Sunday, August 9, 2009

DAWG Days.....

Before I even get started I have to ask....have you ever asked your husband to do something and he does the exact opposite? mine does it to me all of the time...UGHHHH. I have been asking him to take our dogs to the groomer because they are shedding so badly, well has he, ummmm NO. They suffer from separation anxiety,it
s awful. Anytime they are left somewhere they get soooo worked up, poor babies. Well, because it is really ugly when they do get home, they pant, they pace, they follow me around and practically pin me to the ground we decided to try grooming them at home.

I tried a few weeks ago on my own and got the clippers stuck in Max's fur, his fur is so thick and coarse it's like a lion's mane, anyway I sent Mr. Platt to the store to buy dog grooming clippers and what does he come home with a brush that the girl in PetCo recommended ~ "WHY, WHY Didn't you get the clippers", the wife asks; "oh because the girl at the store said that this would work so much better" the husband answers. OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME, Billy why just once can't you come back with what you have been sent out to get...this was his answer...

Well the brush thingy didn't work so off he went back to PetCo this morning to get what you ask???? CLIPPERS she replies, YEAH....and then we had Doggy Spa Day...

~ Max got a High & Tight...It's A Devil Dog thing - Ooh-Rah!

Poor Bailey Girl she got put on Lock-Down, sniff, sniff ~ she is a little terrorist!

O.k., before I dash off here is another low fat YUMMY dish (if you want to make it high fat go ahead, but I'm telling you make it the low fat way & nobody will even know, just you ;)!)

Taco Pie

1 can Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
1 lb of ground turkey or ground chicken or lean ground beef, whichever one you prefer. I usually use the ground turkey.
1 package of Taco Seasoning mix
½ jar of Salsa any kind roughly 6 – 8 ounces
1 onion chopped
1 bag of reduced fat cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to the recommended setting on the crescent roll package
Spray skillet with non-stick spray add meat and onions cook until meat is done
Add taco seasoning mix and half jar of salsa stir well combining all together
Unroll crescent rolls and press into pie plate that has been sprayed with cooking spray; you want to cover the bottom and sides as best you can
Spoon in half of the meat mixture add ½ bag of cheese spreading all over the top
Spoon in rest of the meat and top with remain cheese
Pop into the oven and cook it following the instructions on the crescent roll package (I think 11-13 minutes, but check the label)

You won’t believe how good this is and so easy to make! Makes 8 servings, I usually make a great big salad to go along with it & I make ahead so I just have to pop it out of the fridge plate it up heat & eat. Anything to save time when I get in from a long day at work!!!

I have even made this but instead of taco seasoning and salsa I’ve chopped a green pepper and cooked it with the meat and onion and then added a jar of Ragu Pizza Quick Sauce and substitute the cheddar for mozzarella and we have a meat-ball pie,lol!

Enjoy, see you tomorrow & GO YANKEES!!!!!

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  1. Oh...poor doggies, I meant babies! My dog went to the groomer the other week and I am telling you he came back looking like a different dog!! And a great big YUMMY...I can't wait to try the Taco/Meatball pie!!! My family eats anything!! That WILL be on my menu for next week!! Thanks and a great evening!! LYLAS!!!