Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gotta Get Ready For The Fall.....

Ughh....I need to take my house apart in a few weeks & do some fall cleaning! I want to get new curtains for my kitchen & blinds for the upstairs bedrooms & then there is all of my "STUFF" take it down, clean it, dry it, put it back up ~ yadayadayada!!!!

And what are my plans for the weekend, more junkin' that means more "STUFF" ~ HEHEHE!

Just talked to Billy CLJ is flooded out & they are on a two hour delay tomorrow, but not my Marine. He's the only staff NCO living on base in his area so he has to report in early :/ ....

Nikky & Mike made their way up to Delaware ~ Tropical Storm Nicole blew right through North Carolina and chased my Nicole up the coast ~ LOL!

I was playing around with the picture maker, take a look at this candid of Nik & Mike from their wedding. I love it!

Well, I'm going to scoot!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Getting Back Into The Swing of Things....

Trying to get back into the groove after being away....the older I get the harder it becomes!

Mr. P is on vacation for the rest of the week, our travel plans changed a bit due to Billy's unit being put on Combat Readiness Drills :/ he just wouldn't be able to get away & he hated to see us sitting around a hotel room waiting. So we were back a day early, I did all of our laundry, picked up a few things from the market and then decided that I would go into work today & Thursday ~ YIKES! Playing catchup isn't any fun!!

It was good to see my friend Barb, I missed her a lot! We laughed all day so that helped.

Came home and had dinner with Ms. B, what a sweetie. She spent the time we were away at the kennel. IT wasn't her first time but she has always had Max there with her and as he passed away earlier this summer she had to go alone. That broke my heart, she must have barked quite a bit her bark is very "ruff" no pun intended!

Nikky & mike were heading out of NC a few days early, Tropical Storm Nicol put a damper on their beach vacation! Isn't that a hoot, Tropical Storm Nicole ;D they moved up the coast to Delaware where they will finish out their vacation! I cannot wait to see the pics from the photographer! I'll be sure to share with all of you!

This old gal is turning in for the night!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...please keep praying & oh yes HAPPY HAPPY times ahead, Julie's son Justin is CLJ bound ~ Can I get a big OOHRAH!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nikky & Mike's Wedding.....

We laughed from the moment we arrived....friends & family! What a way to start a new life together ~ the joy and happiness that we shared all weekend was truly amazing!

Nikky & Mike were gracious hosts, the hotel and surrounding area was simply beautiful!

They have the most incredible group of friends....

Friday was spent by the pool and on the beach, everyone mingling back and forth laughing and chatting!

Billy & Katrina made it in at about 2:30am on Saturday morning, napped and then hung out with all of us!

I took so many pictures it was hard to pick just a few!!!

Nikky was absolutely beautiful and Mike was a most handsome groom :) ~ I have never seen two people so much in love....I shed a few happy tears and then it was PARTY TIME!

Thank you all for your well wishes...Nikky & Mike thank you too!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ladies it was CHILLY outside this morning! I fell asleep with the hall & bathroom windows open last night & needless to say I WAS FREEZING when I got up this morning!! It doesn't take much, I don't tolerate the cold well at all :/

Downstairs we went, fed Ms. B and waited for that first cup of hot coffee. It's even better on chilly mornings. I took my cup outside when we went out & baby it was chilly well down right cold out there!!! 42 degrees and WINDY!!!!!!!!!!! NO NOT READY FOR THAT YET!

I wore my long pants, a tee-shrit and a cardigan & my warm socks...poor Barb, that's my good friend, we met at work and just hit it we are like two peas in a pod :) she gets warm and turns the air down & I get chilly and turn it off...we just laugh. When I am too cold to take it I make her feel my frozen nose ~ HEHE!!

I am working for a few hours tomorrow morning and then it's off to have my mani & pedi...home to finish up a few things and then it WEDDING WEEKEND!!!!

