Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Memories.....

I remember making paper chains for the tree, stringing popcorn with my sisters, decorating our little tree "Old Faithful".....the year my dad decided that we needed to "experience" a real tree ~ we had forced hot air and the vents were on the floor and YUP you guessed it the tree sat right next to the vents.

Our poor tree was so dry we couldn't' light the lights by the time Christmas finally arrived, LOL!

I had a coloring book of "Twas The Night Before Christmas" ~ I loved to color, I worked at that book for hours, coloring every picture just so!

We grew up in Connecticut (I wish I had pictures of those times) ~ my father was in the Army and our families were in Rhode Island so we had the next best thing a "Military Family". Everyone was in the same boat so-to-speak....there were three other families that we were close to back then and every Christmas Eve we would get together with one another, my mother always made up an excuse to have to go back into the house and she would put Christmas packages on our beds, can you guess what was inside?????? New PJs or nightgowns, I couldn't wait to get back home because I knew Santa would have "stopped" by early to leave us our new PJs so we could get to sleep...that's one tradition I did carry on with Nikky & Billy!

The Sunday before Christmas was "Popcorn Ball Sunday" ....Eagle & Hose Hook & Ladder Company would come around on a firetruck and Santa was on the back throwing popcorn balls out to all of the kids, we really loved that!!!!! My sister Laurie still talks about it to this day, one year she was feeling blue so I bought waxed paper and Red & Green curling ribbon and set out to make her a batch of homemade popcorn balls...we worked half the night away....the next day I tossed them at her ~ my poor sister she just blubbered but Happy Tears you know those kind????

Ahhhh....to be a "kid" again! Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. I love the old stories!!! I grew up with me being more like the only child cause everyone else was grown and out of the house...So my stories are not anything like yours. You have a great evening and ILYLAS!!

  2. What neat memories. It's fun to hear about the traditions others have. I loved all of yours. Especially the pajamas. And the popcorn balls.

  3. Ohh, I love your Christmas memories! What a neat story about the Pajamas! I LOVE pajamas! I used to love riding around of Christmas Eve and looking at Christmas lights. We would always ride through Honey Creek because not only were they all decorated, there were also paper bags lining the streets with candles inside. It was beautiful. Those were the days! Have a wonderful day!

  4. What a sweet morning you gave me:) I love memories, they are surely forever and it was wonderful to hear about yours! I love the PJ story, the kids always get PJs from me at Christmas too. Yummy popcorn balls:) toss me some down here. Have a blessed day Dear Lynda and thanks for sharing your sweet memories!