Monday, August 17, 2009

Made It Through Another Monday....

Have you ever heard the expression "no matter which way you turn your A#@ is always behind you"? Mine was all day today, the anxiety starts on Sunday afternoon & do you know what's funny????? I never mentioned my Monday anxiety to my son or anyone else in my family, one Sunday night when he was a little boy he got up and came into my room and put his head on my pillow and started to cry and tell me how much he hated Mondays and that they should be taken off of the calendar, well I was so upset knowing that he was just as anxious as I was but I couldn't let him see that so we got up and had hot chocolate, until the day he left for PI that was out ritual. Every Sunday night he would come into my room and we would talk and talk, sometimes we would even get up for a hot chocolate.

When he was in Boot he said that he used to look out at the stars at night and think about me at home all alone especially on a Sunday night, he would say an extra prayer for me. He still gets anxious on Sunday evenings, so he calls and we chat through it. Some things never change! Nikky gets anxious too but she shakes it off easier than we do I guess it's all in your make-up, her anxiety would come when there was a big test or a paper, but she would ace it, making herself crazy along the way. Now she gets anxious about client meetings, but she really doesn't have any worries she is bright & beautiful!

Why do we do that to ourselves, that's a mystery I would like to unlock...then maybe we'd all get some sleep on Sunday nights, hehehehe!

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  1. Girl...I HATE Mondays and I have always!!!! I also wish they were taken off the calendar!!! We MUST be twins...seperated at birth!! Have a good evening!! LYLAS!!