Friday, July 30, 2010

Welcome Home Marine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This fine young Marine has been back in the US for a few weeks now but today will be the first day he sees his home that he left seven long months ago & all of his family waiting on him!

His momma has been praying for this day for so long & it's finally here ~

So Cindy hug that sweet fella & tell him that we are so proud of him!!!

Wished I could have been there...we will have to plan a weekend after the rush of the wedding! A Marine Mom/ Marine Auntie/ Marine Friend Long Weekend!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wiped Out Wednesday....

Everyone has a clever catchy name for their Wednesday posts, so I thought I'd give mine a name...yup, Wiped Out Wednesday ~ I'm bushed, beat, pooped, exhausted, plum tuckered out...Wednesdays are really my Thursdays as I do not work on Fridays (did ya get all that??) and this week has kicked my butt!

I was browsing online earlier and saw the news release for the new Kindle, now I know that a lot of people use this little gadget and the other reader that is now out on the market and I think that that is great. But, it's really not for me, I love the thrill of going to the book store & yes, it is a thrill for me ~ BOOKS are my passion (they rank right up there with new clothes, shoes, handbags...) really I love books. I love to touch them, look at them, run my hands over the cover, but most of all I love to curl up with a good book and get lost in the story & I so enjoying turning the pages, especially when I am reading a great mystery or a ghost story BOO! So I don't think I'll be investing in a Kindle any time in the near future.

Before I leave you the answers to the Egyptian Trivia questions....

1. Hatshepsut

2. Hieroglyphics

3. Isis

4. Ra

5. Wax cones on their heads

6. Ankh

7. Grey Hound

8. Cat

9. Flute

10. Old Kingdom 4th Dynasty, built by Kufu

One more interesting fact & then I'll let you go...did you know that the Great Pyramid is the only one of the Seven Wonders of The Ancient World still standing?

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless. Please keep praying it really works!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chasing Mummies.....

Queen Nefertiti Royal Wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten

Tutankhamun The Boy King

The Tomb Of The Great Seti

I have always been fascinated with Ancient Egypt, the mummies, the pyramids, the history of it all!

Now there is a show on the History Channel, Chasing Mummies & I just love it! It comes on Wednesday nights at 10:00pm EST, which is a bit late for me so I DVR it and well tomorrow the History Channel is showing ALL EGYPT ALL DAY!!! I have my DVR set to start recording at 8:00am...don't know when I'll get to watch all of those interesting shows but I'll find the time :D

A few Trivia questions for you....

1. Who was the first, and only, woman pharaoh?

2. What is the Egyptian system of writing called?

3. What goddess is the wife and sister of Osiris?

4. What is the name of the sun god?

5. Where did ancient Egyptian women place or wear perfume?

6. The Christian cross was developed from what ancient Egyptian symbol?

7. What breed of dog was used as a hunting dog in ancient Egypt?

8. What was the most popular pet in ancient Egypt?

9. Name the only wind instrument in ancient Egypt.

10. During which historical period were the pyramids at Giza built.

Put your thinking caps on!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello, My Mom Took The Night Off....

Hiya Gals, Hi Hi Hi!!! My mom took the night off so I thought I'd help her out and post her blog tonight!

She was "dog" tired, she thought it was funny!!! Me, not so much...

She's been busy running all day every day long into the wee hours of the night; I tag along and help out when I can. We make a good team my mom & me!

I've been able to go upstairs at night and mom gives me a boost up onto the bed and then she tucks Piggy & me in!

Dad worked OT today, I'm not quite sure what OT is all I know is that I was home alone all day :/, mom told me to eat the furniture. I will tell you that I thought it was a tempting offer but NO, I'd only get into trouble!!! I think she wants some new stuff, but I'm not "BITING" ~ LOL!!!

We are going to the beach this weekend, my tail will be wagging! I've put on a few lbs since I had my knee surgery so I won't be wearing my teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot bikini, SIGH!

I'm hoping that we get to have some of those tasty 100 Calorie Snacks tonight, we split the bag so it's 50 calories for me & 50 for my mom. I'd prefer 100 but she says NO!

