Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh No!!!!

Well tonight when I got in and was going through the mail there it was, plain as day my Ladies Home Journal it is the October issue ~ ALREADY!!!!! And the cover has a huge display of pumpkins...enough already ~ I'm just not ready for that. The air was chilly here all weekend, that is once the rain ended. We just stopped using our gas fire place late May. I'm not even ready to think about having to turn the heat on again.....

Don't get me wrong I love the change of seasons but this year we didn't have much of a summer up here in old New England so it makes me sad to think that it will be over before you can blink an eye.

Oh well but then I get to thinking about all of the scrumptious fall recipes that I am going to try to convert to a healthier my pumpkin cranberry raisin walnut bread ~ To Die For! That will definitely be a recipe that I post for everyone. The recipe makes 2 loaves but I usually make it in a bundt pan ( I just love bundt cakes) and then I dust it with confectioners sugar ~ Oh my gosh I have to stop I am drooling on my keyboard, lol!

Well now that I can't stop thinking about my pumpkin bundt bread/cake I'm going to go have a Skinny Cow LOL!

Until tomorrow ~ Be safe & God Bless!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good morning....

Well, what a night....we had a wedding to go to yesterday ~ I didn't bring my camera because the weather was so nasty out! The church was so beautiful, I'd only been to it once before it has an old rustic charm, it looks like something you would find in the Alps with all of the exposed beams and woodwork ~ It truly is a beautiful church & Father Bob is such a wonderful priest.

~ this is a picture from the Parrish web-site.

The bride was beautiful, she's my good friends daughter. they have had a tough year, but it all came together in the end & mark, the youngest of the bunch just graduated from Army Ranger school and was supposed to deploy but his unit was held back so he was able to make it to the wedding... ~ this is Mark on Family Day this past July, the day before he graduated from Ranger school...the little one is Nickey-Pot-Pie! He's Kate & Pats' little one (sister of the bride & matron of honor) Nickey was the "ring bearer" they pulled him down the aisle in a wagon...he wore a little tux & was barefoot! So Cute...

Well we danced and laughed and now I'm exhausted & have to get my Sunday chores done, so until tomorrow....

God Bless!

Friday, August 28, 2009

It's A Dog's Life........Woof!!

Hi, my name is Bailey ~ Lynda is my "mom" I love her sooooo much...she lets me take naps with her!!! and she buys me & my "brother" Max lots of toys but I always steal them from him! ~ Max, he was mad because I took all of the socks and put them in my toy basket.

Me with SOME of my toys...

Lynda is taking the night off tonight so she let me write her blog, oh boy my tail is wagging....well today while she cleaned the house I went out with my dad for a swim & to get some field training in before the start of hunting season...

Me & my dad last year OH BOY WHAT A SHOT!!!

I needed a nap after that hunting trip...those geese were heavy ~ dad made a stew with them, I got to try a bite. After all I did have to fetch them up from the bushes so it was only fair!

Well besides hunting and playing with my toys I go out in the pool every weekend my "mom" helps me to get it out and fill it up and then I swim & swim...I just love the water & I love my "mom", I'm glad she picked me out of the bunch we're a great team!!!

Well that's all for tonight Max wants to go on MySpace ~ he thinks he's so smart, as for me I'm going to go watch some T.V., maybe the Dog Whisperer is on...have a great night!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh Now Why Did You Let Me Do It???????????

Well, it's happened I fell off of the Weight Watcher's band wagon tonight.....I let myself get talked into going out to dinner which in and of itself isn't so bad but I have to get on that SCALE tomorrow morning, YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess it wasn't so bad, I had a Caesar Salad and a Rib-Eye steak...I did eat all of my salad but only about half of the steak, I shared with my friend Mr. Platt!!! Now I feel like I could roll to WW tomorrow.....I'll keep you posted...

Saturday we have a wedding it's at the Officer's Club on the Newport Navy Base, it should be really nice except we are expecting Hurricane Danny to tear up the coast at about 2:00pm...again...I'll keep you posted!

I'm off I want to get my grocery order in before it gets toooo late and then I'm going to settle in and SLEEP!!! Can you believe it's going ot go down into the low 50's tonight???? I'll need to dig out my feetie pajamas, lol!!!

Until tomorrow, God Bless ~ Prayers Going Up!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


O.k., o.k., I know it isn't fall yet & I shouldn't even be wishing the summer away BUT....when it gets to this time of year I get anxious for fall. That's my favorite season, I love the fall colors, I love the change of seasons, I love New England! And I love to change out my summer clothes for the fall ones and of course that means SHOPPING!!!!

