Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Raining Again........

Yes, it's only 7:47 pm and sooooo dark outside, thundering & lightening so I'm going to make this quick. I don't like being on the computer when it's stormy out. This is a true story about thunder/lighting & me, and yes, before you say WHAT....yes I really did this.

When Billy and I were first married we lived in a cute old Victorian house, we had the second floor apartment & we had a king size water bed in our bedroom. Well one night I was woken up by an awful crack of thunder and then this bolt of lightening, I really thought the earth was coming to an end it was so bad outside. Well, me being well, ME I wake my poor husband up and tell him that it's stormy outside, thunder, lightening, wind rain and he has to GET OUT OF THE BED. Well he just looks at me like I've gone mad and puts his head back down so I start to yell GET UP GET UP NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. He jumps up thinking did the house get hit what's going on. He starts to pull his jeans on and I say "why are you getting dressed, where are you going?" I proceed to grab the quilt and our pillows and make a little bed on the floor, now he really thinks I'm completely crazy and asks me "what the &*%$ are you doing?" The poor guy tries to get back into the bed and I become completely hysterical, yes really! When I tell him that we have to sleep on the floor because I'm afraid that we are going to get struck by lightening sleeping on a water bed he just throws up his hands and well my husband being such a sweet guy gets down on the floor and falls back to sleep. I lay awake for just about two hours listening to the storm getting further and further away, when I've determined that its far enough away & safe I wake him up again to tell him that it was "All Clear" we could go back to bed! He wasn't very happy with me.

The next morning he tried so hard to convince me that it was safe we wouldn't get hurt I wasn't buying it. From that day on until we got a new bedroom set, we would sleep on the floor in our room next to our bed every time we had a thunder and lightening storm because I refused to sleep in the bed and I made him so nuts that he just gave in, imagine....

Things I woun't do in a thunder and lightening storm.....
1. talk on the phone ~ you never know it could come down the pole and zap you
2. sleep in a water bed
3. go outside, your just a great big walking target
4. swim
5. wash dishes
6. run the dishwasher or washing machine
7. take a shower

do I need to say more...

Poor Max, he hates the thunder so much see he's trying to hide under the couch

And Bailey, she goes crazy when Max starts to bark and howl/talk... he jabbers away when he gets nervous. She's running around like a little nut, see how dark it got all of a sudden o.k. I have to scram....YIKES!

Oh, one more thing before I go, dark, rain, thunder & my favorite show Ghost Hunters...I'll have to DVR it lightening you know...can't be watching TV in a storm. Oh did I mention that Billy called this morning to tell me that they are on Typhoon "lock down" one more thing to have to worry about, I'm going gray!!!!!

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  1. Your blog made me laugh and I needed that tonight!! I feel the same way about doing certain thing when it is storming!! You have a good day and just know I LOVE your blog!!!