Saturday, January 2, 2010

Send A Man To Do A Woman's Work....

And he'll wear woman's shoes......

Hehehehe, I couldn't resist making this picture!!! I was busy "plating" our dinner & I asked Mr. P to take Ms. B outside (I used to carry her out when she was a baby & I go out with her now every time ~ anytime RAIN, SNOW, HEAT, SUN, name it) if you don't go with her she just "fools around" & doesn't do what she is supposed to be doing...and since it had snowed again & we have had snow showers all day Mr. P didn't want to get his dainty lil' feet wet!!! Those size 12's stuffed into my ladies size 7.5's OH MY GOSH!!! I just had tooooo, LOLLOLLOLLOL!!!!

Well, I have been threatening the BIG D word for a few days now so I figured I'd cook Mr. P his "Last Supper" of sorts..... Fillet mignon, baked stuffed shrimp, oven roasted potatoes, green beans almondine & a bottle of champagne, dinner was good… now for~ cognac ~ cigars & a friendly game of scrabble…..Mr. P is in BIG TROUBLE!

I cheat at this game ~ I pick out all of the high point letters, my family finally caught on..I tried to keep the letters in a zip lock bag until the figured out that I looked before I picked ~ now I try to FEEL the letters, I am soooo BAD!!!

Before I scoot, Nikky & Mike gave me a gift card to my favorite store "TICKLES" for Christmas, it's a gift shop & I could just spend hours in there and that's exactly what I did today!!! See what I got....

I just LOVE Vera Bradley bags, I have to admit when it comes to my handbags & shoes I am a snob...sorry it's a vice, I kicked smoking but I can't kick shoes or handbags LOL!


Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...

P.S. ~ Cindy or Ganky, please ask Tracy to pass on the names of the video workouts she has??? PLEASE!!!!! :)


  1. Oh well one morething that connects us...Vera Bradley is one of my favs!!! Tracy works out to Jillian Michaels from the biggest loser!! She is mean and hateful and so I will not workout to her! HAHA!!! I hope that you had fun playing scrabble! LYLAS!!!

  2. Laughing at Mr. P and his big 'ole feet in your shoes:) Love it! I LOVE scrabble, but I don't cheat nor do we usually keep score. Tracy's family and me and Pa always go on vacation together in the summer. We never go without the scrabble game. Tracy and I both love playing it. Hey, that meal looks like it came out of a magazine! It is funny you called it his last meal. We were eating out last night and I told my honey the same thing. He said "I wish you wouldn't call it MY LAST MEAL"! Have a blessed day and stay warm!

  3. You cooked that? You must be an awesome cook (except for pie crust... lol). Looks so nummy. Can you tell I am on the big "D" too? Glad you found me on facebook! Now we can really keep in touch! xoxo