But....I stray from my original topic! Today on the radio we heard a commercial for Ghost Hunting in New England, well don't you know we waited all day long to hear it again! We are all interested in this and New England has such a rich history, what with the Salem Witch Trials and all of that...

So it got me to thinking, I need to start planning our fall outings! I'd love to go on the Dinner Train through Newport, RI you get dinner and a murder mystery show that the audience gets to be involved in!

Doesn't that sound like fun?

One year we went on a Haunted Ghost Tour of Downtown Newport, no nothing scary just a fun filled night of "True" Ghost Stories, the guides dressed in period costume, that was so much fun! This year they are having haunted tours in Belcourt Castle, I'll be looking into that!

A few years ago a bunch of us were invited to a special reading by Charles Turek Robinson, he wrote The New England Ghost Files, you can buy it at Amazon...let me tell you, these are short, supposedly true stories. The readings took place on Halloween night which was fun & that particular year it fell on a Saturday so there wasn't any rushing around...the best part was that it started at 7:00pm in the Historic Cemetery in Rehobeth, MA! The pathways were lighted with jack-o-lanterns...we were so scared!!!! But we had so much fun...

Maybe we'll even host a hayride out at Phantom Farms and then have everyone back for snacks and drinks...I've always wanted to do that.

Oh well, for now I just be wishing at least I get to go watch Ghost Hunters tonight!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MMMMMMMMONDAY :-( oops It's Tuesday!

Haaaaahaaaahaaa! Taking yesterday off was a good mental health break but you always have double the work to do when you get there on Tuesday, so it was really like a MONDAY & you all know how I hate Mondays!

Well after a long day my hubby had a picnic dinner waiting for me and he and I went down to the beach...
We had fruit, cheese, some bread & some wine and now I'm ready for bed, hehe!

It was nice and very relaxing.

Well I spent most of the weekend recovering from the party and now we are going to get busy planning the BEACH WEDDING!!! Nikky & I are going to do some serious shopping so that we can make gift bags for the guests that will be traveling down with us. you know something beachey that they can use while they are down there...I was thinking that we could get everything we needed and then we could ship it to the hotel and ask them to hold it for us and then we could put everything together on Friday afternoon and hand them out!

I'm so excited!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I Love Books!!!!!

I am passionate about books and reading....I love to spend hours reading (of course that's when I have time!) I love books that take place in Victorian England, Charles Dickens is on of my most beloved authors, I love fact based, history based books but I will read just about anything!

I've read all of the Harry Potter books and I have to say I don't have a favorite I loved each and every one of them! Reading was very important when Nikky & Billy were growing up, I always read to them and as they got older we would sit around reading together for hours!

I've read several good books this summer....
this is a book based on the last story that Charles Dickens was writing before he passed away, the author did a very good job reads very much like Dickens...

of course my favorite book is by Charles Dickens...

Another good one is also a classic...

A few more REALLY GOOD READS!!!!

So remember think of it as exercise for your brain!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday Evening Post (A LITTLE LATE!!!!)......

Well the party was a success and now that it's over I can let you in on a little secret, Nikky & Mike are getting married on September 25, 2010 @ the Ocean Isle Beach Hotel in North Carolina so we'll be heading down south next fall!!!!! I didn't want to post it before their party that's when they were making their announcement to their friends and some of our family that was here last night!

We're excited SO it looks like I'll have a few days to do some traveling and get a chance to meet up with Cindy & Leah and maybe take a trip back to Parris Island!

O.k. I'm probably not going to post again tonight so I'll fill everyone in on our fun...Nikky & Mike came early and made their Sangria, it was delicious but deadly! Then the Maid of Honor came in and we just had a blast, sampling the food and the Sangria then we all got ready to PARTY...right before the gusts started arriving we got a call from guess where Okinawa, Billy had a little surprise for his sister and future brother-in-law...he ordered their favorite pizza and sandwiches from the pizza place near our house and had them delivered here! We we're cracking up, as if we didn't have enough food!!!! Oh that child, Nikky & Mike got a kick out of it we cut the pizza up into little strips and sliced up the sandwiches and put it out with everything else...

A few pics!

Mike relaxing before the crowd showed up!
Daddy & Krissy,she's Nikky's BFF & the Maid of Honor!
The Gang (well some of them...)
Pizza & Pastrami Sandwiches all the way from Okinawa!
Did anyone order a Pizza????
Nik slicing up the sandwiches!

Well I think I am going to take a long nap!!!!!!! More tomorrow!

Friday, August 21, 2009

So Close & Yet So Far.......

