Saturday, October 31, 2009

Eyelid Cellulitis......


I finally gave in and went to the doctors this morning because my eye was still "Killing Me"! I have cellulitis of my eyelid, how the heck did I get that...I wash my hands fanatically I might add, I do not put my fingers in my eye, SO HOW DID I GET IT????

Good question, the doctor thinks it may have happened when I was scratching my eye. I have seasonal allergies & allergies to certain smells & the other weekend I was in a gift shop and there were lots of scented candles & things that made my eyes swell up & I started to rub and scratch them and must have pushed something in there and kept rubbing them.

I am on antibiotics for 10 days and if it doesn't go away I have to have IV antibiotics :( now I may not be able to have my infusion next Friday, WAHHHHHHHH! You can't have any type of infection or be on any antibiotics so I'll have to see.

On the plus side of things when I was weighed this morning I was FOUR more pounds down ~ YAHOOOOO!

Have you tried this yet, I pick ed some up yesterday for my coffee, so yummy. I just used a bit but it's good & creamy :)

And of course when I saw this next item I just had to get it.....

I got the LIGHT so I won't feel as guilty and well I add a shot of brandy and a dusting of nutmeg to mine so that's what I'm having tonight ~ A Glass of Christmas!

Until tomorrow HAPPY HALLOWEEN, Be Safe & God Bless!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mac & Cheese In My Hair, Goldfish Crackers On The Floor, Smiles From Ear To Ear......

Well, I started my day off very early, 4:15 to be exact...I know I know I'm crazy but I wanted to get everything done and my floors sanitized before "Little Miss You Know Who" came over!!!

Lexi & Papa after we came in from the market....I was making lunch, homemade mac&cheese & believe it or not broccoli????

After that we had to change clothes....

And I tried to get Little Miss Miss to take a nap but NOOOO WAYYYYY ~ she wanted to GOGOGOGO

So that's what we did....

This is what we did all day long, I crawled around after her, had goldfish cracker & honey nut cheerio "soup" (she cooked that up for us & we ate it out of a ladle, LOL)

We read books, we "talked" on the phone, we "colored" and then we did it all again...

And then Mommy came so until next Friday BYE BYE Lexi LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

And now if you don't mid I'm going to have a nice glass of wine & relax...every inch of me aches and oh yes, more tomorrow because she's coming over for "Trick-Or-Treat"!

Have a great night, Be Safe & God Bless!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

TOOO Tired, TOOO Crabby.....

Well, it was one of those days today...started off just fine but it quickly went down hill fast!

Up, coffee, dogs fed, one dog won't go out BECAUSE IT'S WET OUT THERE & OMG if his little stinky dog feet get wet he's not happy!

Well I gave up & went up to shower & get ready for work when the phone rang, YAY. I thought maybe it might be my baby boy calling from Okinawa ~ he's out in the field and we haven't talked to him in about three weeks :(, nope Mr. P calling to say he was stuck @ work OVERTIME ~ GRRRRRR.

So after I was already I dragged Max outside again, I couldn't let him go all day long without going. So I waited & I waited & I started to STEAM...he just stood there looking at me. Finally he came back up on the deck & stood next to me just looking into the back yard when all of a sudden my foot felt HOT & WET ~ YUP he peed on me, I couldn't believe it.

I stripped off my pants out on the deck it was still dark I leave at 6:30ish in the morning...and cleaned up again & threw on a pair of jeans and off I went.


And the whole day went that way.

When I got in I realized I didn't have anything planned for dinner so this is what I had...

And Mr. P you're getting one of these too, it wasn't bad kind of tasty...I'll throw an apple and a banana in his lunch box along with a yogurt & he'll be GOOD TO GO!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do Not Cook Hamburgers On The Grill In The Rain.....

O.k., so it's pouring rain here in good old Massachusetts & not just rain but wind swept sideways slap you in the face rain!

~ me!!

This morning I felt like having a taste of summer so I took out two hamburger patties to thaw in the fridge while I was at work. I thought it would be a nice idea to make them on the grill when I got in OMG I guess I should have checked the weather.........

I knew it would be dark by the time I got in so I figured I could just turn on the light on my back deck well nobody warned me about the RAIN!

It didn't go so well, I got drenched the dogs kept running in and out they were wet and stinky :( but in the end we had two very delicious cheese burgers with low fat Swiss cheese some onion, tomato, pickles on light whole wheat buns & sweet potato "fries". I try to keep the meals fun & tasty because eating on a diet isn't always fun.

