Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh My Aching Back....

The suite that our administrative office is in is going up for sale, there are only two of us up there now...Barb & me, so we'll be moving downstairs to a new office ~ we'll still be roommates which is good because we just laugh & laugh all day!!!

We've been trying to pack things up and get rid of things that we don't need, unfortunately in the medical field charge slips, insurance payments, hospital cards, and anything patient related has to be kept for a minimum of 7 years as it is part of the medical record. We are slowly migrating over to electronic medical record which will be nice for us because, everything will be scanned today we packed up 54 boxes of billing slips and insurance payments and moved them out near the door for the storage company to come and pick up ~ YIKES, my back is killing me!!!

I'm toooo old for that stuff!

We're getting ready for another deep freeze up here, we've been having a heatwave ~ 24 it got up to 24 whole degrees to day!!! Get out your swimsuits!! I'll have to see what's playing a the movies this weekend because I cannot take another night of just hanging around :/

Well, I'm off....going to sit with the heatingpad liek a little old lady :)

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. Oh poor thing...But you don't have to be old to get on a heating pad...I love to be on one!! They make me just feel good even when nothing hurts!! I hope that you get to feeling better! LYLAS!!

  2. Take it easy up there! Don't you be picking up too much heavy stuff! I might have to call your boss:) Enjoy today, rest a little! Hugs from Georgia!

  3. Sorry about your back! No fun! Mine always hurts! Hope you enjoy your new office space. Have a great day and stay warm! ;D

  4. Yeah, it felt like the tropics here today. I think it was maybe 40. Hopefully, the heating pad will do the trick on your back.