Friday, February 5, 2010

Temper Tantrum Fridays......

I had to have my Remicade Infusion or my "Go-Go Juice" as Mr. P calls it...bless his heart because I am really rotten on Remicade hard as I try not to, I usually have a meltdown about half way through the day, complete with screaming and crying

he just sends me off to bed to nap and just like a little kid I kick & scream & cry all the way upstairs....I DON'T EVEN LIKE ME ON REMICADE DAY!!!

So my dear friends....I am calling it a night before I get myself into trouble ~ LOL!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. Oh poor baby!! I am so sorry...I would take you on Remicade days!!! I would enjoy just being with you!! I hope you have a good evening!! LYLAS!!

  2. I doubt you can throw a tantrum... you are sooo sweet. Thank you for your comments. xoxo

  3. Bless your sweet heart! I am sorry it affects you that way and wish there was something I could do to help! Just rest and hopefully today will be a better day:) Big 'ole hugs!

  4. Well, at least you have an excuse for your tantrums. I'm still looking for one.

    Hope today is a better day for you and Mr. P.

  5. Well, I am sure you felt better once you got it out of your system! Hope you have a great weekend!