Sunday, December 6, 2009

Season's Greetings From The Troops.......

These two characters (Billy~left & Brian~right) went up to the Base Exchange a few weeks ago to do some shopping and while they were there they noticed a camera & radio crew outside the store. They went over to check things out only to find out that they were from the states and they were "in town" to video tape & record "Holiday Greetings" and asked these two fellas if they'd like to make a message for anyone back home.

Of course they said YES!!!!

We got to hear Billy twice yesterday and once this morning on our local country radio station 98.1 WCTK, and let me tell you if you don't hink the tears were flowing then! Mr. P & me, we were laughing and crying and hugging each was GREAT to hear his message!!!! Brian's mom heard her message too, they live in New Jersey, she called last night after I had posted it on Facebook, we both cried AGAIN, but happy tears ~ it was so great!

I've heard those message so many times over the years now and have always been amazed with those young men and women never did I think that my son would one day be sending a message like that home to us!!!!!

This is his message.....

"Hey, this is Lance Corporal Billy Platt stationed over in Okinawa Japan, I just want to give a shout-out to my family & friends back home in Fall River, Massachusetts. Mom, Dad, Rome, Al love you guys and miss you…Merry Christmas!"

Billy is going to send a link for the video taped message as soon as we get it I'll post it for you all to see!

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless and please, please, please keep sending up prayers for Justin & his family his battalion will be deploying sooner than expected. He was home with his family over this past weekend to celebrate an early until his boots are back on Good Old US of A soil Safe & Sound please keep sending up those prayers!

Be safe Justin, Godspeed!


  1. Oh I always love watching those shout outs!! I always wonder how they find the guys to do that!! I am glad you got to see him/hear him!!! I am so proud for you!! Have a great day! LYLAS!!!

  2. What a handsome fella! I am happy you got to hear and see him AND more than once. I can't wait to get to see it too! Prayers are going his way and thanks for your support for our bunch and Justin! Have a blessed day Dear Lynda!

  3. What handsome Marines. And what a blessing for you to get to hear his message? Won't that be a precious keepsake.