Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wrapping...Wrapping...& Yes, More Wrapping!

I'm usually not this last minute but this year Oi.....I need somebody to light a fire under me!

I've been wrapping all afternoon, well I took a little break...see below!

This little mischief maker came by for a visit, so everything came to a halt so WE COULD PLAY!!! Play we did, with everything....toys, tins, pots & pans, my Hallmark Snowman & Pup from my sweet baby boy, you squeeze his had and they sing and dance & the pup wiggles his tail & "antlers" ~ that kept Lex occupied for a good 30 minutes. I cooked her some lunch and then I made a cup of tea for me & well when she saw mine she wanted some too, so she got decaf, LOL! I taught her how to dunk Ginger Snaps! She loved it ( no pics, there was way toooo much tea being spilled everywhere! :)~ she tried on her fancy little shoes for Christmas Eve, Loved them and wore them all afternoon!

So now it's back to wrapping and tomorrow shop for Christmas Eve gathering...Lots of pics I promise!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless ~ Oh and please remember to keep Justin in your prayers for a safe return!


  1. Girl I am so behind this year I could just scream!! I have presents to wrap and present to put into bags because they just can not be wrapped! But I still have a couple of days left so maybe between now and Friday I will get finished! You have a great day and share what you will be cooking! I am doing my Christmas Eve shopping Christmas Eve!! Imagine that!!! Ha!! Thanks for the prayers...LYLAS!!

  2. Cutie pie Lex playing so sweet! I was doing really good wrapping for a while and then screech... I put on the brakes and can't seem to get going again. It is getting done a little at a time now. Have a blessed day and stay warm:)

  3. She is absolutely precious! That is a nice break to take from wrapping! Too sweet. Have a wonderful day and do stay warm!!