Well, I hope that all of you had a nice day. Mom says that I should tell all of you thanks very much for your prayers for my leg. Dad's not sure if I can hunt this fall or if I will ever be able to hunt again (I'll get a scooter, I'm not missing out on any more birds) so please keep praying...I go back to the vet again on Monday and this time I just might BITE HIM!!!

Piggy & me yesterday afternoon, having our ice water. I like to "bob" for the ice, hey it keeps me out of trouble & that's a good thing!

Well, I'm going to say Woof Woof & please pray for our Troops & Justin (I bet he likes dog like my Billy....hmmmmmm) nighty-nite ;D

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh Dear Me.....

The sights you see on the beach ~ EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!

Mr. P & I headed out to the beach early this morning, hoping to beat the crowd and get a good spot. We were there by 8:15, chairs out, reading the paper, sipping my coffee ~ CHOKE...what the????

Oh Lord, my poor eyeballs, they nearly popped right out of their sockets...well, I tried to take pics with my phone but I was too far away. Mr. P told me that I couldn't get up and follow them down the week we are heading back out with Ms. B in tow so you know I'll have my camera ready to take some snaps of her and the unmentionables ~ LOL!!

First we spotted two older ladies that pretty much looked like the two gals in this cartoon. They were collecting shells and thought nothing of stopping right smack dab in front of us and bending over to collect and rinse...OH MY WORD, that's when my eyes nearly popped out! Poor Mr. P, his exact words were "that's just wrong, so very wrong" ~ it was awful but one really couldn't help but look! It was funny to see them waddle on down the beach stopping every few feet and well, you get the picture. It was hilarious to watch all of the other people watching them as they made their way down the beach....

Before you know it their significant others came strolling by and yup you guessed it!!! Speedos with socks & shoes ~ OH MY GOSH!!!

It was truly enough to make you shake your head and shudder ~ eeeehhh!

We went to the town beach, not the big ole' state beach with tons of people, just the quiet little town beach ~ those Townies were feeling crazy today!

Anyway, I'm working on my tan, and catching up on my reading!

Ms. B will be heading to the vet next Monday, I've been watching her like a hawk. Her leg is still puffy, but doesn't seem to be draining anymore. So, we are hoping that a nice swim in the ocean will help. She loves the beach, I'll pack my big umbrella for her and her blanket and her water bowl and her ball and her pig and off we'll go!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless, please keep praying. It really works!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hello & Happy Saturday......

Met up with my beautiful daughter this morning for her first fitting ~ YAY! She looked so beautiful!

I made an appointment for myself, eeeekkkkkk, wish me luck!

After that I ran to the market, headed home and then off again to the Christmas Tree Shop ~ ohhh I love this store!

Picked up some bath mats, some k-cups for my coffee pot, some odds & ends, yay me!

Watched the Q most of the night, ordered a wreath & a pair of orthotic flip-flops...I'll give them a try. My feet are killing me!!!

These ugly things aren't mine I found them on the Internet, but you get the picture!!

Well gals, I'm off!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless ~ please keep praying it really works!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Christmas In July......

Yes, you heard me right!!! I said Christmas In July on QVC, I know , I know CRAZY :) it starts tonight at midnight & I'll probably be tuning in. It was Remicade Friday & I usually have a LONG night SO I'll be occupied watching & shopping ;D SHHHHHHHH!!

I have been having problems with my feet, especially my left foot. After my infusion today the doctor looked at it, poked & squeezed it, tickled just to be a smart @#$!!! And, then he did an's just as I suspected ~ Arthritis, pretty bad in the left one, he checked out the right too, yup got it there too. Not as bad :/ ...he gave me a prescription for an orthotic support I AM NOT WEARING THAT UGLY THING WITH MY SANDALS. HE also gave me some exercises to do and he'll recheck it next month. If it isn't any better he'll do a nerve block so that it won't hurt so much ~ GRRRRR my foot hurts bad enough Doc, I don't need you sticking me with a needle there ~ Maybe I should kick him??? NAAAHHHH!

