust, fur, hair, dirty dishes. dirty laundry, mini blinds that aren't at the exact same height across every window, laundry left in the hamper, toilet seat left up, rugs rumpled up, foot prints on the floor, spills, smudges on the windows & please DO NOT SIT ON THE BED THAT IS NOT ALLOWED NO WAY NO HOW!!!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!!!...yes maybe I do have a phobia, perhaps I could get my own reality show...

Well like I was saying, my house has been spotless & orderly and beautiful since last Friday!!! Sadly, all of that changed yesterday...he's back & he brought the mess back with him!

Honestly ladies, how can one man make a mess in very room upstairs and downstairs in less than 3.5 hours???? HOW?????

"Honey, Billy, BILLY!!!!!"


"Were you eating peanuts (mind you I am shouting this from our bedroom yesterday evening)?"

"What, why are you asking me that? So what if I was, I'm allowed to eat the peanuts, and how did you know I was eating them?"

"They are all over the bedroom floor!!! Why were you eating peanuts in the bedroom and why didn't you pick them up when you dropped them?"

"I was sitting on the sofa when I was eating them Boss! They are honey roasted and they are sticky, I think they were stuck to my shirt and must have fallen off when I brought the laundry up..."

"Didn't you hear them drop onto the floor; didn't you hear them when you kicked them around the room???"

No response crawled around and picked up the peanuts! Sorted the laundry and picked out more peanuts, retraced his steps and had to get out the dust buster and suck up the peanuts that were ground into the stair treads!! MEN!


It rained today so he was trapped, he made arrows, cut, glued, painted IN MY DINING ROOM!!!! Lord, please give me strength!

Until tomorrow....Ummmm, on second thought I might be checking into a room at the Marriott!

Be Safe & God Bless....

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rain Rain & More Rain....

It's been raining since yesterday & it's so windy! I don't like to drive in the rain or when it's really windy. MY little car gets tossed all about!

Poor Ms. B was home alone today, poor sweetie, she' more "needy" than usual & she's usually pretty needy ~ LOL!

Mr. P comes home tomorrow afternoon! He & Billy have had a great time, they found a BBQ place on Friday & they loved it so they were heading back there tonight for a bite! MR. P, it's back to salad, salad, & more salad tomorrow....just sayin' actually I made a pot of turkey meatballs with peppers & onions YUMMO!

That's about for tonight, not much going on & I'm pooped & if you must know I like to go to bed early ;D I love to curl up under the comforter and prop my pillows up & read until I fall asleep, which usually isn't very long! Ms. B & Piggy are ready for bed so gals, I'm going to scoot!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...please keep praying!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

MOB Was A Busy Lady.....

My oh my, I was a busy MOB today!!! I got all of the flower arrangements for the wedding finished today, I was determined to get one more thing off of our "Wedding To-Do List" & I was successful!

They are so pretty if I do say so myself! I sent a few pictures to Nikky, she approved & will be stopping by to give them her "Official Stamp of Approval" later on in the week....I'd love to share them with all of you but I don't want anyone seeing them before the Big Day! We'll have plenty of pictures to share with all of you once we get back!

Yesterday I went to my sister Laurie's grandsons One Year Birthday Party. I forgot to take my camera, I know not a very good blogger :/ but let me tell you Mr. Edward was the cutest little birthday boy!! His big brother Dylan-The-Man is a laugh a minute…what a cute little fella. I’ll have to get after my sister to put up the pictures so I can snatch up a few to show all of you!

Well, I’m going to scoot! Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Chinese Take -Out For One.......

I took last night off from blogging to help Mr. P get his clothes together & to make sure he had everything he needed, he headed down to Camp Lejeune this morning, I dropped him off at the airport at 6:00am :/ I wanted to go so badly but I just couldn't get away. He'll be spending a nice long weekend with Billy! They called me late this afternoon and they sounded so happy, they were just laughing & laughing! Billy was a little sad that I wasn't able to make it down there this time, but we'll see each other in a few short weeks for THE BIG DAY!!! We're hoping that Katrina will be able to get to CLJ that Friday and head down with Billy on the Saturday morning! We are anxious to meet her, this chatting on the phone nonsense is for the birds! Billy is quite smitten with her and they make a cute couple ;D

I went into work for a little while so that I could get caught up after being out on Wednesday. Got home about 12:45 and got all of my housework done. Dashed off to Target for a few supplies and then I treated my self to some yummy Chinese Take-Out!!! I couldn't resist, I have been so good, salad, salad, chicken BLEH, Smart Ones and walking that I thought what the heck! I'm throwing caution to the wind tonight and eating what I feel like! See, I know that I still have a LOOOONNNGGG way to bo but I have lost 34lbs since January 8th!!! Can I tell you it was YUMMY!!! I just love egg rolls! SO it's back to salad tomorrow, Mr. Chinese Take-Out man thank you thank you thank you!!!

