Wednesday, August 26, 2009


O.k., o.k., I know it isn't fall yet & I shouldn't even be wishing the summer away BUT....when it gets to this time of year I get anxious for fall. That's my favorite season, I love the fall colors, I love the change of seasons, I love New England! And I love to change out my summer clothes for the fall ones and of course that means SHOPPING!!!!

But....I stray from my original topic! Today on the radio we heard a commercial for Ghost Hunting in New England, well don't you know we waited all day long to hear it again! We are all interested in this and New England has such a rich history, what with the Salem Witch Trials and all of that...

So it got me to thinking, I need to start planning our fall outings! I'd love to go on the Dinner Train through Newport, RI you get dinner and a murder mystery show that the audience gets to be involved in!

Doesn't that sound like fun?

One year we went on a Haunted Ghost Tour of Downtown Newport, no nothing scary just a fun filled night of "True" Ghost Stories, the guides dressed in period costume, that was so much fun! This year they are having haunted tours in Belcourt Castle, I'll be looking into that!

A few years ago a bunch of us were invited to a special reading by Charles Turek Robinson, he wrote The New England Ghost Files, you can buy it at Amazon...let me tell you, these are short, supposedly true stories. The readings took place on Halloween night which was fun & that particular year it fell on a Saturday so there wasn't any rushing around...the best part was that it started at 7:00pm in the Historic Cemetery in Rehobeth, MA! The pathways were lighted with jack-o-lanterns...we were so scared!!!! But we had so much fun...

Maybe we'll even host a hayride out at Phantom Farms and then have everyone back for snacks and drinks...I've always wanted to do that.

Oh well, for now I just be wishing at least I get to go watch Ghost Hunters tonight!

Have a great night!

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  1. Oh no I don't like ghost storys or do I like to watch anything about them!! I well watch or read comedy anyday!! LYLAS!!!