I got teary eyed on the ride home thinking about my Nik, I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday...I was in awe of her and I still am!

After tomorrow I will be taking a few days off from blogging, I'll be busy. I promise to get pics up as soon as I can. Nikky & Mike thank all of you for the well wishes!

So exciting!!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...

Monday, September 20, 2010

When They Call....

Nikky & mike a.k.a. The Bride & Groom

Billy & Katrina a.k.a. The Marines

Billy - "Hello mom, you aren't going to believe this. The pants I bought are too big!!"

Lynda a.k.a. Mom - "Didn't you try them on before you paid for them?"

Billy - "Umm, no!"

Mom - "Oh Billy, well...what size are you wearing these days?"

Billy- "Oh, see that's the thing. I think I have a pair of dress pants in the closet in my room???"

Mom - "No you don't you got rid of them. Do you need me to go to Express and pick up a pair of pants for you?"

Mom - "Hello Hello, Billy are you there???" "CALL LOST"


Billy - "Hi, mom?"

Mom - "Yes, hi. Did you hear what I asked you before we got cut off?"

Billy - "No?"


Mom - "Do you want me to go to Express tomorrow night and get you a pair of pants?"

Billy - "Would you please?"

Mom - "Yes..."

Stopped by the mall, needed to grab something (can't tell you what it was just yet)...

Home Sweet Home :)


Mom - "Hello, HI!"

Billy- "Mom, hi."

Mom - "Hi Billy, what's up sweets?"

Billy- "Can I check into my room at about 1:00am on Saturday morning?"

Mom - "What, why?"

Billy - "Katrina is able to come and her train gets in on Friday night at about 9:30pm, after we get her bag and get back to the truck and head out it should be about 12:30 - 1:00am by the time we get there."


Mom - "Hello, Hi Nik! I'm on the phone with Billy...yes, I did, beautiful! Yes very nice! Let me call you back in one minute! Love Ya!"

Mom- "Hi Billy, that was Nik, oh, o.k. I will. So Katrina will be able to make it? That's great, we are looking forward to meeting her & I am looking forward to having one more Marine to hug! O.k., let me call the hotel...hang on....Billy, all set. Either dad or myself will meet you in the lobby on Saturday morning with the confirmation paper!"

Mom - "Love ya, yes; I'll bring your black dress shoes. What, I love you too. You don't feel well, what's wrong. You feel funny; your legs feel heavy, what were you doing, oh cardio, in a sweatshirt, ugh. Do you need me to come down there? I will, please be sure to drink plenty of fluids, please HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE! What, no I'm your mother and I can tell you what to do if I want!"

Mom - "I'll kick your butt when I see you if you don't listen to me!"

Billy - "Love ya mom, thanks. You always have my back, you're the best! I love ya, call you tomorrow!"

Mom - "O.k., love you too, feel better, have a good night. Sweet dreams kiddo!"

Mom - "Hi, Nik! Oh, well, problem with his pants. Yup, I'm going to go get him another pair tomorrow...Katrina can make it, so he's excited about that! You sound tired, are you o.k."

Nik - "Oh brother, I am exhausted..."

Mom - "Well, go get into bed and go to sleep, you need to rest."

Nik - "O.k., I'll see you tomorrow. Nite mom, love you."

Mom - "I love you too Nik."

Kiddos (yes as old as they are they are still my kiddos) are all set...on their way to bed & so am I!!!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Worked Like A Do Double G Today....

I have been ironing for hours & that's just my clothes! Mr. P hasn't gotten his things together yet & if he waits any longer he'll be nude in North Carolina ~ YIKES!

All of my clothes are ironed and laid out on Billy's bed, packed 5 pairs of sandals, my shoes for the wedding, my jewelry, my PJs, shorts, Capri's, shirts, 2 cardigans, socks for the room (I don't like to step on the carpets ~ ewwww), my traveling clothes for our return trip & my traveling clothes for the ride down. The traveling outfits are pure comfort, tee shirts, long yoga pants, socks to keep my tootsies warm, a sweatshirt...Mr. P cranks the air. My pillow and a blanket! I tend to over pack but, hey, I'm prepared for every situation ;D

I'm Good To Go as our Marine would say..