I'm going to scoot, Ms. B can only take blogging for so long...silly dog!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!!!

Please keep praying it really works!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stick A Fork In Me Cuase' I Think I'm Done....

Ugh, I feel like I have been beaten up today...I had every intention of napping when I got in from Remidcade, had to run out to get gas, then to the market to pick up some cold cuts for Mr. P, then oh well why not LAUNDRY....the never ending story!

Finally sit my butt down, RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG telemarketer. Umm, can I tell you that poor person has probably given up on making a career out of telemarketing after our conversation!!! Sorry, I just wasn't in the mood :/

Kept the phone by my side, decided to read, eyes start to droop ~ POUNCE, sloppy wet kiss & a stinky pink pig in my face! This went on all afternoon!! Every time I closed my eyes Ms. B's I know my mom wants to be left alone but I really want to pester her antenna went up & yes, I got pestered ALL AFTERNOON! I even sent her to the crate for timeout, she BARKED & BRAKED & BARKED! Anyone want a slightly used, beautiful, lovable, SPOILED ROTTEN yellow, o.k. I'll keep her, I'll keep her!

Now the Remicade jitters have set in I feel queasy & I keep breaking out in a cold sweat & my "I have to get up and go to work tomorrow & I know I won't be getting any sleep" anxiety has kicked in ~ SO, yeah! Like I said, stick a fork in me, cause' I'm done!

See Ya tomorrow, same time same place!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cat Got Your Tongue.....

No, well he's got mine! I can't think of a single thing to say tonight...I got nuttin'!!!!

That's not exactly true, I can't figure out how to grab the blog buttons, I know I know blog-illiterate!!!!

Nikky's wedding is fast approaching & I am having mixed emotions...she's my baby girl WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I am going to try my hardest not to blubber like a baby that day ~ LOL!

Billy called us with some news that I can't share just yet, suffice it to say that I am oh so proud but a nervous wreck :/ ....

Ms. B's poor wrecked little day it seems ti be doing nicely & then it just starts acting up all over again :( my poor pup!

Mr. P's been working so much overtime :/ cash is nice but I miss my wing-man!

I'm feeling old & poopie tonight! Maybe if I colored my hair...oh well! Remicade is tomorrow, we had to switch things up. I'm not happy about it, it's better for me when I can have it on my Friday, then I get the weekend to get to feeling better!

Country Wings, you asked how a shark got in the pond???? He was following a school of Blues & they were just hanging about a mile offshore & THEY WOULDN'T leave so the stinking shark would leave! GRRR, interrupting my tanning - people watching time LOL!

Look at me babbling on like a nutter! Guess I had quite a bit to say after all!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....

Monday, August 16, 2010

My Dream Job.....

Picking, thrifting, it what you whatever you want too it;s just plain fun to me & I just love this show!

Have you had the opportunity to watch it??? It comes on the History Channel every Monday night & we just love it!

It's my dream job, these two ride all over America picking!!! What could be better than that. Mike Wolfe on of the pickers has an antique shop, Antique Archeology. I've checked out his website, so many beauties for sale....

What do you think the folks around here would think if I went around knocking on their doors asking them if I could pick their garages, barns, sheds, yards???? They'd call the police on me LOL!

Well, I need to switch the laundry & get Mr. P's lunch ready!

Hope you had a great Monday!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Plans Were A Bust.....

Never Go Thrifting With A Man That Refuses To Stop The Car...

Yes ladies that's what I said. We didn't really have any set plans for Saturday so when Mp. P got in from the range & suggested that we hop in the car & drive down to the Cape to go browsing in the antique stores & junk shops I nearly fainted! Shopping of any kind isn't a particularly fun thing to do with my hubby but he offered and I jumped at the chance! Yay me!!!

Hopped in the car and off we went. We stopped in Wareham at an Army & Navy Surplus store....that was our only stop ~ GRRRR!

