Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree.......

My "mom' took the night off.....she's pooped!!! I have to say she worked her tail off, WOOF WOOF ~ get it "TAIL".... if hunting doesn't work out I might try comedy ~ LOL!!

It started out just like any other day, I gave her a kiss & put my baby on her pillow ~ she smacked it off and gave me a kiss back ~ then we got the old boy up so we could go out and have our breakfast, she makes a mean kibble!!!

Then my "dad" got up he had to work today so it was just the three of us, "mom", Maxxy Boy & me!!!! We were listening to Christmas music and stringing up the lights....that TOOK A LONG TIME ~ she is sooooooo fussy about her lights & her tree, I think Max wanted to make a peep on it, I just wanted to bite it!

Then the decorations came out and each one had a special place on the tree, that took forever.....sometimes I think that my "mom" was crying when she took the really special ones out of the boxes, then she would look a them for a long time before she hung them up, I think she wishes that Nikky & Billy were small again!

Once the tree was all decorated she hopped in the shower and went SHOPPING ~ now I know she was EXCITED about that, SHE LOVES TO SHOP. "Mom" told me that I couldn't post pictures of the things she bought because they were from Santa, I think he's the fat guy that wears that Red Suit and squeezes himself down chimneys, I know he likes cookies because we leave them out for him...only thing with that is, Max & me, well we eat them before Santa even gets here!

O.k., well I have to go, no I really mean it I have to gooooooo ~ CAN SOMEBODY OPEN THE DOOR PLEASE!!!!!!

It was nice chatting with all of you, oh and before I run, I mean really run out in the yard I just wanted to say "Thank you for all of your prayers, my tummy is better...I have to go back to the vet in a few weeks so he can poke me again ~ BUT HE BETTER NOT TRY THAT THERMOMETER THING AGAIN, Grrrrrrrrr!!!! ~ Because this time I will BITE HIM"

Oh & my "mom" said that I have to say God Bless, did you sneeze or something? O.k., until tomorrow Be Safe & God Bless! I like this blogging thingy...WOOF


  1. What a sweet post, Bailey! AND comedy could work! I know it must have been hard to type with your paws and those antlers tend to give me a headache:) Tell your Mom I love the tree and understand the sadness when pulling out the special ornaments. You be good now and don't bite the doctor! We want you to get all well! Love to all up there and have a blessed evening!!!

  2. Oh Bailey you did a wonderful post!! I always look forward to the blog when I see its from you cause you are such a comedian!!! I am glad "mom" got the tree decorated and I totally understand the whole wish the kids was still little thing!! Now you don't bite the vet just lick him alot!! Have a good evening and tell mom that Cindy said...ILHLAS!!