Sunday, February 28, 2010

Earth Quakes & Tsunami Warnings.....

After two days and nights of nervous worrying I have had enough....I was up most of the night on Friday & slept for about 2 and a half hours last night...Mr. P stayed up for a bit watching the news and the live updates and then Billy called at about 10:45pm our time to say that they were under an official Tsunami Watch...Mr. P talked to him, they were cut off so that made me crazy and I went into panic mode...

I paced for a bit and then kept dialing until I finally was able to get through, no new news to report, they were on alert and he was going to take a few hours of duty since he was able to get a nap in. So off he went to relieve his buddy, but not before he said that he loved us and not to worry :)

Well, with all of my nervous energy I had a pot of meatballs simmering away, smashed cauliflower roasted and a turkey breast in the oven all by 4:30am ~ my guts were shaking I had had so much caffeine and no sleep...I wanted to punch Geraldo Rivera in that big nose of his!

At about 4:47am the phone rang and I almost fell off of the kitchen chair jumping up to get it...

"MA, MA, can you hear me???"

"Billy, yes can you hear me"....crackle crackle crackle NOTHING ~ @#$%#@!^&%*$$ (you get the picture)


"Ma, are you o.k.?"

"Me, me...why????"

"You sound crazy, what the hell are you much coffee have you had?" "Ma?"

"Yes my sweet boy..."

"Ma, I'm o.k., we're all o.k., Ma, I love you!" "You worry too much, does dad know you are on a GIANT Caffeine high?"

~ I just laughed and cried.....he is just so sweet. After a few minutes he said he had to get going...they had to go out and check the perimeter see if anything was amiss and then he was going to get something to eat...always thinking about that belly :)

He called back a little while later to fill us in and to let us know that he would be headed out at about 2:00am his time, that was approximately 3 and a half hours away (from last call home) time to re qualify at the range...he was looking forward to it. I told him to shoot everything and anything ~ If it moves shoot it, he just laughed and said...."Ma, you crack me up, I can always count on you to make me smile. Sometimes I think about the silly/funny things you say during my work day and I laugh to myself. I wish I could snap myself back there for a minute to give you a hug and a kiss!" I barley got out "Love you sweetie", Mr. P took the phone...

So, I have all of my laundry, cooking & ironing done & I am off to read Shutter Island or nap ~ either is an option right about now.

Thank you all of you for your thoughts and prayers, these boys of ours enlisted we're just along for the ride and because of their service to our country I have met so many wonderful people but none as great as my Blogging Buddies :)

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!!


  1. Oh sweet Lynda... we are all praying down here for your precious Billy but for you and Mr. P too! Cindy asked for prayers in Church this morning for you all:) Sounds like you got a lot done up there while being nervous and waiting. When I get really worried and scared, I might as well get me a magazine or some newspapers and go sit on the toilet. Messes up my tummy, TMI! Love you bunches and we'll have one huge party when these fellas get home safe and sound! Can't wait!

  2. I like to keep busy when I have too much on mind mind as well. I work and pray. Glad all is well. Hope you get a good night's rest tonight; it sounds like you need it. ;)

  3. Well my Dear Friend...we both got early morning calls and well they were both great!! I am so thankful that they called!!! Things may be bad but when you hear that voice...if you are like just forget about everything!!! I hope that you get a good nights rest tonight and we are praying for those service guys....each and every one of them!! LYLAS!!!

  4. That about made me cry.... what a sweet thing for him to say! You will always cherish that moment. You get some rest now! We are covering him in prayer while you sleep. xoxo

  5. Well, It wasn't a funny post as far as Billy's circumstances. I can only imagine your heart. But you had me laughing. I mean, what else can a mom do when she can't sleep, she's got pent-up worries, and geez-o-petes...yeah get busy. It really really does keep our minds from jumping off the deep end. I hear ya. In my heart I am praying like mad in a moment as such, throwing myself before God, but in my body I'm screaming DO SOMETHING!!!!!!! I think after reading your post, I will definitely stay away from the C-A-F-F-E-I-N-E!!!! wild mamas. They know we love em, though. Glad everything is okay. Get some SLEEP!

  6. Well, at least you do productive things when your mind is worrying. I, on the other hand, just wallow in worry. Thankfully, I don't do it too often and I have the utmost admiration for you moms of Marines. That boy of yours is sooooo handsome.

    Loved your post.

  7. I am so glad you got a call from your SUPER SWEET BOY! Man, I hope Austin grows up to be as good to me as Billy is to you and Justin is to Cindy! ....minus the miles between us! :) I hope you enjoyed whatever activity you chose today. Have a good evening.