Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Blues......

I seem to have lost my Christmas's already the 3rd, my lights aren't in the windows, I've only put out my dolls & my village, my wreath is half finished....what is wrong with me?????

I always have everything out by the end of Thanksgiving weekend and this year it's just not happening, I get tired thinking about taking it all out, and tired thinking about putting it all away!

I need a little Christmas Magic right about now.....

This weekend I am going to make every effort to finish getting my decorations up, my wreath finished & the lights in the windows and then maybe onto some shopping.... :/

I don't' even want to listen to Christmas music, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ~ that is not like me AT ALL........I need a visit from the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present & Future, Do you hear me Spirits?????

Oh well, now I think I've completely flipped my lid...

Until tomorrow, Be Safe & God Bless!


  1. OK Ms. Lynda! I'll be on the next plane to bring Christmas Cheer from Georgia, hehe. OK maybe just thru the computer! I think part of your problem is your Son isn't here, your puppy dog has been sick and has taken a lot of your heart lately! Hope you get the spirit soon. Christmas season is so short. Gotta jump on the sleigh before it pulls away:) Have a blessed evening!

  2. No Christmas spirit!!! Well I have it and I have decorated and I have done the shopping and wrapped the gifts...And Justin is coming home this weekend and I will be doing Christmas with him because he will be deploying in the next week or so!! :( My heart is broken but I know that he will be just fine...I am just so use to talking to him all the time and getting to see him so often and now....there went my Christmas spirit!! Have a great evening...ILYLAS!!!

  3. Maybe once you get your twinkling lights all together, you may feel a tiny bit better. Sometimes dreading something is the worst part of it.