I cooked the sweet potato in the microwave and when it was soft I sliced it into chips turned on the broiler seasoned the chips up sprayed them with some Pam & tossed them under the broiler for a few minutes to crisp up.

I would have taken a picture but it was so good we gobbled it all up ~ YUMMO!

Well, I"m off to write my shopping list, need to get a few things for our Special Guest :)

Until tomorrow, Be Safe, Stay Dry & God Bless!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Looks Who's Coming Over On Friday.........

Remember this little cutie from a couple of weekends ago, Lexi????? Well she's coming back & guess what I'm sooooo excited I get to have her every Friday :)

So I think on Thursday I'll be going out to get her a few things to have here at our house. I bought her a few books for Halloween, she loves to read (SEE)!

I saw a little chair like this a few weeks ago @ Walmart & I know she loves hers at home so I thought it would be nice for her to have one of her own here & maybe some more books and some toys.

I was so excited when her mom said we could take her on Fridays that I cried.

So you know what you'll all be looking at Friday night more pictures of Little Miss You Know Who :)

Oh, BTW my thingy is still not working so PLEASE just keep coming back I post every night.

And I think I need an eye patch, my eye is KILLING ME STILL!!!

Until tomorrow be safe & God Bless!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Eye Is Killing Me.....

My left eye is killing me...the top lid is all red and swollen and it keep weeping???? I haven't changed my eye makeup, I didn't get anything in it, it doesn't itch but I do have a fever, hmmmmm. I wonder if it isn't some kind of infection, I noticed that it felt funny right the last time I had Remicade but it would come & go, but now it just plain old hurts.

I think I should go get it checked out!

Ms. B got into a basket of clean laundry that Mr. P forgot on the floor so needless to say I had wall to wall socks, underpants, bras ~ YUP you guessed it all of my unmentionables all over the house. They were strewn from one end to the other, GRRRR.

Well, that's about it for tonight, my eye is making me nuts & I want to go put a warm compress on it.

Until tomorrow, be safe & God Bless!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Yup, I feel I've been run over by a bus.......

I'm freezing, my nose is running ~ I know I know I better go catch it, LOL! My throat & my ears hurt, & every inch of me aches :(

I'm already in my PJs and I'm going to make a hot cup of tea and curl up under my blanket!

Goodnight, see you back here tomorrow SAME TIME SAME PLACE!

Until tomorrow ~ Be Safe & God Bless!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

What A Day......

Today was a huge success!

It's true what they say you don't pick the dress the dress picks you & let me tell you when my little girl put "THE ONE" on and she started to cry my heart just burst & YUP I cried too. We only went to two places and we found it at the second store & when I saw that look and those big tears I knew we had to get it, so that's what we did...while she was off putting her clothes back on I ran up front and bought it for her :) that made me so happy to be able to do that for her.

She is quite honestly the most beautiful kindhearted daughter a mother could ask for & SHE"S ALL MINE...well, I guess I can share her with Mr. P & Mike & her brother, LOL! But that's it!

It's simply stunning & quite honestly the most beautiful dress I have ever seen.

I can't post pictures here because Mike stops by to read from time to time.

I'm exhausted and soooo happy for my baby girl, now the hunt is on for the rest of us! LOL!

Going to curl up with Count Dracula & read, it's a good night for a scary story...howling wind & driving rain.

BOOOOOOOOO ~ Scared you didn't I?????

Until tomorrow, be safe & God Bless!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Hello all...I'm back it's been difficult to keep up with blogs & everything else with Mr. P being home on vacation this week!

He's gone out bow hunting this morning so I have a few minutes to myself, YAHOOOOO!

I came In last night and it looked like a bomb went off in my house, why when the men are home alone left unattended do they make such a mess & dirty every dish????? WHY I ask WHY! I hate mess!

He's been out hunting almost every morning & afternoon, although he's been a bit sad because Ms. B is on the injured list...but, I digress...when I came in last night and walked through my kitchen to the dining room the floor was crunching under my feet!!! When I looked down there was dried mud EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So out came the broom.

Look what I missed going up the stairs to the berdrooms...

What is it you ask???? MUD ~ good thing it's housecleaning Friday, LOL!

I went out early after Mr. P left to take a picture of my flowers, they have seen better days :(

This is the tree across the street, I'm not sure if you can tell how beautiful it is??? It's fiery red right now but pretty soon all of those beautiful leaves will be blowing all over the place!

This was the sky from my hallway window, so pretty I had to take a picture of the sun coming's going to be a chilly day here!

Until tomorrow, have a Great Day, God Bless & Be Safe!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Google Gadget Is Broken.....

