Friday, December 4, 2009

Wet Nose........

This is the sight I saw when I opened my eyes this little friend, feeling much better! Her little nose was cold & wet and when I finally peeped an eye open I got the biggest wettest kiss, and can I tell you that I didn't even mind!!! Her little tail was wagging and she was prancing all over the house!

I had Remicade today :/ I really hate going for that, but it helps so much so I can't complain....then it was home & I did my house work, so tomorrow I will be finishing up my wreath & pulling out the rest of my decorations. I'm even going to make myself a festive White Mint Hot Cocoa complete with peppermint stick! If that doesn't tickle your tinsel nothing will!!!!!

So dear friends, hopefully we'll have some Christmas Pics to post if not my decorations will be all over Middlesex Street, LOL ~ Only Kidding, hehehehehe!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. Happy to hear cheer in your voice! Glad to know Ms. Bailey is feeling better, too! Enjoy your evening Dear Lynda!

  2. I am so glad Ms. Bailey is feeling better!! I know it makes you feel better when you know they are better!! You have a great evening and you get those decorations up!! ILYLAS!!

  3. Glad you got a kiss from a wet nose! That's a good sign for sure. The cocoa sounds delish!

  4. So happy to hear Ms. B is better! I know a wet nose seems minor to some, but when a dog has a wet nose, it is a good sign. The cocoa looks wonderful! Send some to Georgia (with chowder)!! Have a wonderful day! DECORATE!