Friday, August 28, 2009

It's A Dog's Life........Woof!!

Hi, my name is Bailey ~ Lynda is my "mom" I love her sooooo much...she lets me take naps with her!!! and she buys me & my "brother" Max lots of toys but I always steal them from him! ~ Max, he was mad because I took all of the socks and put them in my toy basket.

Me with SOME of my toys...

Lynda is taking the night off tonight so she let me write her blog, oh boy my tail is wagging....well today while she cleaned the house I went out with my dad for a swim & to get some field training in before the start of hunting season...

Me & my dad last year OH BOY WHAT A SHOT!!!

I needed a nap after that hunting trip...those geese were heavy ~ dad made a stew with them, I got to try a bite. After all I did have to fetch them up from the bushes so it was only fair!

Well besides hunting and playing with my toys I go out in the pool every weekend my "mom" helps me to get it out and fill it up and then I swim & swim...I just love the water & I love my "mom", I'm glad she picked me out of the bunch we're a great team!!!

Well that's all for tonight Max wants to go on MySpace ~ he thinks he's so smart, as for me I'm going to go watch some T.V., maybe the Dog Whisperer is on...have a great night!

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  1. Such a good blog Bailey...Tell Lynda I missed her!! Have a good day!! LYLADS!!lol!