O.k. so apparently the "Google Gadget" is broken on multiple platforms (like I even know what that means.....?) and that's why my blog & MANY MANY others aren't updating for everyone to see new blogs.

So now that I have that situation under control, LOL, lets talk about something fun!

Plymouth Plantation, yup that's right where the Pilgrims lived!

And the Mayflower...

And what's left of Plymouth Rock...

Located in wait for it....Plymouth, Massachusetts...I went once when I was a little girl and I've always wanted to go back, so I've decided that this will be our next big Saturday out :)

You can go to the Pilgrim village and speak to the Pilgrims, see how they lived and worked. They dress in period costume and will only talk and answer questions relating to that particular period in time. They also have the Wampanoag camp and we'll see that too & stop by the museum and GIFT SHOP! And then down the road to see Plymouth Rock & the Mayflower.

I thought it would be fun since Thanksgiving is right around the corner...

Until tomorrow God Bless!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What A Day..............

Well, before I even start blogging I have to say that I stopped by Cindy's page and saw what she made for dinner and I was ready to jump in my car and drive at breakneck speed all the way there, LOL!!! It looked sooooo goooood!

I had to go up to Boston today for an appointment, Mr. P was busy and couldn't go with me (I hate to drive in Boston traffic) so I got Nikky to come with me, she's such a good girl & I love her so much!

Can't say that it was FUN but I did enjoy just spending time with her and chatting...we did get silly & I showed her the "fright faces" I've been working on for the movie on Sunday...we had to do something to pass the time WE WERE THERE FOR ABOUT 4 HOURS :( GRRRRRR!

Look what my little sweetie pie did while I was waiting to be seen...

I have such chubby knees....

The save the date for the WEDDING came today so we had to go & check that out...oh boy now it really is starting to come together!

O.k. ~ I'm off, until tomorrow Be Safe & God Bless!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Have you seen the advertisement for the new movie "Paranormal Activity"????? Oh MY GOODNESS!!!!! It looks scary & we're going to go and see it this coming Sunday, Barb, Karen, & me...we're having a girls afternoon out (we have to se it in the daylight so none of us nave to go home in the dark, LOL!!!

I'm already scared thinking about it, I asked Nikky to come but she said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAY!

But before we go to the movies on Sunday, I'm going dress shopping with Ms. Nikky ~ I am so EXCITED :)!!!

Mr. P is on vacation this week so I'm not on schedule & it;s making me CRAZY!

I'm off a few things to do before I settle in to read...until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away.......

Well, I'm back...I took yesterday off, not much going on we ran a few errands & went to pick a pumpkin and I grabbed a few gourds for decoration, except when I got home I couldn't find the wicker that I usually put them in so I just placed them on top of my jelly cabinet.

Isn't he cute? I usually dig out the seeds and roast the pumpkin & use it to bake's a lot of work but I don't mind :)

Here are my little cute!

Then I went downstairs and found my little scarecrow & flower basket, I made this little cutie last fall. It was hanging outside until about 4:30 this morning when I heard it banging away (it's so windy & rainy here today)~

After all of that I sat down to read my book and I fell asleep....I slept for about 5 hours, YIKES! I guess I was tired and once I woke up I was like a bear, GRRRRRR!

I put on my PJS grabbed my blanket and snuggled back down and did absolutely nothing...

Mr. P is on vacation this week, Lord help me :)

Well, I'm off ~ laundry to finish up and then I am making Shrimp Mozambique for dinner...

I'll take a pic & post this recipe You're "gonna" love it!

Until tomorrow, God Bless & Be Safe!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Comfort Food........& Drink?

MMMMMMMMMM, it has been so clod & rainy here today ~ currently 39 degrees & windy ~UGHHHHHH!

While I did my house work I set a big pot of homemade chicken soup on my stove top & simmered it all day long.

First I boiled the chicken thighs and breasts with a bunch of spices. Once the chicken was cooked I de-boned (I let little Ms. Bailey have the skin :), she was very happy about that) diced some onions, chopped some carrots and celery and added it to the pot along with the chicken & a few bay leaves and let it simmer away. Once the veggies were all cooked I added some whole wheat penne and let that cook up.

Let me tell you just smelling that cooking away all day was good for the soul :) ~
so when Mr. P came back from his little hunting expedition we had steaming hot bowls of homemade soup, we split a grilled cheese & we each had a pumpkin spiced beer and boy oh boy was it ever good.....he's snoring away on the couch now!

