Friday, August 21, 2009

So Close & Yet So Far.......

Well, what a day!!!! It's 8:33pm & I just quit for the day, we took a lot of silly pictures to day you know just this and that getting ready & what not! We had a blast...Take a look!
Nikky, cleaning up the spaghetti sauce that splatted all over the wall & tiles, she's so short she can barely reach to the back of the counter...

Ranch Beans, sooo good & sooo easy to make, I'll post up the recipe one night next week!

Nik & The Boss (Bailey) she was the official supervisor/floor cleaner upper ~ hehe...Nikky was busy with the cheese & fruit platter...

The Finished Product, mmmmm I love cheese!

The Seafood Rice ~ This is one of my favorites & Mike's too, that's why I made it!

Yummy Lasagna in the making...



My Little Helper after I told her we had to clean the mess, lol!

That's all I got, lol...I'm ready to crash...thank goodness this PARTAYYYYYYY doesn't start until 6:00 tomorrow night I still have so many things to do, we just finished cleaning the house from top to bottom and tomorrow I have to fix my dessert platters make buffalo chicken wings (sniff sniff, these are my Marine's favorite)& pick up the cake and the case of wine....

We were all video chatting with Billy this morning before we got busy he's so good, he had to re-qualify at the range this week, I guess they have to do that every so often now that they are "in the Fleet"??? Anyway he qualified as Expert, he got Sharp Shooter in Boot he was so happy & excited...he's a little superstitious, when he played ball if his team won he didn't was his baseball or football socks...I know gross!!!! Well guess what since he was on such a streak at the range he wore the same Cammie's all week...OMG in that tropical Okinawa heat...he rode out on Thursday with the Gunny...he was telling him that he was so happy that he qualified Expert but that he was happier to have on clean Cammie's he said that Gunny laughed so hard he had to slow down.

When he was finished laughing he said "Platt, I'm glad you told me it was you I was thinking that maybe something died in my truck all week long" ~ what a kid!

I'm going to miss him tomorrow night he's definitely the life of any party..he's going to call to talk to his sister and Mike while their party is going on ~ they have always been so close.

Well now I'm really off!!! Have a great night...Party Pics soon!!!!

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  1. I am wanting recipes!! You need to do some serious posting next week of those recipes you made!! I hate that Billy is missing the party but you know he is in your thoughts just as you all are in his!!! Can't wait to see the finished party!!! LYLAS!!