Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Saturday Lunch......

I'm having little lunch here on Saturday afternoon, to go over wedding plans....One of the items on my To-do List is done, whew!!!! Dress is all set, picked out, bought, and is now hanging in Billy's room ~ we just need to make appointments for fittings...but we'll get to that in time!!

Krissi has been in contact with a few florists in North Carolina that the Wedding Coordinator referred us to so she'll be bringing all of the info :)

Nikky & Mike have already contacted a bakery they just have to pick the flavor (I REALLY LOVE CHOCOLATE, hint hint) we're taking care of that expense for them.

We're going to toss around ideas for gift bags for their guests, to have ready for them in their rooms when they arrive. My girlfriend Mary & I will transport all of that stuff down there and put it all together....

I guess we're going to be making a giant To-do List and split it up I CAN NOT WAIT, so exciting!!!!

I also have a very special gift for Nikky "it" was mine I can't tell you about it just yet, but I talked to Mike & Krissi and they both think she'll love we'll see I hope so!!!

I'm nervous about finding the perfect dress for me, eeekkkkk!!! I love to shop but somehow always manage to have such grand ideas that I can't ever live up to so hmmmmm, yeah! I have a picture in my mind so now I am on the hunt ~ LOL!!!

Well, I'm sure I've probably put a few of you to sleep with my I'll be off!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God bless


  1. Oh this sounds like so much fun!! I can't wait until I get to do all of this stuff with Britani!! That cake is beautiful!! I love it!! And girl you know you will find the most perfect dress for you!! Have a great evening...LYLAS!!!!

  2. OH how fun! I can't wait to hear all of the wedding plans:) It is gonna be so much fun, the lunch and the wedding planning! Enjoy every minute and get your hiney out there to find you the perfect dress:) Hugs!

  3. This surely did not put me to sleep! You have to include us in every step of the planning!!! We'd come help you pick out your dress if we could! lol! I love wedding plans... been there, done that and it is a blast! Enjoy each moment.... it will be a great memory! xoxo