A little bit after dinner I settled down in front of the fireplace to read & I had a nice glass of Port Wine, well this is a favorite fall/winter nighttime drink that I just warms you all the way to your toes!

Since I hadn't had any since last winter I forgot how much Bailey loved it too, yup that's right Ms. B is a wine-o, LOL!!!!!

I gave her a bit over ice (maybe about 1/4/ of a cup) she lapped it up & she's snoring away's going to be a nice quiet night!

Until tomorrow have a nice night be safe & God Bless!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

TV Night Tonight.....

I love the TV shows on NBC tonight...

This new one is so funny!

Another good this gal, she's a riot!

And then......

Nikky got me hooked on The Office, I was never a fan until she stayed here the night before we cooked for her party & now I just love it!

So that's where I'm off to...TV LAND :)

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Brother, it's so chilly here tonight! It's going down to 33 degrees overnight, YIKES!

I'm not ready for this, I actually wore my winter jacket, scarf & gloves out to work this morning (I had a pair of tights on under my pants too) I probably looked NUTS but I didn't care one bit, I was WARM!

I had a hat like this on when I was little...I loved that silly hat & I've been looking for one in pinks, blues, yellows & white for soooo long now.

I'd love to get one, learn how to ice skate like a PRO & go to Rockefeller Center & Ice Skate :) couldn't you just see me now?????? Swishing & twirling & jumping AND NOT FALLING DOWN, LOL! I actually "skate" around my kitchen & living room in my stocking feet to "Christmas Eve In Sarajevo" by Trans Siberian Orchestra ~ I have a whole routine ~ LOLOLOLOLOL!!

Oh, one other exciting piece of news before I dash off to practice my jumps, NIKKY IS GOING TO START LOOKING FOR HER WEDDING DRESS!!!!!!!! The HUNT officially starts on 10/24/2009, Nikky, Krissie, Morgan, Mike's mom Sylvia & me (I think there might be one other person coming but I can't remember....shhhh don't tell Nikky)

Anyway I'll keep everyone posted, I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spooky Book For The Halloween Season......

I've been waiting for this book to come out for a few months's supposed to be the sequel to the original Bram Stoker's Dracula , which is a very good book. I love the classics and of course I love a good spooky story this time of year!

It was co-written by by Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt, Dacre Stoker is a direct descendant of Bram Stoker, and the book is supposed to be based old notes from the original story...

So, I can't wait to settle in, turn the lights down and listen to the wind howl (it's windy here tonight & rainy ~ makes for a good scary story!!!) and get down to reading!!! I've been known to stay awake all night reading if the book is really good, so that's what I'm hoping for a "REAL PAGE TURNER"


Yikes, I'm scared already....Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Look Who Came For A Visit.....

This cute little guy was out on my deck this morning when I got up, a little chihuahua. Isn't he just the cutest little thing you've ever seen :) ~

Max & Bailey were very interested in him and wanted to get out to "play" with him. He ran round and round the back yard, he was so tiny he could squeeze himself under the fence.

Mr. P tried to help me round him up but he was just to fast for us, besides every time he caught sight of Mr. P he ran the other way, LOL!

After that I ran over to Nikky & Mike's, I got lost, I get lost all of the time. They were standing on their front porch watching me drive one way and then the other. Oh well, I made it there eventually.

Turkey & stuffing delivered, it was Mike's birthday a few Wednesdays ago so I wanted to swing by there & see him :) he's so cute. He was making a lamb stew in the slow cooker and let me tell you it smelled DELICIOUS!!!!!

New slippers for Miss Nikky so her cute little tootsies won't get cold & then home, home on the range & yup before you ask I got lost going home too!

Oh well, I have to go switch the laundry and get my ironing done...

Until tomorrow, be safe & God Bless!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cooking, Laundry & Football.....

Made this in my slow cooker for dinner tomorrow.....

Beef stew, I just love it, this is a Weight Watchers recipe and it's actually really good. Of course I add a few of my own spices, doesn't bring up the points value just the FLAVOR!!! It's going to be cold here tonight and tomorrow so I thought this would be a good dinner to have "Stick To Your Ribs Yummy" ~ it's always better the next day!

Then I made a pan of the delicious little treats for dinner during the week, I just love these!!!

Golabki better know as stuffed cabbage, yup I'm Polish and I just love Polish foods :) ~ these are toned down a bit made with ground turkey instead of pork and I sauteed my onions in "Pam" instead of butter, so I'm sure they'll be good just not so high in fat...Mr. P loves them so does Nikky.

And now I'm watching the Patriots, it's half time and they are up by 10. Billy was so excited yesterday to be on his 96 and to be able to catch a few NFL games, especially the Pats!!!

