Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And The Answer IS..........

1. In It's A Wonderful Life what would the town have been called had George not been born?


2. What did Grandma get run over by?

~~~~A Reindeer!!!!

3. Where did Santa land his sleigh in The Night Before Christmas?

~~~~Upon the roof...

4. How many ghosts visited Scrooge?

~~~~Four, bet ya thought it was three, you're forgetting about Marley!!!!

5. What was Grandma drinking when she got run over?

~~~~~Eggnog, one of my all time favorite Holiday Cheer DRINKS!!!!

6. Who is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer's father: Donner or Blitzen?


7. What carol contains the line "Gloria in excelsis Deo"

~~~~Angels We Have Heard On High

8. What nut traditionally accompanies Swedish Glogg?

~~~~What the crap is glogg....why it's mulled wine & very spicy and tasty I might add, but anywho THE ANSWER IS ALMONDS!!

9. What piece of winter clothing does Bob Cratchit lack?

~~~~A coat, poor old chap!

10. What is the name of the little Italian Christmas Donkey?

~~~~Hey! Chingedy ching, hee-haw, hee-haw It's Dominick The Donkey. Chingedy ching,hee-haw, hee-haw, the Italian Christmas donkey.

Glogg -------->>>>>>>!!!


  1. Oh I got some of them right!! I am so excited!!And Justin is now gone and I am just kicking deployment butt one day at a time!!! Thank you for all your support, you will never know what you mean to me!!! ILYLAS!!!

  2. Well, darn it. I missed your blog when you asked the questions. I would've gotten some of them. Fun!

  3. I missed the glogg one, I thought there were three ghosts and I have never heard Dominick the Donkey:) Have a blessed day and that was lots of fun!

  4. I only guessed 5 of them. Oh well it was funnnnnn! I love quizzes! See ya on the girls blogs and thought I should check yours out! Very nice!

  5. I was horribly bad at that! I have a feeling you would whip me on game night if it happened to be trivia we were playing! I can tear up some Family Feud and my Mom is Excellent at Wheel of Fortune! Have a great evening!