Thursday, August 6, 2009

What A Day....

Well I tried so hard to get a picture of the gigantic swan that was holding up traffic this morning on the street where the medical building I work is located, but my camera strap was stuck and I couldn't grab it. He was so cute just taking his time walking right up the middle of the road, my office is located on the Blackstone River where the water turns brackish and we always have wild life in the parking lot or wandering up the road.

He looked like he just needed a top hat and a cane, so cute! I called the police station when I finally got in I didn't want him to get hurt. When the police office answered the phone and I told him where I was located and he asked if I was calling about the "crack-pot" bird waddling up the road, I just started laughing. The animal control officer came by and they scooped him up and set him back in the river.

And on the way home I drove around the back of the building to drop some things off in the Dr.s suite and I saw a cute little beaver, he was gathering up some sticks.

I thought I would introduce to a few of the people that I spend my days with Barbara & Linda, Linda w/ an I ~ Barb is the transcriptionist and Linda is a biller. We were so busy today I wanted to get a picture of Karen, she's Barbs sister she is one of the check-out gals, and she is a hoot! Then there is Lady Di she does check-out also and handles all of the hospital bookings...we call them the dynamic duo, they laugh all day long...

Anyway, this is Barb hard at work...

And Linda, sending out the bills...

And this is my disaster of a desk, lol. Actually for me that's pretty neat. I have organized mess, and by the end of the day all of the work is done, filed and my desk cleaned off until the next day. I code and bill for all of the hospital procedures and visits and all of the office testing and I audit all of the office/hospital visits before we bill them out. We have to be sure that everything is up to snuff! The doctors call it organized chaos and they say that I run the billing department like a Drill Instructor, firm but caring! One Doc calls me Ms.Type A, we are exactly alike and make each other nuts because we want everything done right the first time around! Enough Said!!!!!!

Only other news to report, I'm still tracking the Typhoons....really don't know to much. Billy is using his buddies phone his melted in his pack out on the range so he got a loner until his was fixed and the loaner died on him so until he gets his back he'll have to use Cpl. Norris' phone. He is in with some really good guys and they look out for one another so that makes me happy!

O.k.,I'm off to check out FaceBook!!! See you tomorrow, have a great night!

Oh, I almost forgot, the big Weight Watchers weigh in, I should start working myself up into a frenzy now and avoid the rush, LOL!


  1. Well we have animals wonder the road too! I called in one day with pigs playing in the road!! LOL!! Tell all the girls it was nice to meet them and that they better take good care of you and not let anything stress you out!! Or I may have to come up there! LOL!! Well just go to your weigh-in and just think about it this way for every pound you loose that is 4 sticks of butter!! I love to figure it up that way! Have a great day!! LYLAS!!

  2. You run the department like a drill instructor? Only way to get things done and done the right way!! You go girl!