It was crowed and I really wasn't to excited to be looking at old gas masks & things of that nature! I did buy this cute little window cling :)

Back in the car & my heart sank as we drove past shop after shop, yard sale after yard sale.....we just kept driving. Mr. P had decided that traffic was too heavy & he wasn't in the mood to fight it! I wanted to hit him over the head with my purse!

So we drove on for a while and then made our way back & through Plymouth...did we stop at the Plymouth Plantation you ask NO!!!! We drove through the heart of Plymouth, past the Mayflower, past Plymouth Rock & on & on....back home!

NEVER I REPEAT NEVER AGAIN! I'll go thrifting on my own thank you kindly Mr. P :/

Back home we went...hmmmm he had no trouble stopping at the Old Smoke Shop to browse & shop for cigars ~ BRAT. I really didn't mind that though. Sometimes they have beautiful hand painted cigar boxes and if they are almost empty the gentleman that owns the shop will give them to me! So pretty, yesterday I was able to get a small one to hold keys & thing I guess it wasn't an all out bust!

We'll see that next weekend brings!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....

Friday, August 13, 2010

Stuck Trapped Stranded......

My Friday started out like any other Friday, well with one exception...Mr. P called me at about 5:30am to tell me that he had to stay for OT ~ BOOOOOOOO!!!

I went about my day, fed Ms. B, made my coffee...tuned into the Q to see that I could see & then I started my house work! A quick call to my pal Mary & then a call from my good friend Barb. Back to my housework :? Success, I was finished in no time flat ~ no pun intended.

Showered, dressed & I'm off to the market.....UGH, I had a flat tire son-of-a-@^&%$ - GRRRRR!!! I tried & I tried to get the flat off, but since my surgery I just don't have strength in my arms & my neck and ribs can't support the pressure when I strain. I felt like my neck was going to collapse, my arms were like noodles...I gave up. I kicked it a few times for good measure & I HURT MY FOOT! Back in, re-showered, put on clean clothes & I sat & I sat & I sat & I stewed in it!

I had such grand plans, but you see I couldn't leave. I was stuck, trapped like a rat, stranded!!!!

Mr. P got in at 3:30pm and saw the jack, the wrench, the hammer & the moving blanket spread out on the ground & he came in hollering at me "What the hell were you trying to do, kill yourself, break your bloody neck, why didn't you call AAA, don't ever try to do anything so stupid again" I started to cry...he was tired and hot and cranky & he was right. And, WHY DIDN'T I CALL AAA???? The thought never crossed my mind DUH!

He changed my tire & kissed my cheek, apologized for shouting and went up to shower :)

YAYYYYYYYY!!!!! With my wheel's back on the road (he put the doughnut on and took the tire to be repaired) I was off to the market.

Back home BBQ chicken, oven roasted potatoes & turnip greens ~ he was a happy camper...shhhhh, now he's sleeping & I'm off to cyber-shop :) :) :) Happy Girl! Don't' tell & be quiet so he doesn't wake up!

See Ya tomorrow, Until then Be Safe & God Bless....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football......!!!!????

Oh ladies, be still my heart!!!!! Football preseason is upon us ~ YAAAAAHOOOO!!!

Tonight the Pats take on the Super Bowl champs & I have to say it will be a tough one. I like both teams & I had the Saints in the Super Bowl but alas...I will be cheering on the hometown team :).

I don't think that the game is on TV but I will be listening on ESPN radio, geek I know. Billy is super excited he just loves football & the Patriots. He is hoping to get some leave time during the season and with any luck he'll be able to get up to Foxboro and see a game! He starts his Corporals course, pretty silly he's already a corporal but didn't' have time to take the course when he was in Oki but he needs to get it out of the way in order to be able to possibly change his MOS & other things...I'll fill you all in in due time!

Well, other than football that's about it for tonight. I'm happy it's Thursday. Remicade next week, I will be going on Wednesday instead of Friday this time around :/....that's o.k. though, Mr. P will be taking off to North Carolina on Friday so I'll get the weekend to myself :) lots to do, lots to do & I won't have a husband under my feet ~ LOL! I'm a wee bit jealous, that I can't go along this time. I'll see Billy at the end of September :? and then again in November, but I'm hoping to be able to get down there for a nice long weekend VERY VERY SOON!

Thank for stopping by, Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless.....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where Has The Time Gone.....

Ladies, can you believe that we are just about half way through August? Time is just speeding by...

In just 45 days Nikky will be married lady, can you believe it??!! YIKES, YEOW, WOOOHOOO!!! We just have a few things left to do and I can't wait to share the pictures with all of you! Her dress is all set, now I just need to get mine done ~ wish me luck!