Going off for Nikky's fitting tomorrow morning, so exciting! YAHOOO, can't wait to see her all dolled up! She'll be beautiful!

But, for now.....

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless ~ PLEASE KEEP PRAYING!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bridal Dresses & Fittings.....

Nikky goes for her first fitting this Saturday, OH MY!!! It's getting close ;D cannot wait, she will be such a beautiful bride.

I need to make an appointment for my dress too & I still have so many things to do.

Nikky sent out her thank you notes, such a good girl & such good manners!

I just heard Mr. P's truck pull up, he was out at the range for the Wednesday night bow shoot...I'm going to scoot so I can chat with him!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...please keep praying it really works!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Waiting On Mr. P......

Mr. P came in late this afternoon, I was happy to see him!

He was feeling blue about leaving Billy, I felt bad about that but he started chatting about their drive & their talks and he was laughing in no time!

He was wearing his new boots and he looked so cute ;D, we stopped for dinner on the way home & chatted some more! His flights were good so I was happy about that he's not fond of flying!

Then it was on to our cozy little home, Ms. B was waiting by the back door...she was so happy to see him but she kept looking out the door, we both think that she was waiting on Billy! Silly pup!

Mr. P had to check her leg out for himself & had a long "talk" with her about resting it and being good. She was a drooling, tail wagging mess!

We're settled in for the night & Billy called to check in. I'll be more settled once he's completely settled in!

So ladies....

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless. Please keep praying, IT REALLY WORKS!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Hubby Left A Yankee & Is Coming Back A Cowboy....

Mr. P had a few free hours this morning & early afternoon while Billy was checking in and attending classes so he set off on foot to check out the local hot spots!! He was "getting a feel for things" for our trip down!

He wandered quite a ways when he came upon Jacks Famous Texas Boots and well ladies my New England born and bred Yankee bought himself a pair of Justin Cowboy Boots :D

He has wanted a pair for a long time and now he has them, YOU GO MR. P!! I have a pair they are old as the hills so maybe I'll have to get me a new pair and we can go out dancing ~ LOL!

He bought me a new USMC sweatshirt ~ YAY ME!! I love sporting all of my Marine gear, I'd wear it all at once if I could ;D

Billy checked in, attended a few classes, got a temporary pass for his truck, they need one more document from the insurance company so that will be faxed over in the morning! He will hopefully check into the Battalion and his Unit tomorrow & get his room assignment. For tonight he was happy to be having one more night with the Big Guy. They went to dinner and back to the room to chat and watch some TV before turning in!

Mr. P leaves tomorrow, he'll be flying alone HE HATES TO FLY!!! Well sir, those boots were made for walking ~ LOL!

AS for me, I felt better today after getting back into the swing of things ~ thanks for all of your well wishes and kind words! They all touched my heart and brightened my day!

My Ms. B is a sickly-pup again...her poor little leg just won't heal. We had to go off to that darn old vet this morning, she has another infection in her knee, back on antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medicine, & pain killers. If this doesn't work she may have to have more surgery to remove the binding in-between the prosthesis :( ~ my poor yellow girl! But that tail is still wagging & she is HAPPY and waiting on me to finish up so we can go snuggle!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...please KEEP PRAYING IT REALLY WORKS!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pass The Bounty PLEASE.....

OH BROTHER....I can't stop crying, I feel like a crackpot. It was just to darn quiet here when I got up this morning. Fed Ms. B, ran out to get the papers, fixed a cup of coffee and headed out to the deck to read ~ RINGGGGGG! HELlO!! It was Mr. P, they had made it to North Carolina & checked into the hotel at 3:30am...they called me several times from the road to keep me posted & Billy sent a few pictures to my phone :)

Billy was exhausted so Mr. P was letting him sleep in a bit, then they were off to breakfast and to explore Jacksonville.

One of the 1st Sgts from Okinawa is now stationed at CLJ & he was quite fond of our Marine and had called Billy a few times while home on leave. They made plans to meet up so that he could go by the room and pick Bill yup and take him onto base and show him around so that he would know exactly where to go tomorrow! Let me tell you that made this momma feel 100% better! I know they are trained machines and can handle any and all situations but ladies at the end of the day they are still our baby boys and always will be!

