Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wake Up Calls From Okinawa.....

I was woken up very early this morning by my

it was just about o'clock a.m.!!!

You guessed it...it was this VERY MOTO MARINE

Oooohhhhh...I just love it when he calls, first thing he asked was "hey, mom are you feeling better? I was thinking about you & wanted to check-in" my heart melted!

Then on to the reason for the call...Marines have to re-qualify in most things every year so...it was time for Swim Quals.... this is the pool on Camp Hansen where Billy is stationed!

He re-qualified CSW2 - re-qualify every three years....this allows him to fill out his paperwork for MARSOC Recon Marine so that's what he's going to do...oh and just "for fun" he was going to go back again today to see if he could re-re-qualify as a
CSW1! I'll let you know how he did :)

He was so excited and happy, when he had swim quals in Boot camp he said in a letter home that it was tough but he wanted it so badly & he just kept thinking about the picture of the DIs in front of the Parris Island sign on the USMC MCRD web-site...this time he said he kept thinking about us making his picture in front of that sign the day he graduated and how proud he felt knowing that he did it and that we were so proud. he said Boot was for me, Billy this time he did it for us..."mom, all I kept picturing was you and dad and how proud you are of me and I knew I had to do it for you guys"...I couldn't hold back my tears, I am amazed by him every day and so proud.

Can you guess how he got into the "zone" so that he could focus on the task ahead of him???? No, he went out with Katrina & a few other buddies of his for a 10 mile run...ummmm if that were me you'd be calling 911 after the first block ~ LOL!!!

So with that said all I can say is.....


  1. Yayy Billy!! OOH RAH!!!! I love waking up to my Marines voice!! It is the most special thing to me these days!! I know you are proud of him!! Have a great evening...LYLAS!!

  2. Way to go, Billy! My dh hates swim quals. It could be 'cause he sinks like a rock. lol! Semper Fi!!

  3. What a sweet fella! I just love him for caring about his Mama:) Now that water thing, I never liked them doing that... but I guess they get tougher from it~:) I know you are so proud!

    Have a blessed day my friend!

  4. What a thoughtful son you have and how proud you must be of him.