Oh, and I'm folding the laundry while I watch...

Until tomorrow, God Bless!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

O'zapft is - The Oktoberfest has started!

The Oktoberfest was great, we had a good time!!! There was so much food, German Music & Beer.

It was great fun to so see many all of the older folks dancing & singing in their costumes to all of the German old folk songs, there were German & Bavarian dance groups and Polka Bands from as far away as Pennsylvania...That's about a 10 hour drive from Newport, RI!!!

The only thing missing was all of the different vendors, the economy has been hard on everybody I guess.

Well, that's all for tonight...Until tomorrow God Bless!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Remicade & Rain........

It's 5:11pm on a Friday night & I'm already in my PJs...Remicade & Rain DO NOT MIX, LOL! But, it could be worse & I'm thankful that it's not & that I only have to have this once a month :)

It kicks my butt & I get so cranky poor Mr. P usually goes off to the range on Remicade days, LOL he knows better.

I still get my housework done though because I do not want to spend a Saturday doing my chores, but once my house is all nice & clean I take a shower and put on my PJs and go off to that's where I'm headed!!!

Oktoberfest tomorrow in Newport, so we're looking forward to that!

Until tomorrow God Bless!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pumpkin Bread, So YUMMY......................

This is one of my all time favorite recipes, it's moist & dense and chock full of goodness in every bite!
This recipe makes 2 loaves but I make in a bundt pan using all of the "batter"
• 2 cups of fresh cooked pumpkin OR one 16 ounce can of canned pumpkin
• 3 1/2 cups all-purpose flour (not self-rising flour)
• 2 tsp. baking soda
• 3 cups sugar or 3 cups of Splenda OR a 50:50 mix of the two.
• 4 eggs, beaten
• 1 cup vegetable oil
• 1 and 1/2 tsp. salt
• 2 tsp. cinnamon
• 2 tsp. nutmeg
• 1/2 teaspoon allspice
• 1 cup chopped pecans & 1 cup chopped walnuts
• 1/2 cup raisins & 1 cup of Craisins & 1/2 cup chopped dates
• Water: 1/2 cup water if you are using fresh cooked pumpkin , or 2/3 cup water if you are using commercial canned pumpkin
• Makes 2 loaves or 1 bundt cake/loaf.

Preheat oven to 350 F.

In a large mixing bowl, stir together the flour, soda, salt, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and sugar (or Splenda).
Add the eggs, water, oil and pumpkin.
Stir until blended.
If desired, add the raisins and/or nuts. Mix well, either by hand or with a mixer.
Pour into two lightly greased and floured 9x5" loaf pans or pour into a bundt pan (this is what I use)!
Bake approximately 1 hour at 350 F (175 C). The test for doneness is the knife test: when a clean knife can be stuck in and removed cleanly.
Remove from the oven and cool slightly (10 minutes).
Then take out of pans to let cool on a rack.

Dust with confectioners sugar, serve warm with some butter or margarine & a hot cup of coffee.......nothing better!

I'm making one this weekend, half to snack on half to my girl friend & her mama ~ they love home baked treats!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blustery Day......

It was so rainy & windy here this morning when I left for work this morning....I travel back & forth to work every day over a very long bridge & this morning I thought my car would sprout wings and fly, LOL!

By the time I got to work I had the song from "Winnie The Pooh & The Blustery Day" stick in my know the one!

The rain rain rain came down down down
In rushing, rising riv'lets,
'Til the river crept out of it's bed
And crept right into Piglet's!
Poor Piglet, he was frightened,
With quite a rightful fright.
And so, in desperation
A message he did write.
He placed it in a bottle
And it floated out of sight.

And the rain rain rain came down down down
So Piglet started bailing.
He was unaware, atop his chair,
While bailing he was sailing!

And the rain rain rain came down down down
And the flood rose up up upper.
Pooh, too, was caught and so he thought,
"I must rescue my supper!"
Ten honey pots he rescued,
Enough to see him through,
But as he sopped up his supper,
The river sopped up Pooh!
And the water twirled and tossed him
In a honey pot canoe!
The rain rain rain came down down down...

Nikky & Billy loved Pooh & Piglet when they were little...when they would be playing at my mother-in-laws out in the back they would go into the "woods", mind you the "woods" were no bigger than 2 or 3 full size basket ball courts placed end to end! They called it the "100 Acre Woods" cute...

Well, the rain has stopped but it's still "a rather blustery day"!

Until tomorrow, have a great night, Be Safe & God Bless!