Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh No.........

What did I get myself into?????? A few weeks ago we were browsing through Dick's Sporting Goods and I was playing in the tents :) ~ yes, I am just like a little kid at times!!

Well, Mr. P said.....

"I really wished that you would just give camping a try".....

"Well, heck, you know new year, new me!"

"Oh like you would go camping"

"You never know, I just might surprise you. After all, I am a new woman & I am trying new things"

"Hehehehe, I'd love to See that"

"O.k. smarty don't think I'll go camping with you well Mr. you're on"



Well, my friends MR. P tucked that away in the back of his brain and brought it up again yesterday...I thought he had forgotten all about it :( ....

"Oh, well...I'll go if Bailey can come"

"We can find a campground that let's you bring dogs"


This face does not camp
roughing it to me is Continental Breakfast in the room laundry service...

I'll go anywhere and do just about anything BUT PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ME GO CAMPING!!!!! How in the world am I going to get myself out of this one?????

We went camping a few times when I was small, I spent every waking second in the van playing with my paper dolls...who ever thought up camping as something that one would like to do should be drawn and quartered!!!! I mean seriously, I DO NOT DO OUTSIDE!!!

I'll go to the beach, I'll play in the sand, I'll swim for miles and miles just PLEASE LET ME GO HOME AND TAKE A SHOWER AT THE END OF THE DAY LIKE A CIVILIZED HUMAN BEING IS SUPPOSED TO DO!!!!!

Oh ladies, I am in BIG TROUBLE!!!!!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. You are in big trouble!!!! I can not believe that you even agreed to that!!!! I HATE every single part of camping...I REFUSE to do it!! My husband also loves it and well he and the boys can go all they want...but NOT me!!! I always have a special trip to the mall planned! hehe!! I just can not bring myself to do it!! Just tell him you have to come to my house!! Good Luck!! LYLAS!!

  2. Great Scott, what were you thinking? Still high on some caffeine that day???? Hmmm. we must be able to think of something to get you out of this. I am of like mind. I have NEVER liked camping since I was a girl scout. You can HAVE it. It's for guys as far as I'm concerned. They don't mind being dirty and sticky and stinky and sleeping in clothes and with bugs crawling into sleeping bags, using a shovel and going in the woods, (aaaacccckkk)
    I could never be a "happy camper". A man, a dog, a truck and a tent. tell them to go for it and have fun, that you don't want to rain on their happy parade. Hope you get out of this one....the saga continues.......maybe you could insist on a "trial run" in the back yard???????

  3. **giggle** You should know better than to even hint at the possibility. ;) I enjoy camping, so I'm not much help.

  4. Hehe, I have been tent camping and it is a little rough for me:) Now... an RV loaded with everything and just sit outside in the lawn chair, I can do that kind! With the weather you all have been having, perhaps you can put it off a while! Hugs to you dear Lynda! Have a blessed day!

  5. Ohh Mr. P did a NUMBER on you right there in the store! Go back and read your conversation with him! He is good! You can do it! I only say that because I am not included. If it were us, I would say "We can not do that"! I do not camp either, but let me know how it goes and maybe I will give it a try sometime :o I love that picture of you! Have a great day!

  6. Oh, you make me laugh!!! hahahaha! I did years of camping with 5 kids!!! Tent camping! It was crazy, lots of work, but soooo much fun! Now we have a trailer to camp in. Not as crazy, less work but still lots of fun. Sitting by a fire at night is the best! Have fun there, girlfriend! xoxo