Billy is slowly adjusting; CLJ isn't like Okinawa at all. It isn't a structured as Okinawa and well quite honestly the buddies that he made while in Japan are either still there or off to other duty stations and they all miss one another! Katrina is stationed in DC and he has been up there several times. Once parade season is over she will be heading down to CLJ to see him when she has her "free" 96 in a few weeks!

I've started thinking about our fall activities...."Oktoberfest" , pumpkin picking, baking wonderful breads, raking leaves, Pumpkin Spice Beer, Westport Vineyards......I'd like to go up to New Hampshire this fall to see the foliage and to hit the outlets, you didn't think I'd drive all the way to New Hampshire just to look at leaves did you??? Silly girls!

Well, I must go. Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless.

Please keep praying it really works!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This Blogger Is Broken............

Gals this blogger is broken tonight ~ GRRRRRR....I can't get pictures to load, spell check isn't working.

What's this world coming to, don't they know we got's to blog????

Well, I'm at a loss. I don't know what to do.

Hopefully it is back online tomorrow night!

Sorry for such a short post :?

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...please keep praying it really works!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dear Monday....

Dear Monday,

On several occasions I have asked you nicely not to come around here anymore. For some reason unbeknownst to me you keep turning up like clockwork, EVERY MONDAY??????...... Now, I really must insist that this stop IMMEDIALTELY.

I will not ask you nicely, I will not bargain with you, I will not make any type of deal with you ~ I JUST WANT YOU TO GO AWAY AND STAY AWAY!!!

Did I make myself clear this time, I hope for your sake that I did.

A few suggestions…….Take a hike, take a flying leap, take a LOOOONNNNNGGGGGGGGG walk off of a short pier, take a slow boat to China if you must, but JUST GO AWAY :/

I am looking forward to not seeing you around here anymore, it's nothing personal, so please don't be upset or offended, I'm just not very fond of you, well, actually I don't like you at all not one bit, unless of course you are a holiday Monday and then by all means please do stop by & stay awhile.


Lynda P.....


Mr. / Ms. Monday GET LOST

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Antique Cars.....

We headed out to an antique/classic car show & flea market today! The cars were beautiful, the first one we came upon was owned by a retired United States girls you know I am a sucker for a Marine :D he was Vietnam Vet. He had two cars in the show. A 1934 Ford Coupe & a Model T, they were BEAUTIFUL! Well, I thanked him for allowing us to see & sit in his cars and for his service & ladies he thanked me...I was taken back, I don't know him & I didn't know what I was being thanked for. He just smiled and tapped the tattoo on my leg with his cane. I looked down and started to fill up, he said "Marine Momma"...."yes sir"..."well, ma'am that's probably the toughest job one can serve in the Corps" we just laughed. I asked if I could give him a hug & he obliged this crazy Marine mom!!! He gave me a giant bear hug & shook Mr. P's hand. While we were walking away he yelled "Semper Fi Folks". I turned and waved!

WE picked our way through all of those beauties, I spotted a classic 1937 Jaguar ~ I WAS IN LOVE!!!! And then, as I rounded the corner I spotted her, & oh I was just in awe!!! With what you ask?????

A 1949 VW Beetle Cabriolet Bug...The Original Punch Buggy!!!!

Silly I know but I just love those BUGS! I got to sit inside and pretended I was zipping down the Autobahn ~ BEEP BEEP!!

After that we wandered around to the tables that were set up, Mr. P found an antique long-bow and he scooped it up. I was too hot to look, I didn't want to see anything that I loved and then have to lug it around with me ~ DANG!

That was our day, hope you enjoyed your Sunday!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fall Fashion Day On The Q....

MY OH MY!!!!! As you all have probably figured out already I love to shop, I love nice clothes, shoes, new boots, handbags.....what girl doesn't & contrary to what Mr. P says A GIRL CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY CLOTHES!!!

My favorite time of the year for fashion is fall/winter! I love to wear sweaters, toppers, boots, clogs; you name it I LOVE IT!!


So, I guess you know what I'll be doing but, please let’s just keep this between us ~ you & me NO NEED TO TELL THE BIG GUY!

Barbara, I may be sending some packages to your house ;D ~ hehe!!

