Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lucy & The Chocolate Factory....

Did you ever have one of those days when no matter how fast you worked you just couldn't keep up, kind of like the episode of Lucy when she and Ethel take jobs at the chocolate factory? We were laughing so hard today because we were just having on of those days & really what can you do but LAUGH???! It's really the best medicine.

Well, anyone that knows Barb & me say that we are just like Lucy & Ethel so we started talking about our favorite episodes and the great dresses that Lucy always wore. I'm Lucy & Barb is Ethel, lol! I really do Love Lucy! When Billy went away to PI I Love Lucy was on TV Land, 2 episodes starting at 5:00am every morning... now I grew up watching all of the old re-runs and loved everyone of them so when I found this flipping from the news to QVC one morning I said "Lynda, somebody up there is looking out for you and brought you a little bit of cheer to take your mind off of things"!

We didn't stop at Lucy another great old show....

or this one....

They really don't make shows like these anymore, and it's sad...Nothing like being a kid again and watching the Sunday Night Disney Movie.....Ahhh to be able to go back in time!

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  1. Well...We are more alike than we knew! We both had the old shows on our minds!!! Great post and I do love those old shows!!! And I wish they did make at least a couple of good shows like that now!!! LYLAS!!!