So lets keep our fingers crossed that my friend get his stuff together for me to iron or else it will be an X-Rated Road Trip ~ LOL!!!

Going to scoot, Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mad Dash To The Finish Line....

I've been on the go since early this morning...dropping off centerpieces, picking up table runners, my dress, the votive candles, goodies for the Welcome Bags ~ home dropped it all off, made Ruben Sandwiches for dinner, gobbled mine up, ran upstairs to put the favors together ~ DONE!

Tomorrow, packing and a few last minute odds & ends!

Whew! I am pooped!

Gonna run, Love you all!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless, please keep praying it really works!

Friday, September 17, 2010


I have been thinking about Thanksgiving Dinner all day long...if I close my eyes I can smell the turkey cooking, the pies baking, the wine glasses clinking...oh my!!!

I am drooling all over myself! Every year around this time I start to get excited for that special day, it's not like any other rushing about, no frills, just good old fashioned home cooking, football, laughter, family & lots of LOVE!!!

Do I sound crazy, do any of you feel this way? I keep my Byers Choice dolls in the curio cabinet next to the fireplace so I can look at them all year I took a few of them out to get a real up close & personal look! They will be coming out the first of November, I'll deck my mantle out with the white lights and put those little cuties out!!

I have been bitten by the holiday bug a bit early I guess ;D

Well, I have to run. I have a lot to do tomorrow, pick up dresses, deliver centerpieces, finish up the welcome bags, pack...I GOTS' TO GET BUSY!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless.... please keep praying, it really works!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Marine Is Busy......

WE got to talk to Billy last night for a few minutes, he starts the Corporals Course the week after Nikky's wedding, he was promoted back in March but didn't have time to take the course. It's a requirement to be able to move up to Sargent...that would be nice. He works so hard & really enjoys mentoring the Junior Marines.

He's scheduled to take a combat first aid course, not crazy about that one :/ after that he begins combat preparedness. He is scheduled to go to Florida after the Cpl's course for some you think if I wrote a letter to say oh, Mr. President they would let him become a secretary to someone??? No, wishful thinking, I know!

He & Katrina are still working out the travel details and if all goes according to plans she will be able to attend Nikky's wedding. That would be so nice if she was able too, we have been corresponding back and forth for just about a little over a year now and when ever they are together they call and we get to talk to her! Very sweet girl. She's from Alaska, all of her family lives there in a tiny little village...she's stationed in Washington, DC. They take turns traveling to one another. OH to be young again...

Well, my furry friend needs a potty break.

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless ~ oh before I go, more prayers have been answered, Julie's Justin has moved back to Camp Leatherneck...Thank you, Lord!!! Not much longer now & he'll be BOOTS ON US SOIL!!!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crabby Patty That's Me......

Oh my, I do bite & I do pinch & I am crabby tonight!!!

Not quite sure why, woke up feeling like this. I was wide awake at 4:00am ~ WHY OH WHY????

Work was long but I am thankful for my job, it keeps me in new shoes ;D ~ hehe!

Mr. P will have his 20 years in just about six weeks, 20 years working at the "House of Corrections" :/ a tough job, it has changed him so much....I remember when the kids were little and we were out doing some last minute Christmas shopping while Mr. P rested up before his shift, well, anyway like I was saying the three of us were out picking up a few odds and ends and Billy spotted a jar of pistachios, just happen to be MR. P's favorite. "Mommy (very loud) can we get those "stachios" for my daddy, he would like to eat them while he is in jail!" everyone behind us in line backed up and everyone in front moved up as far as they could ~ out of the mouths of babes :)

He's not sure if he is going to retire just yet, of course it will depend on the job market around here. If he does and is able to find a nice daytime job then I will be able to go part time when Niky & Mike decide to have a baby or two or three or four, LOL, so I can help them out with daycare ;D now that's a job I am looking forward too!!

