Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let Me Tell You What Happended Last Night!!!!

No, before you ask I AM NOT CRAZY! O.k., ready, sit tight...twice yesterday afternoon my husband thought I was in the room with him and when he turned around to look yup, you guessed it there wasn't anybody there. He kept it quiet until early this morning after a few unsettling events during the night.

Max, our older dog kept getting up and barking, when I went down to check things out everything was in order. The neighbors have a sensor light that goes on every time somebody goes by, but their light wasn't on, so I didn't think anything of it. After reassuring Max that there wasn't anything wrong we all went back to bed, a little while later he stared up again, this time I was ticked. I stomped down the stairs and found him hiding behind the dining room table with all of the fur on his back standing on end growling.....YIKES. This time I made him go upstairs.

During the night I came down with my shadow Bailey by my side, I couldn't sleep so we snuggled down on the couch, at about 4:15am I was woken up by footsteps in the hall, they came down the hall and then went back towards our bedroom. This type of roaming by my husband isn't uncommon if he has an early start due to a side job or is maybe going out to fish or hunt, he looks out the window at the end of the hall to check the weather so I thought it was just him maybe getting up to go fishing, Bailey even thought it was him she jumped down and ran to the bottom of the stairs a few seconds later she growled and jumped back up on the couch.

Now, I wouldn't think anything of it but my husband asked me if I had been in the bedroom after going downstairs earlier in the evening when I told him no he proceeded to tell me that when he came in from work Thursday afternoon ( he had to work a double shift, Wed. midnight to - Thurs 3:00pm) he thought that somebody was in the house, he heard shuffling upstairs and then thought it might be Max, but when he went by and looked in his dog-bed he was laying there looking up at him. When he went upstairs to our room his humidor had been moved and his cigars were all turned around and his nose spray and our back scratch er were on the floor by the door...hmmmmm very weird. His grandpa passed away here actually in our very bedroom about 10 years back. We have always felt something here but this is getting strange.....I really want to investigate but I'm to CHICKEN

Billy called us again this morning and his Dad relayed the strange goings on to him he just summed it up to Grandpa coming to look in on us.

I'll keep you posted.

Well with all of that activity throughout the night we were tired today, just look at poor Ms. Bailey with her "snuggy", she's exhausted!

Other than that it was a pretty uneventful day, the hubster washed the cars...

While I cooked a few things for the week and then treated myself to a pedicure, cute tootsies!

Well, that's all for today, I think that's enough don't again just to reiterate I am not a nutter, but I do I'll probably be sleeping with all of the lights on tonight and don't worry I wont forget to check under my bed....

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  1. Well lord have mercy girl! Just tell him hello and accept him and maybe then you all will stop being so jumpy!! I hae never had anything like this happen to me but I have heard about it plenty of times! You havve a great day and you better check under your bed and from what it sounds like everywhere else too!! LYLAS!