Well, what a day!!!! It's 8:33pm & I just quit for the day, we took a lot of silly pictures to day you know just this and that getting ready & what not! We had a blast...Take a look!
Nikky, cleaning up the spaghetti sauce that splatted all over the wall & tiles, she's so short she can barely reach to the back of the counter...

Ranch Beans, sooo good & sooo easy to make, I'll post up the recipe one night next week!

Nik & The Boss (Bailey) she was the official supervisor/floor cleaner upper ~ hehe...Nikky was busy with the cheese & fruit platter...

The Finished Product, mmmmm I love cheese!

The Seafood Rice ~ This is one of my favorites & Mike's too, that's why I made it!

Yummy Lasagna in the making...



My Little Helper after I told her we had to clean the mess, lol!

That's all I got, lol...I'm ready to crash...thank goodness this PARTAYYYYYYY doesn't start until 6:00 tomorrow night I still have so many things to do, we just finished cleaning the house from top to bottom and tomorrow I have to fix my dessert platters make buffalo chicken wings (sniff sniff, these are my Marine's favorite)& pick up the cake and the case of wine....

We were all video chatting with Billy this morning before we got busy he's so good, he had to re-qualify at the range this week, I guess they have to do that every so often now that they are "in the Fleet"??? Anyway he qualified as Expert, he got Sharp Shooter in Boot he was so happy & excited...he's a little superstitious, when he played ball if his team won he didn't was his baseball or football socks...I know gross!!!! Well guess what since he was on such a streak at the range he wore the same Cammie's all week...OMG in that tropical Okinawa heat...he rode out on Thursday with the Gunny...he was telling him that he was so happy that he qualified Expert but that he was happier to have on clean Cammie's he said that Gunny laughed so hard he had to slow down.

When he was finished laughing he said "Platt, I'm glad you told me it was you I was thinking that maybe something died in my truck all week long" ~ what a kid!

I'm going to miss him tomorrow night he's definitely the life of any party..he's going to call to talk to his sister and Mike while their party is going on ~ they have always been so close.

Well now I'm really off!!! Have a great night...Party Pics soon!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Almost Done....

Nikky, checking her FaceBook before we take off!
Tonight we had our toes done before we did anything else! Girls night of pampering, it was so nice. Then it was back to BJs for a few things, UGHHHHH! I'm getting tooo old for this!

After BJs we ran over to Stop & Shop for a few items and then home...I love coming home after a long day!

Cute tootsies!

This is my baby girl....

O.k., Nikky is here and we are going to go and chit chat, I'll be sure to keep you posted on our progress & of course lots of pics!

Have a great night, God Bless!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Mad Dash....

Well, tonight it's going to be short & sweet...It's 8:47pm & I'm just getting in!!! I ran home changed my clothes fed the dogs, fixed hubby a dish to take to work and then I was out the door again in a flash!

Where to you ask?????

Stocking up on stuff for the party...

Then it was home again to put it all away. Nikky will be here tomorrow night, we're meeting up here at home and then off to get our toes done! Priorities you know, lol then back to BJs to get the things I just didn't have the energy to get then to the market to pick up some odds and ends, like peppers, celery you know the things you need to finish off a dish but you don't want 40lbs of them, hehehehe!!!

Then Friday WE COOK!!!!!!

I'm off to watch the season premier of my favorite show, Ghost Hunters....EEEEEK

Have A Great Night!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yada Yada.....

Some days I feel like Lilly Tomlin doing her telephone operator skit when I am at work, I know we are all going to be there someday BUT HONESTLY HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO REPEAT "Sir your account is at zero you don't have a balance with us" ~ OMG, somebody shoot me please! Oh well, I just keep saying patience please patience!!

So we're gearing up for the party...I stopped at my friends house tonight to get her big glass decanter, Nikky & Mike are making Sangria and I thought it would look so pretty in that with all of the fresh fruit floating in it, mmmmmmmmmmmm! And I picked up a few trays, you know how that goes, you go here and there and bring something to munch and never get your trays back...kind of like that one sock that always disappears in the dryer, lol!

Nikky didn't like the dress she bought when we went out on our shopping bonanza a few weeks ago, I stopped by their place on my way home from my girlfriends house to see what was what???? She went back to Kohl's, and yes bought another dress, Lord help us. She is so cute!

Now we are waiting and holding our breath, there's a hurricane heading this way and if it hits they are saying Saturday NO!!! Please say a prayer, please hold off until Sunday & of all things it's Hurricane Billy, hehehehe how funny is that! Well Billy said not to have any fun without him! Seriouslym I don't want anything to spoil their special night ~ we are so looking forward to it!

Have a great night!