Friday, August 5, 2011


Hello Everyone, I just got caught up on all of your blogs...I follow along most of the time but I have been sooo busy, hopefully that will all be ending soon!

Nikky & Mike are doing great, their house is so cute & they are cute together in it! Last Saturday we were chit-chatting she was doing her housework & she said "mom, I'm just like you, I have to rip everything apart and make sure it's really really clean!" LOL! Mike was doing yard work, they have such a pretty yard!

Billy is doing well, I will share some of the things that he has been doing once he is back. I am so proud of him but I know that my little boy will be coming back a man, he has seen so much.

We've been to the beach a few times, tomorrow we're heading out to see Harry Potter. I tried to plan a trip to see my pals in Georgia but the anxiety of being away from home while Billy is you know where was overwhelming & I couldn't do it. I'm hoping that I can make it down there sometime soon.

I have so much to tell all of you that will be hard to share here maybe I'll note all of you in fb or something...this deployment has been hard and heartbreaking at times and I have had to take a step back from blogging and posting for fear of really going NUTS ON A FEW PEOPLE....

Missing my Marine but so thankful for my husband the Incomparable Mr. P, my beautiful daughter & wonderful son-in-law and last but certainly not least The Amazing Ms. B!

Please keep praying, we have another sweet fella out there Cindy's son Justin...

Love & hugs!!!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Meeting Marine Families....

From left to right: Chris, Kerry & me ~ TADA!!

Chris & Kerry are Marine parents too...Chris lives in Georgia and has been up here just down the road from me all this past week! Kerry lives just over the line in Connecticut!

Chris' son Blake was KIA on 1 September 2010 in Afghanistan ~ I "met up" with the two of them via Marine Parents and then facebook. We would chit-chat into the night & email and talk on the phone but we had never met in person. Chris "spent the night" with me when Billy was stranded in Okinawa ~ LOL I can laugh now but that night & long long weekend not so much ;)

When Chris' son was killed Kerry messaged me to let me know, I was unable to make it to the services and my heart was breaking for the Rodgers family.

Chris his wife Jane and their beautiful daughter Emily have a strength that is just amazing and they are the kindest sweetest people I have ever met, yes MET! We got together this past Tuesday for our official "Meet & Greet" ~ we laughed, talked, cried, hugged, laughed & cried some more! It was a beautiful night & it was such an honor to meet them.

I have Chris and Jane a little taste of Fall River sent them packing with some treats and a bottle of Portuguese Port Wine...Chris had a memory shirt made for me, R.E.D. of course in memory of our hero Blake. I wore it today with pride!

God Bless you Rodgers family, please know that Blake is ALWAYS REMEMBERED & Will never never be forgotten....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let Me Take You On A Tour.....

Nikky & Mike's new home, isn't it sweet?!

The view from the outside looking in...their living room, dining room, family room/office and the back deck, their sweet little kitchen!

It's just the sweetest house; they have two full baths one downstairs and one upstairs. Mr. P was painting the master bedroom so I wasn't allowed to get in there and snap some pics...we worked all day Friday and Saturday. Their furniture is being delivered throughout the week and we’ll be back over there next Saturday to help them some more. Mr. P has a few painting projects over there throughout the week...stay tuned more pictures to follow!

Hope you enjoyed your tour!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Plantings & Mr. P's Picking Finds......

I spent Saturday afternoon with Nikky, we went to BJ's so that she could stock up on supplies for her new house! Everything should be finalized the week after next and then they get their keys, YAY YAY YAHOOOO!!! They are so excited & happy! Mr. P will be heading over to paint and I'll be going over to help them clean and organize! We haven't seen their house yet, Nikky wanted to be able to show us when it was officially theirs so we've been chomping at the bit waiting to get in their and see it!

While I was out with Nikky Mr. P went out to Wareham, Massachusetts to go picking with a friend of his! They were going to an estate sale and then to a few thrift stores in search of hunting/fishing equipment...why I'm not sure he has soooo much! Well he decided that he didn't need any but scooped up the little iron and stand and the shoe for me! SO sweet, thank you sweetie!

This morning I went out to the garden shop and picked up some flowers, I'm not very goo with them so we'll see how long that last! For now anyway my front flower boxes look pretty!

Billy called yesterday afternoon while I was out with Nikky, I spoke to him for a few minutes and then Nikky talked to him. When I got the phone back my phone was beeping low battery. I had Billy's truck so I was without a charger, it went dead!!! I was shouting BILLY BILLY, I love you :/ but he didn't' hear me...I was so upset! He called back but it went to voicemail :/ stupid phone, it hasn't been keeping a charge!! Time for a new phone!!

Well, I have to run need to get ready for my work week! If I don't make it back here until the weekend know that I'm always thinking of all of you!

Love & hugs to all of you!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day ~ 30 May 2011

For love of country they accepted death... -James A. Garfield

May God bless our Fallen and their families and may God bless and protect our Military....

Friday, May 20, 2011

Psssssssst....I've Got A Secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I've got a secret & it's been killing me not to tell you all BUTTTTTTTTTTT here goes!!!!


It's just the sweetest most darling house you could ever imagine, I can't wait until they are all settled in and they let me take you on a tour! Hopefully they will be in by the middle of next month & we'll be having a good old fashioned moving them in party...I'm going to take a day of two off to help them out with some things! It's just beautiful and has recently been updated so YAY YAY YAY for our beautiful daughter and our wonderful son-in-law!

We are so proud of them!!!

Other than that same old same old here...working late & not liking it so much, I think that it's just too much I am worn out tonight! Made a pizza and a nice big salad for dinner & now we're just relaxing!

See everyone tomorrow!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

What Have I Gotten Myself Into.....????

Oh girls, first of all ~ HI HOW ARE YOU ALL DOING???

This is what I spent my evenings doing...calling elderly cardiac patients and asking them to pay their bills :/ not fun! The collection agency that we hired has done a terrible job so I offered to help out until they hire a new one...The extra money will be NICE but it's breaking my heart, my puppy misses me & I miss her so much, Mr. P is so upset that I am working late.

I'm thinking maybe two or three more weeks and then I'm done. I'm too tired, my day starts at 4:30am & I'm not getting home until after eight! It's too much for me, I'm too tired!

Tomorrow, my babycakes will be going turkey hunting & I'll be doing what I do best ~ SHOP nuff' said LOL!

HOpefully I'll be back & hugs to all of you!