Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day ~ 30 May 2011

For love of country they accepted death... -James A. Garfield

May God bless our Fallen and their families and may God bless and protect our Military....

Friday, May 20, 2011

Psssssssst....I've Got A Secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I've got a secret & it's been killing me not to tell you all BUTTTTTTTTTTT here goes!!!!


It's just the sweetest most darling house you could ever imagine, I can't wait until they are all settled in and they let me take you on a tour! Hopefully they will be in by the middle of next month & we'll be having a good old fashioned moving them in party...I'm going to take a day of two off to help them out with some things! It's just beautiful and has recently been updated so YAY YAY YAY for our beautiful daughter and our wonderful son-in-law!

We are so proud of them!!!

Other than that same old same old here...working late & not liking it so much, I think that it's just too much I am worn out tonight! Made a pizza and a nice big salad for dinner & now we're just relaxing!

See everyone tomorrow!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

What Have I Gotten Myself Into.....????

Oh girls, first of all ~ HI HOW ARE YOU ALL DOING???

This is what I spent my evenings doing...calling elderly cardiac patients and asking them to pay their bills :/ not fun! The collection agency that we hired has done a terrible job so I offered to help out until they hire a new one...The extra money will be NICE but it's breaking my heart, my puppy misses me & I miss her so much, Mr. P is so upset that I am working late.

I'm thinking maybe two or three more weeks and then I'm done. I'm too tired, my day starts at 4:30am & I'm not getting home until after eight! It's too much for me, I'm too tired!

Tomorrow, my babycakes will be going turkey hunting & I'll be doing what I do best ~ SHOP nuff' said LOL!

HOpefully I'll be back & hugs to all of you!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Working Like A Dog......

As some of you know I have a four day work week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday ~ I work 40 hours actually it's more like 50 hours a week and then you add the time that I sit in my car commuting...a looooooooooooooohhhhgggg day! Well this week I put in a few extra hours so that I would be ahead of the game when Monday rolls around! The physicians that I work for have asked me to work on a few things for them and seeing as my day is full I'll be staying a few nights a week, oy vey! The extra money will be nice but girls I'll be beat!

I've been working a lot so that I don't have to be home :/ this deployment thing has really gotten the better of me & I cannot shake it! I'm trying though,I'm trying!

We have some exciting news but we can't share it yet DRATS!!!! No I'm not going to be a grammy just yet, lol (although I keep dropping hints hehe) but it's still VERY VERY VERY EXCITING!!!

We've decided that Ms. B just cannot continue to hunt, I know she's a big ole bruiser but she's really very fragile...her little leg is just too fragile and we would be heartbroken if she was to get hurt again so it looks like Mr. P might be getting a new hunting buddy. The breeders that we got Ms. B from are having one last litter before they retire their dogs, we're on the list for a little black lab & somewhere in there he/she is related to Ms. B so she'll be a "momma" not sure how she'll take to a pup as SHE'S THE BOSS! I'll keep you posted ~ I must be a sucker for punishment but oh boy I sure do love puppy kisses & fat puppy tummies!

Hopefully I'll see all of you tomorrow!

Love & hugs to all of you!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yellow Ribbons For Billy.......

I've been looking in all of the craft stores since Billy left for yellow ribbons, I finally found some yesterday afternoon!!!! I bought the iron red, white & blue stars and then added a yellow ribbon to each one and fastened them to the hangers with yellow ribbon! They look so pretty hanging on the doors, I picked up a third one for the tree in our yard. I can look at it as I stand at the sink and look out over the backyard & think of him....

Ms. B my big helper was out there with me as I was tying it around the tree, she thought it was a game and kept climbing up to grab it ~ GRRRR!

We got an email from Billy this morning...he sent it Friday night but Mr. P hadn't been on to check his email...he's been out on patrol every night. He said that it still gets chilly overnight but has been up over 100 degrees during the day. MY heart breaks thinking of him and all of our troops over there and those that will be going over shortly....all we can do is pray and send out mail and care packages!

Well, I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Tomorrow is Monday, back to reality!

Love and hugs to all of you!

Ms. B Missing her Marine....