Well, talking with all of you has chased the crab away! Thanks so much.

I know this post didn't make much sense...should have called it "Ramblings of A Crabby Lady" ~ HEHE

Have a great night!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...please keep praying!

Monday, September 13, 2010


I can't upload any pictures....I got to read and comment on 2 blogs, Ganky's & Tracy's and then what do you think happened....can't leave any comments...WHAT SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE ~ SON-OF-A-GUN gotcha' bet you though I was going to start letting the "car words" fly ~ not me...

Joyce, great on fb that mom was home ~ WOOOOHOOOO!!! Hugs & love to you, prayers for mom!

Cindy, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well...take your medicine, have a hot cup of coffee & go back to bed! Love Ya bunches girl!!

Wings, I love your blog it always makes me smile....have a great night!

I read them all, now I can't get my dashboard to display ANYTHING so I can't go back to them to comment here ~ GRRRR!

I'm being harassed by Ms. B, I have one too many things left to do on my to-do list, it's chilly here, need a nap before I go to bed :O , oh and to top it all off, it's Monday AGAIN...need I say more....

I got the blues, I got the blues, I got the MONDAY WON'T STOP COMING ROUND & BOTHERING ME BLUES...

See ya tomorrow & this blogger better be up & running.... :/

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless, please keep praying!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Junkin' The Day Away....

I was left to my own devices for most of the day yesterday, Mr. P had to work :/ & oh boy did I have big plans....

Yard sales, Good Will, Savers, St. Vincent’s ~ it was a mad dash all morning long....

Just take a look at my treasures....

Sweet & I got them for a song 75 cents for the both of them ~ woot woot! They are little bells. I washed them up in warm soapy water and now they are sitting on my mantle each has a place of honor...they are watching over Nikky & Billy <3 my Baby Angels!

I have a thing for shoes, take a look. Aren't they just too cute?

This little cutie was just a buck, would you just love to have a pair of button up boots like that?

And just take a look at this little darlin'???? This one was my most pricey find of the day, 1.25 ;D


I picked up an old book too but I forget it at St. Vincent's. I go in there so often and the elderly gentleman that runs the shop knows me by name & he has my telephone number as I am a lover/collector of bean pots & "shoes", he called and left a message on my machine. He put it aside for me & Mr. P will run by and get it on Tuesday. It's so old, the last copyright date is 1915, it was written in 1875 ~ a story about a boy in Holland. A children's book, but I think I just might sit down and read it this winter.

It was a quiet day and a day for reflection...Blake was honored yesterday, the pictures from his funeral were so moving and beautiful. My heart was heavy all day...I lit my candle to honor Blake & the 9/11 Heroes ~ Never Forget.

I'm going to run, things to do before I can sit & relax.

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless...

Friday, September 10, 2010

There's A Chill In The Air.....

It was cool and breezy all night and this morning we woke to temperatures in the mid 50's, Girls it's time to dig out the footie pajamas ;D!

Seriously, I was chilly all day long...wore a pair of jeans and my long sleeve RED Marine Mom Tee ~ can I get a BIG OOHRAH!!

MR. P will be working tomorrow finishing up a home repair job he is doing for a friend so I'll be busy with some last minute wedding things and hopefully hitting a few yard sales!!

It's going to be cool here all weekend, I am making a corned beef in my crock pot on Sunday. Not with cabbage and all of the fixings, once it's all cooked I'm going to slice it up really thin and make NY style Ruben sandwiches ~ OH BOY can you say YUMMO!!!!

Lighting my candle for Blake, it will be lit all night tonight and tomorrow to honor this hero. Please continue to keep this Marine Family of ours in your prayers...

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Running Like A Chicken....

with her head chopped off ~ EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!