I couldn't take all of the peace & quiet so I headed out to the beach for a few hours and it was nice. Hot & breezy the surf was rough! Then back home to the peace & quiet...

I'm waiting on my guys to check in so that I can hear how Billy did on base!

I'll let all of you know tomorrow...going to call it a night my friends!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...please keep praying, it really works :D

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Hardest Part Is Watching Him Walk Away.....

Well ladies my Marine is well on his way! They pulled out at about 1:00pm and took my heart along for the ride!

Billy was quiet this morning, giving his uniform another once over, checking & rechecking his orders...then we just sat together on the couch, Billy, MR. P & me! We did that the night that Billy left for Parris Island and we have done it every time he has come home and had to leave again :/

I tried not to cry but I failed at that miserably, Billy kept telling me not to be sad that we would see each other soon and then he teared up & well gals I REALLY STARTED BLUBBERING ~ LOL!

I was busy all day, laundry, cleaning, I cleaned Billy's room IT REALLY NEEDED IT ;D, ran to Target & then home and let me tell you it is tooooo quiet here!

All of the activity of the last few weeks has come to an abrupt halt and I am here with my thoughts and my feelings, I am sappy & weepy! I know that he had to go back but that didn't make it any easier, I know that he is in North Carolina and that is helping to ease the distance between us but really ladies I just wanted to jump on the hood of that truck and yell STOP YOU CAN'T GO ~ WHY????? BECAUSE I SAID SO!

I'm going to turn in for the evening, see everyone tomorrow!

Until then Be Safe & God Bless, please keep praying it really works!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Nikky & Mike Came To Say "See Ya In September"....

Nikky & mike came by for dinner after work this evening! I tried to get pictures but as you can see they were all being too silly, they came out cute though!!!

We talked and laughed and Nikky tried to carry her "baby brother" out with her when she left! He'll be driving down for Nikky's wedding. We'll only be about two hours away from the base so that will be an easy ride for him!

We have been pacing all day & tonight Billy dressed his uniform, girls he looks so handsome ~ my heart just fills with pride!

I've cried a few times today & I'm sure that when they pull out of the driveway tomorrow I'll be chasing them down the street :/ I am thankful for the time that we have had and I know that he will be just a "few" hours away this time ~ but I still don't want to let him go!

I'm going to go spend a few more precious minutes with him, so....

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless! Please keep praying, it really works!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Day In The Life......

These days have been so good & full of laughter & happiness, I pray every night for all of our Marines & our Troops that they will be able to have a great homecoming and wonderful times with their families...Cindy, I know you are savoring every second! Julie, I promise that before long your sweet, honorable son will be home safe & sound!

I cannot tell you what these days have meant to me, to have my son home here with me has been a blessing! I have missed him so much and I know that he must go back to do the job that he was meant to do...but for the next few days I will continue to spoil him ROTTEN!!

Ms. B just LOVES him to bits!!! She gives him kisses every chance she gets, she loves him so much that she lets him hold her Piggy ~ now not just anybody can hold onto the Piggy! She'll miss him when he goes, but...he'll be back!

Trying to watch the game, but mom keeps taking pictures and crazy Ms. B won't let him alone!

I had dinner with my two favorite guys tonight! We laughed and talked and planned our next visit! I may have shared this with all of you already but, I just love this picture!

We have plans for tomorrow and on Friday night Nikky & my other favorite guy (that would be Mike :D ) will be heading over for dinner and a visit with Billy before he heads out!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....please keep praying it really works!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010


I got the Blues, I got the Blues...I got the "Man I can't stand Mondays and my Marine will be leaving me in five more days BLUES!!!!"

We have had a great time & I have just enjoyed every minute that Billy has been home! I will be working tomorrow and then I will have the next three days off, so the three of us ~ Billy, MR. P & me will be off and running! Nikky & Mike are coming for dinner one night so that they can spend some time with Billy before he goes!

He spoke to his 1st Sgt today and he felt really good after that call and then he spoke to his CWO from Okinawa, he called to check in with him and to see how he was doing on leave & he also told him that "the old place isn't the same without you" ! That really touched me and made Billy feel really good!

