Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The "Tax Man Cometh"......

Yes, ladies today was tax day & you know what they say......Nothing is certain but death and taxes :(

Mr. P went off to the accountant, same person we have been using for years now, don't you know he can never remember her name or her telephone number....honestly, I will be going to Heaven, I'm sure of it!!!

A few years aback I bought a file organizer for tax purposes, my goal was to put all receipts into the box throughout the year so that when it came time to do the taxes we would be organized....

Can you guess who actually puts her receipts in the box?????? HMMMMMM, THAT WOULD BE ME!!!!!!! All of the receipts from the organizations that I donate to every year, mileage for any work related trips, doctors visit co-pays, prescription co-pays, house tax, excise tax (because I took care of that this year, somebody forgot?????)!

Where do you think my BFF Mr. P puts his, oh let's his top drawer, tossed on top of his dresser, stuffed into a "mail-keeper", in his glove box, the kitchen drawers, the kitchen counter....and then tries to find all of them two minutes before he needs to be at the accountants....MEN!!!!

He called me about 399 times to ask me "did you see ????", "did you see ???????" ~ game plan, PLEASE LEAVE ALL OF YOUR RECEIPTS ON THE KITCHEN TABLE THIS YEAR AND I WILL ORGANIZE FOR YOU....I bet if it had antlers he would have been able to find it ~ LOL!!!!!

Well, that's about it. Please keep up the prayers and the good thoughts for our Marines & all of our troops and please say a special prayer for Justin!!!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. Well that is just a man drawer thing!! Jeff does the same thing!! hehe!! Well I hope that everything went good!! Have a good evening!! LYLAS!!

  2. I so need to get our taxes done. I usually do them at the beginning of February. I'm so behind.

  3. Well, I am the tax lady:) I keep up with everything and get them done. My sweet husband doesn't do a thing except sign the paper! I hang a magnetic plastic container on the fridge to stick things in as I get them. At least they are all in one place. Hugs to you and hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!

  4. It's hard to be organized when the people around you aren't. lol! Have a great day!!! xoxo

  5. I know the feeling all too well. My guys lay their pieces of paper everywhere and expect me to keep up with them. Ugh. Men.