As this wedding gets closer I find more & more things to do!!! Tonight I was on wedding gown duty...pack it up & haul it back up to the bridal shop to be pressed, not to bad right??? WRONG ~ only one little seamstress working tonight and she spoke broken English...I had to wait almost an hour to speak with her and leave the dress. "Ma'am, I really really need it to be done and ready to be picked up by the 21st!!!!" O ~ K smile...UGHHHH! I found another girl who was hanging dresses back up and she was able to tell the seamstress what I needed done and when I needed the dress for.

Back home, YIKES it was 8:00pm no dinner, starving....S%$#!!!! I had to run out again to play my numbers. I have been playing the same numbers every week since Billy graduated from PI and well since I am nuts and highly superstitious I just had to go back out and play them because if I didn't they would have have been the numbers that came up on the screen tomorrow morning & I would have had to have jumped out the window :/ if I hit big we're all going on a junking trip ~ Now doesn't that sound like a little slice of fun fun fun!!!

O.k., this old gal has to scoot...

Please keep the Rodgers family in your prayers, they are going to be needing all of the prayers we can muster in the next few days and the days to come....

Sweet dreams all!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Help, I've Fallen & I Can't Get Up........

Yes I fell, right down the cellar stairs...I held onto the railing for dear life and my feet just kept slipping, slipping, slipping...I was all shook up!!! My biggest fear is falling and twisting my neck, I never regained full range of motion after my surgery last year and the slightest movement the wrong way and my arms go numb and my hands turn blue ~ EEEEKKKK!!!

So, yes down down down I went :/ I have a big ole' bruise on my left side & my heart still hasn't stopped pounding. When I got to the bottom I slipped down onto my big ole' badonkadonk so at least I had some good passing ~ LOL!!! I started to laugh and cry & I was so happy the only one watching me was little ole' Ms. B!!

What was I going down into the cellar for, why the laundry you silly girls!!! Next time I'm going to let it pile up...

That's about it for this gal...

Blake came home to Griffin, GA this afternoon. I watched the FOX news clip and couldn't hold back the tears. My heart is just breaking for his family. Please continue to pray for Chris, Jane & Emily and please continue to lift Blake up in prayer.

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless....

Monday, September 6, 2010

Howdy Folks.....

Mr. P has had a few days off & I find it difficult to stick to any type of schedule when he is home....and I don't always get a chance to blog :/ spent the morning catching up with everyone’s weekend doings, looks like you all enjoyed yourselves!

We spent the day Saturday getting Mr. P's wedding attire, can I just say that I do not like to shop with that man!!! NO WAY NOT ONE BIT!!!

Sunday we cleaned out the garage, I found a pair of very very old ladies ice-skates and some ice tongs and a few oil lamps. The house that we live in was once owned by my husband’s grandparents so anything is bound to turn up!!! I wouldn't let Mr. P throw them out, he was a bit irritated and said "We're trying to clean it out and you want to save this trash" ~ HMMMM, you know the old saying "One man's trash, is another man’s treasure!!"

Then we headed off to see our friends Mary & Joe and of course Mark, he looked fantastic and he wrapped the two of us in a giant bear hug! Ahh that was the best part of the day!

Today it was shopping with Ms. Nikky, Kohl's. We had fun and we got some good bargains, I am tempted to go back and pick up the cute little cardigan I spotted!!!

Remember wayyyy back I told you that I was doing something special for Nikky for her wedding & I couldn't share it with you just yet???? I was having my pearl earrings that I wore on my wedding day reset for her to wear on her wedding day!! They weren’t' ready for he shower and I was a little disappointed, they came in on Friday so we gave them to her this afternoon while she was here...I thought they turned out so pretty, I think she liked them...see for yourself!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Welcome Home Hero.......

Please take a moment to honor Blake this evening at 1900, his remains will arrive in Dover, DE where his parents and sister will welcome him home....

