Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh No!!!!

Well tonight when I got in and was going through the mail there it was, plain as day my Ladies Home Journal it is the October issue ~ ALREADY!!!!! And the cover has a huge display of pumpkins...enough already ~ I'm just not ready for that. The air was chilly here all weekend, that is once the rain ended. We just stopped using our gas fire place late May. I'm not even ready to think about having to turn the heat on again.....

Don't get me wrong I love the change of seasons but this year we didn't have much of a summer up here in old New England so it makes me sad to think that it will be over before you can blink an eye.

Oh well but then I get to thinking about all of the scrumptious fall recipes that I am going to try to convert to a healthier my pumpkin cranberry raisin walnut bread ~ To Die For! That will definitely be a recipe that I post for everyone. The recipe makes 2 loaves but I usually make it in a bundt pan ( I just love bundt cakes) and then I dust it with confectioners sugar ~ Oh my gosh I have to stop I am drooling on my keyboard, lol!

Well now that I can't stop thinking about my pumpkin bundt bread/cake I'm going to go have a Skinny Cow LOL!

Until tomorrow ~ Be safe & God Bless!

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  1. I love the change of weather and I am actually ready for it! I am sorry your summer was too short!! That cake looked yummy and so did the ice cream!! Have a great day!! LYLAS!!!!