Sunday, January 24, 2010

Needing A Makeover.....

Krissi & I will be having Nikky's Bridal Shower here, we were trying to be so sneaky we picked out a date she sent out a few text messages and we thought we were "Good To Go" that is until I realized my notes from our Wedding Planning Lunch were face up & the Bratty Bride To Be was reading everything I wrote down ~ GRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Well, it's still a go...not sure what we'll do about picking a new date BUT....back to my original thought!!!!!

My sun porch needs a makeover.....and I'd like to get a few chairs or maybe a rattan loevseat and a rocking chair for out there...make it really cozy. I need a big box that I can cover & use as an ottoman ~ you know so I can keep all of Lexi's little toys stashed away when she's not here!

So many decisions.....Cindy stand-by because I may be calling you for a recipie or two :)I think we're going to do a Wedding Shower Brunch & I know you've got lots of yummy recipies!!!!

I'm off, Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. Oh I am soooo excited for all of you! I love weddings.... hey wait, I say that every time you talk about the wedding. But, I LOVE WEDDINGS:) Enjoy every minute, take lots of pictures along the way. Each step is precious! Hugs from Georgia!

  2. Oh I know that you are so very excited about doing so many special things!! I am always here if you need me!! Your sun room will be beautiful no matter what you just have a special touch!! Have a great evening!! LYLAS!!

  3. I'm with Theresa... love weddings and love pictures! Take your camera everywhere... in case you have a wedding moment! ;D