As I did many nights I will ask again that you to pray for Blake, please lift him up in prayer and pray for this family as they prepare to say goodbye to their beloved son and brother....

Rest In Peace Marine Warrior, you will be forever in our hearts.....

"If the Army and the Navy
Ever look on Heaven's scenes;
They will find the streets are guarded
By United States Marines."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Guarding Heaven's Gates.......

Lance Corporal Christopher "Blake" Rodgers was killed in action supporting combat operations in Afghanistan, yesterday, September 1, 2010.....

Blake was due to come home in just a few short weeks. His family will not have a chance to hang the welcome home banners as so many of us have, this afternoon they flew out to Dover, Delaware to meet their precious son's remains and escort him home.

I met Chris through facebook and we formed a friendship, he is very easy to talk to, funny, supportive, as I have done with so many of these Marine Family members we've all exchanged numbers and addresses and a lot of us would chat....Chris was "up with me" during the wee hours of the morning when Billy was "Stuck" in Okinawa. Supportive, funny, laughing me through with his comments of support or just a funny word.

I logged into facebook quite by accident last night and then my phone rang it was another Marine mom, she knew it was late but she hadn't seen me online for a while and didn't want me to read about Blake's passing, it was too late! We cried together, words couldn't describe the overwhelming sadness I was feeling....Chris' excitement at Blake's imminent homecoming was contagious and it was taken away from them in an instant. I posted my condolences and then I spoke to Cindy, see Marine Families love and support one another in a way that most do not understand and won't ever understand because they do not know the constant fear that we live with, the overwhelming pride that we feel for our loved ones who are proudly serving so we don't have to!

There were many tears shed last night...tears for a young man, Blake, that I would never have an opportunity to meet, tears for my precious Mark that I will be hugging on in a few short days, tears for sweet Julie and her son Justin still in harms way, praying for his safe return daily, tears of relief knowing that my sweet Cindy's precious beloved Justin was back on US soil safe and sound, tears of the unknown as my precious son will soon take his turn traveling off into that awful, unforgiving land far far away...tears for all of the mothers, fathers, son, daughter, husbands, wives and friends that worry and pray for their loved ones and for those that have made the ultimate sacrifice....

Tomorrow there will be a moment of silence at 12:45pm EST honor LCpl Blake Rodgers, please take a moment to honor this American Hero....

Please lift Blake up in prayer and please keep his family in your hearts during this difficult time.

Freedom isn't free....

Thank you Lance Corporal Christopher "Blake" Rodgers, You will be forever in our hearts ~ Rest In Peace Devil Dog.

Semper Fi.....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm Feeling Poopie.........

Get it, LOL!!!

Sorry I wasn't around yesterday, I had to prep for my colonoscopy & well let's just say that I spent more time in the powder room than I did in any other room in my home last night!

TMI I know but it's see, I lost my father to colon cancer. He was only 47 years old, the only one of his grand babies that remembers him is our Nikky. Billy was only a little guy, just three years old. They have missed out on having a Papa, not just any old Papa, but a Papa that would have been there every step of the way with them. Crying (he was sappy LOL) & snapping prom pics, cheering when Nikky was accepted at UMASS, whooping it up at Thanksgiving Day football games, probably would have been here the day our son walked out the door and down the driveway with the USMC Recruiter, standing tall and proud watching his grandson graduate Marine Boot. I know that he would have wrestled Mr. P for the chance at escorting Nikky on her wedding day, she was his first, his baby "Tricky-Nikky", his pride & joy :)

So when the day comes that my two beautiful babies decide to make me a grandparent I want to be there to witness everything, every step, every breath, every tear, every birthday, every ballet recital, every baseball or football game....EVERYTHING.....That's why I get these done ~ like it our not JUST BIT THE BULLET and GET IT DONE!!

After all of these years with my dad being gone I still miss him & think about him every day. There have been so many things that I have wanted and needed to tell him.

I love & miss you dad!