Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh Now Why Did You Let Me Do It???????????

Well, it's happened I fell off of the Weight Watcher's band wagon tonight.....I let myself get talked into going out to dinner which in and of itself isn't so bad but I have to get on that SCALE tomorrow morning, YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess it wasn't so bad, I had a Caesar Salad and a Rib-Eye steak...I did eat all of my salad but only about half of the steak, I shared with my friend Mr. Platt!!! Now I feel like I could roll to WW tomorrow.....I'll keep you posted...

Saturday we have a wedding it's at the Officer's Club on the Newport Navy Base, it should be really nice except we are expecting Hurricane Danny to tear up the coast at about 2:00pm...again...I'll keep you posted!

I'm off I want to get my grocery order in before it gets toooo late and then I'm going to settle in and SLEEP!!! Can you believe it's going ot go down into the low 50's tonight???? I'll need to dig out my feetie pajamas, lol!!!

Until tomorrow, God Bless ~ Prayers Going Up!

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  1. Oh you will be fine when you step up on those WW scales!! I am glad you are enjoying your friend...Mr. Platt!! He seems like a really good friend!! I hope the wedding doesn't get ruined! :( Yes girl get out those feetie pj's on and stay warm!! Have a great day and thanks for all those prayers!! LYLAS!!