Saturday, February 20, 2010

Movie Night.......

Well, I did it I went to see Shutter Island!!!!! I thought it was going to be a "paranormal" type movie ~ all I can say is NOPE, it was a suspense/thriller. Really made you think, I was not scared just on the edge of my seat!!!

I have to say it was very, very good & about 10 minutes into the movie Mr. P asked me what I said the name of the movie was originally (Shutter Island wasn't the original name), "Ashecliffe, why?", "I think the name of the insane asylum in the movie is named Ashecliffe...", "Oh, I don't know, stop talking to me! I'm trying to watch it!!" ~ "Hey, hey....pssssttttt", "WHAAAAAAT", "I think I read this book a long time ago, that's how I know the name of the hospital????" , "oh, really, well why don't you be quiet & see if any of it comes back to you!"

Do you think he stopped????? NO NO NO ~ he kept asking me questions, finally I took my little keyring flashlight out of my bag - shined it on his face and said quiet loud I might add....."why are you asking me all of these questions, I thought you just said you read the book, I didn't read the book, you did, but if you leave me alone I'll go out and get it tomorrow and read it from cover to cover and then we can discuss" ~ just about everyone in there cracked up!!!

No, he didn't stop.....but we did have a good time & yes I am going to go out and get the book tomorrow!!!!!

I have terrible insomnia and well, I was up almost all of the night last night so somewhere between half-past aggravated & ready to climb the wall I rented this cute little movie from "On Demand"

Very cute, I enjoyed it very much! So I'd say go see Shutter Island & rent Couples Retreat, both were very good!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless and please keep those prayers going for our Troops & for Justin :) ~ hugs to everyone!!


  1. Oh how funny! Sounds like you had a fun time, even though he was a chatter-box:) Haven't seen either movie but will put them on my list. Enjoy you Sunday dear Lynda. Big Hugs from Georgia!

  2. I am laughing so hard because I can just see you doing that to Mr. P!!! Sounds like you had fun and I am glad you enjoyed the movie!! I may have to go check it out!! And maybe even rent the other one too!! Have a great day!! LYLAS!!!