Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh When The Saints Go......

Marching In, Oh when the SAINTS GO MARCHING IN!!!!

yup, you guessed it & no I am NOT A BAND WAGON JUMPER!!!! Next to the Pats I am a Saints FAN ALL THE WAY!!! When the Saints played the Pats this year it was a hard game to watch, I love them both and I think I may just love the Saints a bit more :)

So as you can probably tell I really didn't do much since it was a 4:30 game & i had to see all of the pregame, yes I'm a geek...I love Football, thank you Billy!!!

Billy called this morning, he sounded down & that makes me feel sad. He was Duty Marine, so he was coming off of a 24 hour "Fire Watch", said he was going to sleep & then hit the gym, lift, PT with Kat & Norris, run, play basketball...yikes I needed a nap after I talked to him!!!! YES HE REALLY WILL DO ALL OF THE PHYSICAL THINGS HE TICKED OFF ~ Very MOTO Marine!!!

We tried a new wine with dinner, which I will post up tomorrow ~ very yummy & healthy!!!

It is a sweet wine which I love, my favorite is a Riesling from Germany & I have a bottle chilling as I type :)....but this one was really good, I only wish I had a big slice of chocolate cake to go with it!!

O.k. Gals, I'm gonna' scoot!! Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!!


  1. I seen where all over facebook everyone was marching those Saints in!!! I did not see the game but love to watch football! I hope you enjoy your wine and I wish I was as MOTO as Billy!! :) He is younger than me so we will just use that excuse!! You have a good evening!! LYLAS!!

  2. I watched that game but I didn't know you were a fan... well it wasn't much of a game. The Saints marched all over the field! We will pray for Billy, I don't like it when those fellas are feeling blue:( Hugs from Georgia and have a blessed day!