Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday Evening Post (A LITTLE LATE!!!!)......

Well the party was a success and now that it's over I can let you in on a little secret, Nikky & Mike are getting married on September 25, 2010 @ the Ocean Isle Beach Hotel in North Carolina so we'll be heading down south next fall!!!!! I didn't want to post it before their party that's when they were making their announcement to their friends and some of our family that was here last night!

We're excited SO it looks like I'll have a few days to do some traveling and get a chance to meet up with Cindy & Leah and maybe take a trip back to Parris Island!

O.k. I'm probably not going to post again tonight so I'll fill everyone in on our fun...Nikky & Mike came early and made their Sangria, it was delicious but deadly! Then the Maid of Honor came in and we just had a blast, sampling the food and the Sangria then we all got ready to PARTY...right before the gusts started arriving we got a call from guess where Okinawa, Billy had a little surprise for his sister and future brother-in-law...he ordered their favorite pizza and sandwiches from the pizza place near our house and had them delivered here! We we're cracking up, as if we didn't have enough food!!!! Oh that child, Nikky & Mike got a kick out of it we cut the pizza up into little strips and sliced up the sandwiches and put it out with everything else...

A few pics!

Mike relaxing before the crowd showed up!
Daddy & Krissy,she's Nikky's BFF & the Maid of Honor!
The Gang (well some of them...)
Pizza & Pastrami Sandwiches all the way from Okinawa!
Did anyone order a Pizza????
Nik slicing up the sandwiches!

Well I think I am going to take a long nap!!!!!!! More tomorrow!

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  1. OH!!!! I am so excited!! I know it is a year away but I can't wait!!! I am so glad that you party went well and girl go and get you some rest!! LYLAS!!!