Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Southwest ~ Northwest ~ Delta ~ US Air ~ Korean Air ~ United .........

I really don't care how I get there...but I really really really want to be right there.....

I'm not really sure Where IT IS, but as long as it's warm I'm going to be there!!! Can you tell that it's just to cold here for me????? My legs ached all day, I wore my fingerless gloves & scarf and drank WAY MORE COFFEE than I should have!!!! This cold weather just takes it's toll....I want to be on a warm sunny beach with one of these in my hand....

You get the picture!!!!

Billy will be staying here for his New Year's 96....

Naha Okinawa, Japan....very pretty. They went for an overnight during the Columbus Day holiday, there is a very big festival held in Naha every year on that weekend...he got to see the Great Naha Tug-O-War. He does have pictures we got to see them via AIM web cam but when I went to save them we got disconnected...he is supposed to download all of his cameras to discs and send home to us ~ Ladies, I'm not going to hold my breath so don't you hold yours either!

Hey Marine, send me a post card, LOL!!!!

Well Ladies, I'm off to try and get warm & dream nice tropical dreams!!!! Until tomorrow, Be Safe, God Bless and for crying out loud STAY WARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well when I seen all those airlines...I got excited that you was coming to see me!! I would go with you to that Tropical Island!! I would LOVE it and the drink too!! HA!! Well it is cold here too so where ever and when ever you decide to go come by and get me...have a good evening and try to stay warm!! LYLAS

  2. Me too, like Cindylou... I thought you were going there or him here:) Let's all jump on one of those planes and lay on the beach somewhere! Sounds like a plan! Stay warm my friend. Get 'cha some of those handwarmers and put them in your pocket. I am sending some to Justin today, I can mail you some too:) Enjoy your day!

  3. Yeah,it takes me just a few months before I start having summer withdrawls. It gets really bad in January. I start longing for May and June big time!