Friday, December 18, 2009

Are These Platt "Children" Are Spoiled.......?

I have to say that we are in a deep freeeeezzzzzeeeee here in Old New England! Tonight it is only going to be 10 degrees with winds gusts up to 45-50 MPH HOLY COW.....which brings me to the title of tonight's blog!!!!!

Last night is was 9 degrees with sustained wind gusts of 50 MPH ~ Max wouldn't even peep his head outside ~ TOOO COLD MAMA NOT GOING OUT THERE ~ he's almost 10 so that's about almost 70 in dogie years & Ms. Bailey Platt well she's just silly DOES NOT CARE!

This is how they settled in for the night.....

Baby It's Cold Outside!!!!

Max my old man....he is like a big bear so full & fury but he does not like to be cold, so we got out the Noah's Ark woobie and he settled in ~ shhhhhhhhhhh!

And, Ms. B ~ Relaxing in front of the fireplace ~ she was watching me I was having my Thursday night glass of Port Wine, did I mention she's a wine-o?????

Life is good at the moment for Little Ms. Bailey P ~ snuggy, piggy, fire ~ CHECK!!!

Oh, by the way.....we are going to be hit with a blizzard here on Saturday night into Sunday when all is said & done 10 - 13 inches of that white stuff ~ GRRRRRRRR!

Need to get to the market to get the milk & bread, LOL!!!!

Until tomorrow Be Safe & God Bless ~ Lord watch over and protect Justin and his battalion as they embark on their mission, keep them safe until they return home ~ Ooh-Rah Marines!


  1. oh girl...I have been complaining all day about our 36 degree temps and rain...I can not imagine that much snow and temps that low! I am so glad that Max and Bailey are staying warm now you go and get you a blankie and you stay warm too!! Have a good evening and thanks for your prayers for Justin!! ILYLAS!!!

  2. Those puppies look so warm and comfy! I just saw on the news about all that snow up there! Stay inside, keep your feet all warm and toasty and don't slip and fall:) Have a blessed day, Ho Ho Ho!

  3. WOW! That is alot of snow! I would love to see it blanketing all of my surroundings, but I know when you get alot of it, you do not welcome it as much! The poochies are just too cute, staying all warm and snuggly! I am with Mom. Stay inside and warm (and drink wine-I added that one!)! Have a great day!