Friday, January 29, 2010

Walking My Way To Skinnyville.....

I ordered this today!!! I cannot wait for it to come in, it was a Today's Special Value on the Q & I've been looking for a good workout video...this one comes with 7 DVDs, Booster Cables for resistance training while you walk & a meal plan...I figured it couldn't hurt & Mr. P will be walking along with me OR ELSE!!!! Because of my neck & hip problems my Rheumatologist said no jumping up & down, yeah like I'd be jumping????

I had to go for my yearly mammography this afternoon, don't I know how to have FUN, LOL! I'd like to meet the man(yes I said man)who invented that blasted machine....YOU KNOW A WOMAN DIDN'T INVENT IT, NO WOMAN WOULD BE THAT CRUEL TO HER FELLOW SISTERS!!!! I'd like to find him and put his YOU KNOW WHAT in it and give it a good squeeze, "hold it, hold it, hold ya doing honey, relax now ~ o.k., go on and rest the other one up there" HE'D BE RUNNING DOWN THE ROAD SCREAMING!!!!!

Oh well...the wind is howling here tonight & it's going to drop down to -10 YIKES!!!!!!!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless ~ I'm off to have a cup of tea :)


  1. Well I have not had one of those yet! I am sure my time is coming...I just turned 40!! I have got to really get serious on the weight loss...enough playing!! Have a great day!! LYLAS!!

  2. Oh my, that mammogram picture is too funny:) Good for you for going, even though it is uncomfortable! I am doing pretty good with the diet part but the exercise part, not so good. Gotta get walking myself. Have a great weekend Dear Lynda. Love your background!