Tuesday, February 16, 2010

For Sale.......

Two slightly used Labrador Retrievers, Max & Bailey ~ love to sleep, eat, run amok, chew up mittens and Kleenex like it's their job. VERY VERY affectionate, give kisses away, will share stinky wet socks and dog toys in exchange for a pat on the head!

These two have been nutty ever since I walked through the door tonight! I feed them every night as soon as I get in, before I even take my coat off, grrrrr! Well, tonight Mr. P was having trouble sleeping so he got up and took care of them for me, problem being they don't understand and are actually still waiting for me to FEED THEM!!! They will not stop!

So, I am hiding up here in my little computer room listening to them go crazy down there...I may have to run before they really get into trouble :)

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!

Oh, one more thing before I run....please keep up the prayers for Justin & the 1/6 Marines, they are making steady progress, which is great news so please, please keep them in your prayers!!!!!!


  1. Well, I will take them!! They are just precious sitting there!! Wally and Dixie will not mind at all!! Well maybe just give them a bite and have yourself a good evening!! LYLAS!! Thanks for your prayers!!

  2. Yep, Cindy will take them or perhaps Tracy. Not a dog person here:) But they are cute. Thanks for the prayers for our Justin, we love you dear Lynda!

  3. My dog does the same thing. She will sit and stare at you until you do the thing it is she wants you to do. I wish I had the patience of a dog.

  4. Funny how routine animals can be and do not like it messed with. Hope you have a wonderful day.... and we are praying for Justin, too!!! xoxo