I know that I will see him again for Nikky's wedding and we will be fortunate to have him home for the holidays but...I know it's selfish of me, but, I don't want to let him go ~ NOT YET!!! Can’t' they come for him in about 30 or 40 years???LOL!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...please keep praying for all of our troops!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nikky's Day.....

Today was Nikky's shower, we had it at Mike's parents house...much bugger than our house & MORE PARKING :) was a very nice day! The food was yummy & well, she and Mike got so many beautiful things ~ see for yourself. She just kept opening & opening & opening the presents! Very fortunate!

Today is also my mom's birthday and in all of the excitement it slipped my mind :( I called her when I got in, I felt terrible!!

Well, I am exhausted.

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....

Please keep praying, it really works!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Almost Home......

Sweet Cindy & her Marine Son Justin ~ He has been over THERE for 7 long months on the front lines fighting day in and day out and well, I am happy to say that in a few short days he will be HOME right here in the GOOD OLD US of A ~ can I get a BIG OOHRAH!!!

Justin Pre-D Leave, so handsome!

Dear Cindy, your friendship has meant so much to me over these past 18 months...I am so happy for you knowing that in just a very short time you will be reunited with Justin! Hug him kiss him and hug him some more! Give him a hug from me, tell him that I love him and that we thank him for his service to our country!

Anxiously waiting on pictures....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting Ready For The Shower......

I took tomorrow off so I could go to the market and shop for the shower & get things ready! Almost everything I am making can be made ahead and then put into the oven on Saturday to cook up. Also have A LOT of gifts to wrap, I just can't help myself! I wanted to get her everything on her registry ~ LOL!

I am so happy & excited for Nikky & she is just beautiful! I still cannot believe that me little princess is getting married & to such a wonderful guy, we love you Mike!

Billy is happy that I'll be around so that we can "hang out" together some time with him is going fast :( but, we will see him in September for Nikky's wedding and then again for the holidays (hopefully) after that well....he will most likely be going to the "Sand Box" ~ but I'm not going to think about that right now! Just cherishing every minute that he is here!

Going to scoot, need to make my shopping list!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless! Please keep praying, it really works!

Monday, July 5, 2010

A Day At The Beach.....

We spent the day at the beach yesterday.....this flag was just behind where we were sitting. I just had to get a picture of it waving in the wind!

She's A Grand Old Flag...She's a high flying flag and forever in peace may she wave, she's the emblem of the land I love!

The home of the free because of the BRAVE!

This little fella, so cute. I plucked him out of the water and put him up on the rock so I could get a real good close up "action" shot!

Mr. P...."you better not be taking a picture of me to stick on your blog Miss!!" ~ who me, no, I just want to get a picture of you ~ LOL!!! SHHHHHHH don't tell him he is stuck out here in blog land for all eternity!!!

I combed all of the rocks for more starfish and shells. I love to collect shells!

This is the beach side of the causeway, I walked all the way to the end of it ~ BEACH SIDE mind you!!! Some times I was chest deep in the water and sometimes I had to SWIM!!!! But I did it, I had the pockets of my board shorts loaded with shells...then I had to walk, tread, swim back ;D

These guys put on quite a show, a fishing show that is! They were diving head first from way up high right into the water and coming up with tiny little bait fish! I was amazed watching them, quite a skill! I never catch anything but seaweed!

The view across the water, this is Gooseberry Island it's actually at the end of the causeway and really quite pretty. This is where we took Bailey out swimming this past spring, remember I shared the pictures with all of you? Well anyway, I just love coming out here anytime of the year! It may sound silly but my favorite time of the year is late fall through the winter. So desolate and beautiful, quite a place to sit and think! I spent many a winter day out here this past winter walking and thinking about Billy and Justin Simmons, (his momma is very dear to me) and looking out over the water praying out loud to the wind, hoping the my prayers would be carried up up up...seems like all of our prayers are being answered! Continuing to pray for "our" other Justin and his safe return and for all of our troops still fighting!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!