Happy Shopping "ya'll" ~ Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...PLEASE KEEP PRAYING!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


What's a girl to do!!! The beaches around these parts are closed due to a great white swimming just off of Horseneck Beach!!! YIKES!!! That's where we go, he was spotted right off of the beach, where it makes the turn and becomes the town beach....OMG that's where we always go, I can't take Ms. B this weekend, she'd be gobbled up in a second!

I'm going to go down there and just sun myself and take my camera, hey maybe I'll get a picture or two! He is chasing the bluefish that are hanging around out there! They said that he is anywhere from 10 - 12 feet ~ AHHH!!

One of my all time favorite movies is JAWS, I love the scene where the girl yells "SHARK, SHARK, there's a shark in the pond" and of course when Brody tells him "smile you SOB" classic!

"I think we're gonna need a bigger boat!"

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Murder Mystery & Football Games.....

Nikky called last night, she and Mike were invited to a 1930's Themed Murder Mystery Dinner Party. It just happens to be Mike's best man Steve so they should have a great time!! The only catch, they have to go in costume. Doesn't that sound like fun?? So she's on the hunt to find costumes. I hope that they take some pictures all dressed up, they'll look so cute!

Then as I was wrapping my night Billy called, he wanted to know if he could use my Stubhub account to order tickets to the Washington Redskins ~ Green Bay Packers game on October 10th, he has a 96 & he is going to surprise Katrina, awwwww SO CUTE! She's from Alaska but LOVES the Redskins...hmmmm ~ we're PATS fans ALL THE WAY BABY!! They should have fun & hopefully they take pictures too!

So that was my Tuesday night, oh and LOTS OF LAUNDRY :/

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!!! Please keep praying it really works!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Laundry AGAIN.....

Ladies, this gal is about to go on STRIKE!!! Yes, that's right I said GO ON STRIKE!!!!

I want to know where all of the laundry comes from, there are only two of us here!!!???!!! I really think that Bailey is running around in our things when we aren't home, that or somebody is coming in here dirtying up all of our "stuff"

Lord have mercy, that machine could run all day & there would still be dirty laundry to do in the morning ;D

Well, I'm off to the more load to fold before I hit the hay!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....please keep praying, it REALLY WORKS!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

High Anxiety.....

Do any of you suffer from Sunday night anxiety???? I do, I don't sleep well on Sunday night, actually come to think of it I don't sleep well at all :/ BUT SUNDAY NIGHTS REALLY STINK! I get anxious about falling asleep, work myself up into a frenzy & then can't sleep! Makes for a very long Monday!!!

I have such anxiety about so many things, my family is changing and I feel like we are all growing apart from each other. I've tried and tried but I am just too tired now, I never seem to say the right thing. I find I always offend somebody. I find myself clamming up so that I don't say the wrong thing & I find that I keep how I am feeling inside and bottled up all of the time!

I just feel lost and alone today, kind of like if I were to just dispear would anybody notice that I was gone...yeah, I guess when the laundry wasn't done, the tummies got hungry, birthdays went by without a gift, Thanksgiving didn't have a Turkey, Christmas was treeless....maybe then & then would it only be for that moment? I think so!

Sorry to be such a downer today, no sleep tends to make me touchy. Maybe tomorrow I'll just crawl under the bed and hide there!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless.....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Day At The Beach, By: Bailey P.....

Hello Girls, I am back to blogging tonight! Mom didn't take the night off I just felt like blogging & sharing my day with all of you!

As promised WE WENT TO THE BEACH!!! I was tail-wagging happy ;D

I fetched, I saw, I played in the waves, I walked down the beach with my mom, she swam wayyyy out and I paddled behind her ~ we were two tired girls last night!

Dad patrolled the shore for other dogs and any people that might have gotten to close to many people stopped to watch us & they kept asking if they could pet me ~ NO NOT WHEN I AM WORKING & When I fetch my bumper I am in my "retrieving that bird" frame of mind & I am all business!!!!!

When we got home I had to get a bath, I WAS A DIRTY "DAWG" ....then I ate my dinner and curled up and went to sleep. I was so tired I didn't even wake up to go outside, mom got a big kiss early this morning BECAUSE I REALLY HAD TO GO ;D so out we went & then back to bed!

She made a delicious leg of lamb for dinner tonight & I got to have a taste, that gal can cook ~ LOL! I was smacking my chops & drooling for some more!

We are just relaxing now, dad is taking his nap before going to off to work & we are going to go & read!

I hope we get to go back to the beach next weekend, I'll keep my toes crossed!

Mom said to say HOWDY & she'll be back tomorrow so until then.....Be Safe & God Bless!