Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good morning....

Well, what a night....we had a wedding to go to yesterday ~ I didn't bring my camera because the weather was so nasty out! The church was so beautiful, I'd only been to it once before it has an old rustic charm, it looks like something you would find in the Alps with all of the exposed beams and woodwork ~ It truly is a beautiful church & Father Bob is such a wonderful priest.

~ this is a picture from the Parrish web-site.

The bride was beautiful, she's my good friends daughter. they have had a tough year, but it all came together in the end & mark, the youngest of the bunch just graduated from Army Ranger school and was supposed to deploy but his unit was held back so he was able to make it to the wedding... ~ this is Mark on Family Day this past July, the day before he graduated from Ranger school...the little one is Nickey-Pot-Pie! He's Kate & Pats' little one (sister of the bride & matron of honor) Nickey was the "ring bearer" they pulled him down the aisle in a wagon...he wore a little tux & was barefoot! So Cute...

Well we danced and laughed and now I'm exhausted & have to get my Sunday chores done, so until tomorrow....

God Bless!

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  1. Oh I love weddings!!!! I am glad that you had a good time and yes girl get those chores done!! LYLAS!!