Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Mad Dash....

Well, tonight it's going to be short & sweet...It's 8:47pm & I'm just getting in!!! I ran home changed my clothes fed the dogs, fixed hubby a dish to take to work and then I was out the door again in a flash!

Where to you ask?????

Stocking up on stuff for the party...

Then it was home again to put it all away. Nikky will be here tomorrow night, we're meeting up here at home and then off to get our toes done! Priorities you know, lol then back to BJs to get the things I just didn't have the energy to get then to the market to pick up some odds and ends, like peppers, celery you know the things you need to finish off a dish but you don't want 40lbs of them, hehehehe!!!

Then Friday WE COOK!!!!!!

I'm off to watch the season premier of my favorite show, Ghost Hunters....EEEEEK

Have A Great Night!!!!

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  1. As crazy as it sounds I love those mad dash visits! I love doing stuff for others!!! I hope you have fun and can't wait to hear all about it and see lots of pictures!! LYLAS!!